How much plump does it take to get an eternally red, drunken face?

How much plump does it take to get an eternally red, drunken face?

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January, 2021

Read carefully, this is IMPORTANT!

When abusing water, people often think only of possible internal disturbances, but we must not forget about appearance. Alcohol patients are easy to recognize. Usually they look older than their years, have skin problems, persistent swelling, black circles.

To understand how alcohol affects the appearance, it is worth taking into account the amount of dose, quality, time of consumption. Even an ordinary person after an active meal will look unimportant, but such defects quickly disappear.

This cannot be said about avid drunks.

Changes in appearance with prolonged abuse will be visible immediately. Severe swelling, weight loss, appearance of wrinkles and other unpleasant concomitant consequences. Moreover, this cannot be avoided. The representatives of the beautiful sex especially suffer. Drinking affects them especially strongly.

How alcohol affects a woman's appearance

Female alcoholism is considered a terrible disease. The reason for this is the fact that it is almost impossible to defeat him on his own. Faced with a similar problem, it makes no sense to hope for a miracle, you need to seek qualified help. Regularly drinking girls are faced with a violation of the work of internal organs, malfunctions in the nervous system, external changes.

With frequent friendship with a bottle, hopes to have a perfect appearance is impossible. It is worthwhile to realize that the cosmetics are not able to help, hide defects of a similar kind. Covering them with a thick layer of tonic cream, the situation is only aggravated.

The green serpent destroys everyone indiscriminately. He is indifferent to gender, age or social status. How many unfortunates fell from him. What only famous people are worth. Many domestic, foreign stars of show business had to shorten their days, undergoing treatment for alcoholism in clinics. Even the great states could not get rid of the addiction, which had put a big cross.

Therefore, it is important to realize that such friendship is dangerous, the change in appearance from alcohol

is only a small part of the fear.
  • Skin problems with alcohol abuse. Everyone knows that after a good drink, there will definitely be a wild dry forest. It seems you can drink a few liters of water. But only if it is easy to fight with this feeling, it is enough to fill the glass, then you must not forget about dehydrating the skin. Alcohol and a woman's appearance leads to the fact that the skin becomes dry and loses its natural glow. Often cracks and peeling appear on it. Moreover, it is difficult to help the usual cream here.

  • Couperose is the redness of the skin. A hot thing provokes a strong flow of blood, which leads to the appearance of a red vascular mesh. The pores begin to expand and pigmentation forms.

  • Premature aging. Everyone wants to preserve their youth. However, the influence of a bad habit is manifested by wilting of the skin. Wrinkles begin to appear even among young girls. The nasolabial folds begin to deepen, and the mimicwrinkles acquire pronounced features. It becomes difficult to determine the age.

  • Loss of hair. The natural process of blood circulation is experiencing failures, from which the structure of the hair worsens. They become brittle, dull, lose their healthy shine. Because of this, men often begin to go bald earlier.

  • A bit of nails. Gradually, useful vitamins begin to be washed out of the body. Soon this will provoke serious processes. Hair falls out, nails weaken.

  • Appearance of sketches. As it was said above, even a healthy youth after consuming a small amount of beer will feel spicy. Therefore, what to talk about drunkards. For them, a dull face, bags under the eyes are a natural phenomenon.

  • Loss of facial contour from alcohol. The representatives of the beautiful sex watch the beauty, they want to be perfect. However, the influence of alcohol on a woman's appearance does not take long to wait. Contour ceases to be rooted, becomes blurred. Moreover, it is important to know that it is impossible to correct the defect that has appeared with folk remedies or creams. The only way out is the contour pulling operation. Therefore, it is worth seriously considering whether it is worth the risk of beauty, they will return which is difficult.

  • Problems with the eyes from alcohol. They always speak, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But only for alcoholic alcohols, this is tinted glass. They lose their natural shine, the eyelids become flabby, redness, circles appear.

  • Red nose from alcohol. Often the red nose is associated with drunkenness. However, there is truth here. Expansion of capillaries occurs, due to which part of the face acquires an unnatural color. If you do not break the habit, everything can, take other turns - but it will increase significantly.

  • Alcohol is a poison that takes the health and beauty of a person.

    How the appearance of alcohol changes physical deviations

    It is easy to identify a drinker on the face, but sometimes on the presence of addiction the figure also speaks. This is especially true for people who are addicted to beer. The high caloric content of a liquid quickly leads to irreversible consequences. How alcohol affects it is easy to find out on the appearance of the following uncharacteristic features:

    · Musculature decreases, becomes flabby.

    Although there are cases when, under the influence of alcoholism, people begin to rapidly lose weight, become emaciated.

    I want to share a real story of recovery.

    How I saved my husband from drunkenness in a month.

    Like everyone else, the dangerous disease did not spread immediately, but gradually. We have been married for 15 years. 7 years ago, I myself diagnosed my husband as an alcoholic. There was more and more alcohol, less and less of my beloved. Alcoholism almost consumed his soul, body, mind. Vodka almost succeeded in destroying my family.

    At any moment, he could let go of money set aside for holidays or clothes for his son. I hid everything I earned. He's all pAvno found and drank. He was constantly threatened with dismissal from his job. 2 years ago they were fired completely. He promised that he would find another job. I hoped, believed that "soon everything will work out and it will be fine again, as before, before the wedding ...". He left to look for work every morning and returned in the evening with nothing and always drunk.

    I pulled my drinking husband out of another spree, pulled his dead body on my house, scolded him at home, appealed to his conscience. In the morning I sealed it with brine. Locked the houses so I couldn't get drunk. I confess that sometimes I went to the store myself to buy vodka. I wanted to see him smile. After all, he did not seem to live without alcohol. After 2 years of such a life, I understood. I can't do this anymore!

    I gave up. Constant swearing, his drunken mug is bored to death! I decided that my son and I would be better off without this degraded person who steals from us.

    But I remembered the times when he was attentive, hard-working. He adored me, Seryozhka. It was the death of his mother that crippled him. Maybe it’s my own fault, I couldn’t provide the necessary support. But I put up with it for 7 years, pulled it on myself! There was no more strength. I filed for divorce.

    When I showed him the paper, he was shocked. Realized that his life was collapsing. I said that I was taking Seryozha and leaving for my mother. What started here! I fell to my knees, begged, asked for forgiveness! He swore that he would stop drinking and would not take a drop in his mouth. I have never seen such despair in his eyes. Forgiven! I believed! Didn't drink for 2 weeks. Then my brother's birthday. And all over again ...

    But these 2 weeks have returned my love and hope. I realized how much I love my husband, what a wonderful father he is when he is sober. That we are doing well in bed. I decided to do EVERYTHING possible and, if it doesn’t work, only then leave.

    I needed a tool that would definitely help. Over the years, I've tried a lot of different things. Having learned from my mistakes, I made requests for treatment:

    1. Without coding (5 years ago I took to the encoder - just made me richer than another charlatan. My husband lasted 3 months and started drinking 10 times stronger)

    2. Without his knowledge, so that he would not suspect anything (I tried to give pills for alcoholism - my husband refused to drink them, made a scandal. Crumbled and poured it into the soup, he smelled the taste, broke a plate, almost beat me. So I was looking for it is a complex WITHOUT TASTE!)

    3. Safe (I am afraid of black magic, conspiracies. I am sure that the human soul changes, the will is suppressed. I never went to grandmothers and I do not advise you)

    I searched the Internet, read literature, consulted with my friends. As a result, the right remedy came across to me. 100% natural, doctor approved. Contains special herbs. They restore the liver, lungs, stomach, etc. And most importantly, they cause a persistent aversion to alcohol. I decided to take a chance. I began to add 10 drops to food, 3 times a day. They don't smell, taste and color. What you need!

    The first effect began to appear on the 4th day. After mealmy husband poured a glass and grimaced, sorry, like the ass of an old grandmother. Previously, there was bliss on his face, but now the vodka obviously did not suit him! I ran to the restroom, caused a gag reflex ...

    I will not tell you how he “broke” every time after trying to drink. He himself did not understand why alcohol does not make him feel good, but on the contrary - it is bad. Vomited as soon as he took a sip. My head ached. It was as if a terrible hangover came immediately. He came home early from a booze, immediately went to bed. He didn't tell me anything. And I saw that they called him, they called him “pobukhat”, but he didn’t come.

    A month passed. Guests gathered at Seryozha's birthday party. Everyone drinks, mine does not. He looks at the glass, and there is fear in his eyes. He told everyone that he had stopped temporarily. But I knew it was forever. Only at night, when they were in bed, I could not stand it. I ask, why didn't you drink today? He paused and said: I drank mine. Health is over. And I fell asleep.

    To say that I am happy is to say nothing. After the endured hell, almost heaven came. He hasn't been drinking for a year, got a good job. The renovation was completed, everything is new in the house, furniture, kitchen. The husband takes his son to the section, spends a lot of time with his family. There was a sparkle in his eyes. He doesn't even remember vodka and friends. This is my story. If you have an alcoholic in your family, try the method that worked for me. For anyone interested, you can read an interesting article in detail here.

    Answer 2
    January, 2021

    It's not even about the amount, but about the regularity of the alcohol consumed - if you drink every day, you can "earn a red face" in a month or two. It all depends on the organism itself - on the endurance of the capillaries, for example, because "red erysipelas" is obtained in the process of capillary rupture.

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