How does the refusal to eat meat affect a person, are there any negative consequences?

How does the refusal to eat meat affect a person, are there any negative consequences?

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Answer 1
May, 2021

Someday people will remember once and until the very sclerosis - everyone's body reacts differently. Many years ago I stopped eating meat, and with it pills for heartburn and gastritis. And everything is ok with me. My dad refused to eat meat and did not last longer than several months, acquaintances also experimented. Someone went, but someone was lethargic. Try it yourself and you will understand.

Answer 2
May, 2021

Metaphorically :

Show me a person who doesn't care about the "suffering" of animals, but who is vegan. For example, a vegan hunter or a vegan who works in a slaughterhouse. Such, it seems to me, is not enough.


By the ratio of such vegans to the total mass of vegans. And such non-vegans among the rest to the general mass of the rest, we can indirectly talk about the conditioning of these eating habits by subjective (sorry for the bird) and objective (if we assume that they are, health, for example) factors.

Draw your conclusions. yourself. Nothing personal.

Answer 3
May, 2021

According to Orthodox canons, monastics, no matter what rank they are, do not eat meat at all. That is, as soon as a person comes to the monastery, he can no longer eat meat at all. Some people leave the world at the age of 20-25 and live in monasteries until death, fulfill the hardest obediences, stand in prayer for hours, and carry out exploits. Now imagine how many monks in the history of Orthodoxy in different countries, considering that before the revolution there were more than 1000 monasteries in the country. By the way, all the hierarchs are monastics, and all the bishops, metropolitans and even more so the Patriarchs are monks, which means they do not eat meat at all. For example, Patriarch Alexy II was tonsured into monasticism in 1961 and died in 2008. And ruled over the whole Church in very difficult years for the country - the collapse of the USSR, etc.

Answer 4
May, 2021

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to hear those children, whom some vegetarian parents have died out feeding with soy surrogates. And the stories of people who gave up vegetarianism due to poor health and well-being, as a rule, do not become widely known. It's time to recall the "survivor's statistical error" (, but that's not what we're talking about now.

Here is a quote from a short but very informative article back in 2008 (

"Scientists from the University of Oxford, as a result of six months of research, came to the conclusion that vegetarianism may not be as beneficial as previously thought. So, the use of exclusively plant foods leads to a loss of brain mass, so completely exclude meat and fish experts do not advise.

Oxford researchers say that the absence in the diet of foods such as meat (especially liver), milk and fish leads to a lack of certain essential substances and vitamins in the body. the researchers named the lack of vitamin B12 of animal origin. The lack of this trace element leads to anemia and damage to the central nervous system. "

Studies show (1. - here, by the way, one of and Researchers - Timothy J. Key - vegan, therefore at the very end of the article there is a note on conflicts of interest / / and based on the careful efforts of the vegetarian community on the Russian Internet to hide facts (both scientifically based and and special cases) causing extremely negative health harm as a result of following a vegan diet, "healthy food", as it is declared, turns out to be, to put it mildly, not entirely healthy in the long run. Moreover, it is harmful to the environment, on the basis of this ( research.

So, the human world knows, at least, cases of pernicious and megaloblastic anemia as a result of switching to a diet of plant foods. It is the general decrease in vitamin B12 that is characteristic of vegetarian and vegan diets, which is confirmed by the above studies. So to the question "are there any negative consequences" for a person when refusing to eat meat - the answer is positive: "Yes, there is." Such things.

_ ____

And I remind you that this answer does not call anyone to anything and does not dissuade from anything. Think for yourself.

Answer 5
May, 2021

I am amazed at this way of posing the question. "How does refusal to eat meat affect a person?" I will answer you directly - NOBODY KNOWS. Here is the person cited in the answer above links to different sources. And nowhere is there a definite answer. Now let's figure it out, why do you want to know the answer? Thinking about giving up meat? On what basis? Did you feel bad? Did you find out that animals must be killed before use and this is unacceptable for you? If so, then realize that there is no scientific one hundred percent correct evidence of the harm or benefit of meat, and you make a decision only at your own peril and risk, based on unfounded information obtained from incompetent sources. If you ask this question, worrying about someone close to you who decided to give up meat, then in this case the answer will be from the realm of assumptions. But even reading vegan answers, you can understand that giving up meat is unnatural. "It is necessary to inject vitamin B12" "It is necessary to correctly choose a substitute to understand the products" "I eat sports nutrition" That is, it becomes clear that the tractor driver Uncle Vasya from the village of Kukuevo cannot be a vegan by definition. But it is he who is one of the key links in the extraction of plant food for these parasites)). To summarize, I will say that veganism is not fatal and probably even interesting from the point of view of science - you never know how it will turn out, suddenly animals will die out, and humanity will have experience. So do not eat meat for health and do not get sick. And I'll go eat a cutlet)

Answer 6
May, 2021

I have been a pescetarian for 6 years already. Pescetarianism excludes the consumption of meat from warm-blooded animals, that is, I eat fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products. Although fish is not more often than once a month, I don't want any more. I did not notice any negative consequences, on the contrary: after eating there is no heaviness in the stomach.

If you are going to become a vegetarian, then I advise you to switch to such a diet not immediately, but gradually. I think it will be less stressful and easier to get used to.

Answer 7
May, 2021

The problem is that we are not specialists and can only focus on facts that have been obtained by others. All these pictures of happy vegans and raw food eaters like 70-year-old Karyn Calabris ( and others are the same effect of "positive selection" - losers are less likely to tell beautiful stories, so I would not look at them at all, but look at large-scale research.

Karin, I'm sure, does a bunch of sports, yoga-shmog and so on. Plus, of all factors, genes have been proven to play the most important role in the aging process.

There is a famous picture: 2011/11 / Nigella-Lawson-vs-Gillian-McKeith1.jpg

Both ladies are 51, one is the leader of the vegetarian movement, the other is hosting a cooking show with tons of meat, desserts and so on. What now, from this picture to draw conclusions? No, you cannot draw conclusions from one or two examples.

In short, the only thing that really says something, and does not fool around, is the numbers. There is one large-scale study done during this time, the so-called China Study (it has already been written about it more than once):

This is a long-term study of residents of various regions of China, which is really large-scale and can give a bunch of important data.

Whole books have been published on it, Bill Clinton, after heart surgery, eats one of them. The idea of ​​the study is that in different Chinese provinces there are different eating habits (there are vegans, there are also ardent meat-eaters), and migration between regions is weak, so conclusions can be drawn on a large population. The research was carried out for 20 years - and it turned out a whole bunch of the most ambitious data that can say a lot.

Plus, in addition to the conclusions, all the numbers on which they were made are laid out, and unfortunately , many researchers say that the books have interpreted this data in a very special way in order to draw them to their desired conclusions: -or-fallac /

For example, if we take the direct dependence of cancer on the consumption of animal protein, then such a statistically significant dependence is not revealed (and the overall correlation is even negative), but the researchers did not build such a dependence in the book, but made a whole logical chain: we correlated cancer with cholesterol, cholesterol with animal protein, and accordingly, as it were, animal protein correlates with cancer. The question is, why not take the data directly, given that all the figures in the study are there? And so it did not fit, and took a roundabout way.

There, at the link above, there are a bunch of similar examples of such strange somersaults with numbers that are difficult to explain if the task is to build a real picture. In general, this site is interesting - there are arguments and counteragments, and you can thoroughly read everything yourself.

Another of these distortions is that in the interpretation of the research the authors of the book did not mention any data onTuoli province in China. The peculiarity of the diet of this region is that 45% of their diet is animal fats (this is 2 times more than even the average American eats, and these people eat a lot of meat). So, in this province, the percentage of cancer and heart disease is extremely low. Why weren't these facts written about? Any honest research should have paid attention to such things. And they just kept silent.

And here is a very interesting debate between the author of the book Campbell and Ph.D. Loren Cordain about animal protein (pdf link is not inserted, look in Google on "Protein Debate Loren Cordain Colin Campbell"):

Reading in itself is interesting (I haven't read everything, sorry). But pay attention to one important thing: after Cordain's articles, as it should be in the scientific literature, there are links to 164 other studies by different authors from different institutions and countries - he supports each of his statements with a reference to the study. How many links does Campbell give? None. Again, I hate to be biased, but damn it, how is that? Is this science or something?

There is such a study:

The study of mortality was carried out in vegetarians and meat eaters, and indeed, deaths from heart disease are less among vegetarians. But there is an interesting postscript at the end that the sum of vegetarianism and meat-eating does not affect the improvement / deterioration of the age of mortality. So what does this study say in the end, what's the difference why a person dies if none of the diets in isolation does not increase the chances?

There is a study of Austrians:

http: // www.

which shows that a vegetarian diet is correlated with greater risks of cancer, allergies and mental disorders, increased need for health care, and a general deterioration in the quality of life.

Also everything with figures and facts.


In general, my personal conclusions are:

a) You can't focus on acquaintances, friends, celebrities, since this is not a sample of nifiga. The conclusions drawn from the experience of acquaintances may be incorrect and even the opposite of reality. If you focus on your own observations, then according to my data, all of Moscow walks with iPhones, although in fact there are 1% of such people

b) Research, if you look at them critically, does not say about the great benefits of such diets. The scientific community has long given a clear answer: a balanced diet and sports. A balanced diet answers all questions - it reduces both the danger of meat and the danger from lack of meat, and gives the advantages of fruits with vegetables, and does not give the disadvantages of eating only fruits and vegetables. The ideal option, but it is more difficult, and it is difficult to turn it into a religion - to sell books and conduct seminars.

c) Accordingly, the question arises: why is this popular and gaining popularity? Unfortunately my answer is obscurantism. Obscurantism, as Wikipedia tells us, is a hostile attitude towards education, science and progress. If we see the sunrising and falling every day, it is natural to conclude that this is such a circle that goes around the earth. Only science and only observation can show us how things really are. Everything else - maybe it sounds logical and seems to be understandable. But without understanding either biology, or, conversely, Sufis, Buddhism, Confucianism, and the devil knows what else, a modern man grabs the tops, mixing religion, fluent understanding of biological processes, spiritual practices, and his general understanding of how the sun should turn and puts his life on the line. In general, the modern attitude to the soul and body - this is fast food so hated by holistic people, only spiritual. Take a method prepared by someone, lightweight and reduced to the levels of understanding the masses, and eat it easier and easier.

Let me remind you that if you take from all the studies only those that confirm your point of view, then this is also not scientific. So, just in case, many people forget about it.


And one more thing, the last one. Responsible parents know that breast milk is ideal for a baby. It contains many important components, such as the same cholesterol (necessary for the formation of nerve cells) and a huge number of others.

Research shows that mother's milk does not contain the necessary docosahexaenoic acid, important fats and other substances necessary for fetal development.

Here is a description of six real-life court cases in which parents were convicted of insisting on a vegan diet against doctors' orders and their children died:

AND here comes the next side question. It is argued that vegetarian and vegan diets are natural, natural, and exactly what the body needs. At the same time, we know that the function of a woman during motherhood is focused on children, first of all, and the mother's body will do everything to give the child what she needs, to the detriment of her own interests. It turns out that the proven absence of important substances in breast milk is not a natural, not a natural process, this is not how nature intended, but quite the opposite: without adequate nutrition, even for such an important matter as milk, the body does not have enough resources. And this is an indirect proof of the non-naturalness of this type of food.

Answer 8
May, 2021

If a healthy adult refuses meat, but at the same time compensates for it with other products containing substances necessary for the body contained in the meat, then this does not bear any harmful consequences for the body. It is best to compensate for proteins and fats of meat with fish, fish roe. By the way, fish fats are healthier than meat fat. Vitamins and minerals in plant foods are found in much smaller quantities (they wrote about iron, vitamins of group B are also in cereals in the wrong doses), therefore vegetarians often suffer from either a lack of vitamins or from excess weight. The way out is to move more.

In general, the rejection of meat can even be beneficial, since muscles and subcutaneous fat, in addition to the necessary substances, contain harmful ones.

But a complete rejection of animal products origin is extremely harmful even to adults. It affects the nervous activity most painfully.

Answer 9
May, 2021

All vegans and vegetarians I know are drawn to devour. They can't stand five hours without food. They find it unbearable to work from morning till night without lunch.

Answer 10
May, 2021

I have never met a single vegetarian or vegan with immune problems. I myself am a vegetarian for a year, I have friends who are vegetarians and vegans with great experience, and they have children (conceived in vegetarianism). Neither they themselves nor their children know what a sick leave is. And vegetarian children are much stronger than their meat-eating peers. The son of a vegan friend of mine once said, "I don't eat animals, I only eat food."

Answer 11
May, 2021

It has been known since ancient times that vegetarianism leads to homosexuality. I have not seen a single normal vegan yet - all of them are gay and lesbian.

Answer 12
May, 2021

When switching to a plant-based diet (i.e. a vegan diet), it is important to keep in mind that you need to consume enough calcium and iron per day, and you also need to take B12 in the form of vitamins (or buy fortified foods, such as plant milk or flakes, usually they are enriched including calcium / iron). There is a hypothesis that B12 can be obtained from unwashed organic vegetables, fruits and root vegetables, however, nothing has been confirmed at the moment.

As for protein, it is quite possible to get enough protein from plant foods, incl. h. for sports and even weightlifting.

There are many studies on this subject, including the famous Chinese study (which is now widely criticized). Since then, however, a vast body of scientific work has been written confirming that a balanced vegan diet is adequate for all stages of human life from birth, including pregnancy and lactation (and it is even approved by the American Dietetic Association).

Answer 13
May, 2021

I don't eat meat (including, of course, fish) for 5 years, I go to the gym, the blood test shows the norm for both proteins and iron. And even there is muscle growth.

Everything is obvious to me.

B12 - take in pills, well, or eat milk / eggs.

Answer 14
May, 2021

I'm 30. I've been eating meat all my life and I feel great. I'm not sick, there is more than enough energy. I don't understand vegans / vegetarians, but I don't impose my point of view. My biologist friend, being an ideological vegetarian (she became in the process of getting an education, according to her, realizing that all living things are very similar) nevertheless admits that this adds problems to her life.

In the end, I'll tell you old joke:

Question: How do you know that a person is a vegetarian?

Answer: He will tell you this himself in the first five minutes of meeting.

Answer 15
May, 2021

I have already answered a similar question, in short - 4 years vegan, it only got better, I have not been sick all these 4 years, although I have never been in good health.

Vegans are strict vegetarians. Milk, eggs, fish, meat and in general all animal products are excluded from the diet.

It is important to eat competently and in a balanced manner. The main thing in giving up meat is that food becomes interesting and VERY varied. Moreover, it is not much more expensive.

Answer 16
May, 2021

I have been vegan for the last 4.5 years. I am engaged in active power sports (American football), by the nature of this activity I play on average about 10 grueling matches lasting 3 hours a year + daily training in the hall / on the field / running and training matches, which burn an incredible amount of calories and suck vitality ... I'm not even talking about stressful activities with the organization of events for my 2nd kind of activity.

The issue of nutrition is very complex and important, but as practice shows, medical dogmas and noodles from TV shows / advertisements are firmly on the ears of consumers. All vital elements are easily replenished, provided a responsible approach to business. The same iron in dried mushrooms, strawberries, blueberries, cocoa is more than in rabbit or pork. It all depends on the person. Iron, like cyanocobalamin (aka B12), tends to accumulate and stay in the body for a long time. B12 can stay in the body for up to 20 years (the annual rate is 0.001 grams, and only 0.000003 grams daily - no comments are needed here). Still missing B12? You don't have to run for veal liver, just eat seaweed, turnips, tofu, or get B12 from a vegan sports food. In the 21st century, there is no problem with this.

Everything lies in the person himself. If he simply says that he is a vegetarian and sits on buns and rolls, then, of course, he will have health problems. If he understands the composition of his food and studies this process, all the necessary elements will be in his piggy bank.

Answer 17
May, 2021

There is a lot of iron in green vegetables and other herbs, in buckwheat. We don't need meat at all. In general, yogurt or eggs per week, or even a month, is enough to get a full set of amino acids. In general, almost all of it can be found in beans and nuts.

Answer 18
May, 2021

My mother has not eaten meat for 24 years, and for the last five years she has not eaten fish either. She has six children and looks like my age. Three out of six children are also vegetarians (they are 4 and 15 years old) and also do not experience negative consequences.

Answer 19
May, 2021

It all depends on the body of this or that person and his elective diet. If the diet is balanced and its creator is not a victim of fashion or religion, then there should be no problem. Rather, the opposite.

The general misconception about the indispensability of animal proteins has long been dispelled by alternative scientific experiments and examples of millions of people around the world who do not consume meat food (and together - eggs and milk).

It is worth reading thematic literature (eg China Study; 2006 UN report on the impact of livestock on humans and the planet as a whole). In any case, if you approach this issue wisely, then giving up meat will give much more benefit than its constant use.

Answer 20
May, 2021

There is an important aspect of vegetarianism that no one even suspects. All intellectual development of any animal (including humans) is based on its feeding behavior. Moreover, the various capabilities of the nervous system depend even on small digestive acts (for example, on the processes of secretion of gastric juice or the control of intestinal peristalsis). It has been proven that omnivores have the most developed and multifaceted intelligence - they have the most diverse set of food algorithms at all levels.

Of course, everything is much more complicated in humans than in animals, but still there is a reason to think.

Answer 21
May, 2021

My mom is a professional gastroenterologist. Yes, vegetarians feel more energetic, their bodies, which for centuries have been accustomed to digesting meat, suddenly switches to a sparing regime of fruits and vegetables. But she does not recommend completely excluding meat from the diet, and here is why: there are many proteins where, but iron in the right proportion is only in meat, especially beef. Much depends on the blood type. If you give up meat completely, while not using a number of special substances and drugs to maintain the body, then for the first 5 years you may not notice any deterioration. But then the supply of substances in the body will decrease, especially the level of hemoglobin, which leads to serious problems: anemia, seizures, decreased immunity. Decreased sexual activity in men. Women have difficulty conceiving a child. Everything needs a measure. A person needs a competent balanced diet, containing vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, nuts and mushrooms.

Answer 22
May, 2021

I have not eaten meat for 4 years. After the refusal, she began to feel better, endurance appeared and the condition of the skin improved. Of course, do not forget to eat alternative sources of protein: legumes, soy, nuts. There are no negative consequences, only people will bother you with questions: “How do you not eat meat?”, “Where do you get proteins from?”, “What are you going to eat?”

I face this almost every day .

Answer 23
May, 2021

People who eat animal meat share the sin of murder with those who commit this murder and will inevitably suffer because of it. And even if you remove God and religion from this statement, then on the material plane it will turn out to be meat you feed, you grow a "community" of microorganisms in your gastrointestinal tract, which when you become weakened due to stress or aging will attack you and eat you alive (oncology, psoriasis, etc. . etc.). Pride and ignorance have deprived people of mercy and compassion for other living beings, and this is the main REASON for which we exploit, rob and kill each other every time we find excuses for our egoism.

Answer 24
May, 2021

I am sure that there are no negative consequences for a person when refusing to eat meat, it has absolutely no effect on health.

I am 35 years old. All my life I have eaten meat in a variety of versions. From the age of 15 he was engaged in weightlifting, now he only supports training in the gym 3 times a week. Every year I try to make a small medical check. Doctors often say that they rarely saw such a healthy person :) I'm not bragging, but this is the fact.

I absolutely don't understand vegans and vegetarians, I think their ideology is absolute nonsense. I do not impose anything on anyone. They don't want to eat animal fats and proteins - yes, please, no big deal.

A little annoying is the intrusiveness of many representatives of this community, the constant poking of their "superiority" over the damned meat-eaters and threats of negative consequences from eating meat. This is rather strange.

PS_Here's a look at the answer of Irina Borisenko: “you share the sin of murder”, “boch will punish”, “you grow organisms on meat (???)”, “pride and ignorance of people” and etc. What kind of mess is in the head of a person who writes this seriously?

They stabbed chickens, helped my grandfather to slaughter pigs for meat. This is such a life. Real, not invented from vanilla pictures. Man hunts, kills, eats meat from the very inception of the species. It's in his nature.

Answer 25
May, 2021

The chemist told us that there are only 12 irreplaceable (not synthesized by the body) amino acids) of which only 8-10 in sufficient quantities can be obtained from plant foods. Without them, the body simply cannot recover. And eating pills is somehow not very good. But if there is fish and / or eggs, then the diet can already be complete.

Answer 26
May, 2021

Everyone forgets one important point: none of the studies of eating habits lasted at least 2-3 generations to thoroughly study heredity, environment, and so on. There is one great example of this kind of low-quality study, which found that moderate drinkers are healthier than non-drinkers, but did not specify the reasons for quitting alcohol. Many had serious health problems.

The same is true with the refusal of animal food: someone has a Krishna brain with all the consequences or some kind of gastrointestinal disease, obsessions or something else, and in the end the generalization is projected onto everyone. Although in fact, according to the most honest and consistent scientists, both sides have eaten shit, and a person needs to eat what lies closer, as it was many thousands of years before the appearance of canned food, refrigerators and supermarkets several decades ago.

Answer 27
May, 2021

In my opinion, none of the respected defendants clearly explained that there are different TYPES of PEOPLE, with different psycho-physical constitutions. That one is good for another is death. You do not need to focus on the average person in this matter. There are lots of pros and cons. Let everyone take responsibility and work to understand this for themselves, because, in the opposite case, it will be bad for sure.

In Ayurveda, it is not superfluous to look, read about animal slaughter, make historical inquiries, rely on the opinion of your own religious tradition, etc.

If your diet is out of habit or from weakness (because everyone eats like that) built, your health will surely surprise you in the future, if you haven't already.

Answer 28
May, 2021

The author writes not to focus on one or two examples, but he himself wrote about only 6 children who died. Do not make me laugh. How many children die of meat-eating mothers? It is because of improper nutrition. Stupid, author, stupid. These are fools of mothers, not plant foods. Throw tomatoes, but this was written by an obvious meat eater).

Answer 29
May, 2021

Avoiding meat will lead to early death and depletion of the body, especially veganism - a vivid example when a vegan died on Everest in 2016.

Answer 30
May, 2021

I don't wake up to be responsible for everyone, I will only answer about myself. I have been hanged for the third year and the main negative consequence is the material component. But, I repeat, only I can go vegan and like Lev Tolstoy - oatmeal / bread / vegetables / fruits, which comes out extremely cheap.

Of the things related to health, the following happened: migraines, which haunted me all my life in bouts of 2-3 months, disappeared and appear only during stress + lack of sleep; the stomach stopped hurting; I can’t poison myself now; the examination revealed that a certain adolescent heart defect disappeared, and the pineal cyst decreased 2.5 times. Also, during the examination, it turned out that all trace elements are normal. But, of course, there are also disadvantages. For example, the eternal lack of calcium, with which meat-eaters also associate, but with veganism it is aggravated, so sesame / poppy / calcium tablets should be eaten constantly. Also, some girls have their menstrual periods disappear.

So if you follow your diet, everything will be fine in the absence of contraindications. If you just eat rice and salad every day, there will be problems. But they will be the same if they eat one cue ball of rice a day. Keep track of your diet, whichever diet you follow.

Answer 31
May, 2021

Of course, an isolated case cannot be elevated to an absolute, but here the situation is a bit different.

Identical twins were born in the family of our friends. Their mother was vegan, but during pregnancy and breastfeeding she ate meat as directed by doctors. When the children were 6 years old (or 7, not so important), she decided to lead them along her own path, but one of the brothers had an obstinate character and flatly did not accept the mother's decisions, and ate meat with her father.

This did not lead to anything good. At first everything was fine, the child grew up healthy, was no different from his brother. But by the age of 10.5, the twin, who followed the precepts of his mother, began to observe delays in development and growth, he had frequent fainting, and quite often suffered from colds. Unfortunately, it all ended badly. He passed away at the age of 12.

As you can see, you can’t push anything either to bad heredity or to the environment. The whole problem lies in the boy's wrong diet.

P.S. The situation with adults is different. Their body is formed, because they do not need the same amount of vitamins and amino acids as children. Undoubtedly, all kinds of mushrooms and beans have the necessary substances, but only the necessary enzymes in the human body are not in the right amount, since the consumption of these substances with meat has been evolutionarily fixed. Therefore, much less substances will be absorbed from the same mushrooms. But this is quite enough for an adult ... But you still cannot get amino acids from plant foods, in general. So drink at least milk. This may well replace your meat intake.

P.P.S do not bully children. They are growing. They need everything.

Answer 32
May, 2021

After a year of vegetarianism and two months of raw food, I returned to a balanced diet. Why? Health problems started. A simple example: I went to the dentist, for a year my teeth became soft inside. The dentist said that this is usually the case for those who take drugs, drink hard, or are vegetarian. In my case, this is the third option. Draw conclusions.

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