How harmful is hookah smoking?

Hookah Smoking Is Hazardous to Your Health

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Let's start with the fact that smoking is harmful in itself, in principle. Whether it's tobacco or nicotine-free blends, there is definitely harm. But the author of the question asks how harmful it is. Obviously, the author is aware that hookah smoking is harmful, but apparently it is necessary to clarify the harm from a particular type of smoking.

So if we compare hookah smoking with classic smoking (cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, pipes, etc.), then hookah in this case is the safest and most harmless.

First .

All the experiments that were conducted by WHO regarding hookah smoking do not stand up to criticism.

In most cases of these experiments, quick ignition charcoal was used, and it is known to be highly discouraged for use. In the production of such coal, either saltpeter or, at best, dry alcohol is used. Naturally, taking readings from "such" hookah will lead to terrible results.


"Experts" have no idea how to brew a hookah. As a result of incorrect actions when working with coal and hookah tobacco, the contents of the bowls simply burn, which is, in principle, unacceptable for a normal person. With proper handling of the hookah, the contents of the bowl "evaporate" but should not burn in any way. If the tobacco in the bowl is on fire, then this is already a critical situation and it must be drastically corrected, the temperature must be lowered, the bowl must be blown out and a number of other measures.

It goes without saying that the burning tobacco in the bowl also gives the "experts" reason to make a conclusion that smoking a hookah is much more harmful than a classic one.

I would like to emphasize once again that with the correct and correct use of a hookah, harm to health is inflicted much less than harm from cigarettes, etc.

Also in There is an opinion on the network that smoking one hookah, I get a dose of nicotine as from 100 cigarettes. I don’t even understand who it is intended for. 100 cigarettes is 5 packs, therefore you need to smoke 5 packs in 1 hour ... Even if you count the smoking time of one cigarette, divide it by minutes per hour, etc., well, you probably understand further. But this is not the most important thing. Not a single person will smoke so many cigarettes in such a period of time, he will receive severe poisoning, and not only from nicotine, but to a greater extent from acids, nitrate and ammonia that are part of any cigarettes. 5 packs of cigarettes is a LETHAL dose of toxic substances.

Undoubtedly, hookah is harmful to health and I do not urge non-smokers to start smoking hookah.

Hookah is addictive, albeit not so obvious and obvious.

But, paradoxically, hookah is also beneficial. The fact is that deep and regular puffs increase lung volume.

The main thing is that if you smoke a hookah, then smoke it correctly, follow the rules for its preparation and purity.

Answer 2
January, 2021

For men, there is an extremely high risk of lowering their testosterone levels, and, God forbid, electronic steam generators start to steam.

But seriously, the CIS has its own adapted culture of hookah smoking. Who here smokes it without half a liter, even if good, beer or a glass of wine? In the East, no one would even think of smoking and drinking on the same evening. This severely compromises cardiovascular health.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Colleagues, I will express my point of view.

The fact is that I myself smoke a hookah for a long time and have studied this issue. I’ll just give the facts known to me, and then decide for yourself what is bad and what is good:

1) There are almost no tar, heavy metals and nicotine in hookah tobacco (for example, in one PACK of tobacco, which is enough for 2- 3 smokes, the same amount of nicotine as in 1 cigarette). Resins and heavy metals are present because zurak is made from unpeeled, finely chopped leaves of tobacco (strong varieties), molasses, which gives flavor to the mixture and binds tobacco crumbs, and fruit additives, honey can be added, some manufacturers also add dyes and flavors (chemical tobaccos - there are not many of them).

2) The main harm from a hookah is coal burning, as a result - a large amount of carbon monoxide and ash that settles in the lungs. Of course the ash is filtered through water or milk, but in general there is still a lot of it. (Note - in the rooms where hookah is smoked, there is a lot of dust - this is ash).

3) As a rule, a large number of people smoke hookah. And they seem to "share" all the harm among themselves. And, as the previous "speaker" said, it is not often smoked, unlike cigarettes.

4) Regarding diseases - cancer in particular - is a purely individual thing. I had a friend who did not smoke and lead a healthy lifestyle and died of lung cancer.

5) As far as I know, hookah came to us from China (I would not say that this is not a healthy nation). Although it gained the most popularity in the Arab countries.

By the way, old school people smoked black tobacco without foil or kalaud, instead of coal they used camel dung. This is really harmful ...

All good.

Answer 4
January, 2021

As already mentioned, hookah is harmful, but it is worth noting that you smoke hookah much less often than cigarettes. In one of the answers, they wrote that one hookah is equal to 25 cigarettes, that is, the same number as people smoke in 1-2 days. Therefore, if you smoke a hookah every three days, it is less harmful than cigarettes. In reality, very few people smoke more often than once a week, and almost always with friends, and it is this frequency that makes hookah less harmful than cigarettes.

Answer 5
January, 2021

I will not argue with previous opinions, I will simply say that you cannot compare hookah tobacco and tobacco for cigarettes.

Cigarette tobacco burns, and the smoker inhales combustion products. Hookah tobacco does not burn - it dries, in fact, being a carrier of impregnation, which gives "smoke". Why in quotation marks - because it is more like steam than smoke. These are glycerin, molasses, flavorings. Hookah tobacco contains no tar and nicotine, and this is written on the pack. Moreover, the Germans, instead of tobacco, can use stones (mineral) as a carrier of impregnation. Shiazo is an example of this.

And what really can be harmful is:

1) Low smoke temperature, which is often a stimulus for a sore throat;

2 ) The humidity of the smoke, which can contribute to a certain settling of this very moisture in the lungs;

3) Insufficient cleanliness of the components, which may be a risk of picking up some E. coli.

And at the end I will add : 10 years ago, when hookah was just gaining popularity in our country, I worked for a large tobacco company, and we (the field forces) were handed out leaflets about the dangers of hookah for distribution among clients. I think it is possible to draw conclusions.

Answer 6
January, 2021

According to a statement from the World Health Organization, hookah smoking is hazardous to health. Below I will give a short excerpt from this document (the document itself is available for download at

1) hookah smoke is toxic (laboratory analyzes of hookah smoke revealed the content of formaldehyde, benzene, nitric oxide, heavy metals, high levels of carbon monoxide and carcinogenic PAHs). All these substances together can be addictive, in addition, the dependence of the use of these substances with heart and lung diseases and cancer has been proven;

2) blood and urine tests of hookah smokers show that hookah people are exposed to carbon monoxide , PAHs, nicotine, nitrosamines (in almost all cases, the effect is even greater than when smoking regular cigarettes);

3) it has been reliably proven that hookah smoking leads to measurable adverse medical consequences;

4) there is evidence of possible links between hookah smoking and cancer of the oral cavity, esophagus, stomach and bladder; with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, chronic rhinitis, male infertility, gastroesophageal reflux and mental health problems;

5) hookah smoking is addictive, since nicotine is present in significant amounts in hookah smoke ; besides, secondhand hookah smoking also poses significant harm.

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