How does long-term abstinence from sex affect a man's health?

How does long-term abstinence from sex affect a man's health?

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Is there any negative effect or is it a myth? If so, how serious is it?

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Answer 1
May, 2021

Long-term abstinence will certainly affect the health of a man: both physical and emotional.

As a rule, with prolonged abstinence, premature ejaculation is possible, as well as the appearance of such pathologies as prostatitis and problems with potency.

From the hormonal background: deterioration of hair and skin, excess weight.

In addition, sex is an emotional release and an opportunity to relieve stress. With abstinence, a man deprives himself of this opportunity.

It is believed that with a prolonged absence of sex, the quality of sperm deteriorates.

And we have all seen so many articles about the benefits of sex that there is actually nothing to add :).

Answer 2
May, 2021

Prolonged abstinence will affect both physical and psychological well-being. With a long abstinence, a man may have problems with potency, prostatitis and premature ejaculation. In addition, abstinence affects the appearance, deterioration of the quality of the skin, hair, body. Also, prolonged abstinence is a huge stress, an unsatisfied man is prone to nervous breakdowns, depression and even pathological disorders! More details in the article In general, sexual abstinence is very bad for both men's health and women's ... So love each other and everything will be fine))

Answer 3
May, 2021

Official medicine: abstinence is harmful !!

Officials advocate permanent sexual intercourse among men of all ages. Moreover, there is a claim that regular sexual activity is an integral part of men's health.


However, this is true, for the most part, for the treatment of congestive forms of prostatitis, not bacterial. So, during the course of treatment and for several months after it, it is recommended to have regular intercourse. Rhythmic filling and emptying of the prostate gland, according to urologists, helps to increase and maintain its functionality. This is especially true for middle-aged and older men, when the manifestations of prostatitis are most frequent.

Sexual function and hormonal background

Prolonged sexual abstinence (from several years), according to doctors, can lead to complete inability to have sexual intercourse. This consequence can be caused by the "turning off" of erectile function, as if a person did not use muscles, and they gradually atrophied.

Regarding changes in hormonal levels during abstinence, one of the studies showed the maximum increase in endogenous testosterone in men by 7 day of abstinence, after which the level of the hormone gradually decreased to the initial level. However, there is no data on the effect of prolonged sexual abstinence on the level of sex hormones.

Physical inactivity and cardiovascular diseases

A sedentary lifestyle associated with work or other reasons is one of the precursors of modern diseases : obesity, cardiovascular pathologies, metabolic syndrome, etc. Sexual contact, in addition to satisfying carnal pleasures, is some form of physical activity, contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

It is difficult to say how significant such a contribution is. in the prevention of general hypodynamia and cardiac pathologies, however, doctors tend to regard sex as one of the pleasant types of physical activity, with all its positive properties.

Sperm quality

About the effect of abstinence on sperm quality, there is no single opinion, since research in this area is controversial.

Opinion 1: in case of problems with conception, a short-term abstinence is recommended. This is argued by the fact that the number of ejaculate (and sperm) increases. However, it is important to understand that sperm must first of all have the ability to fertilize an egg, that is, be motile. Their number only increases the chance that one of the spermatozoa will be capable of this.

Opinion 2: in case of problems with conception, it is recommended to have more frequent ejaculation. This is argued by improving the quality of sperm, due to the constant renewal of sperm and the removal of their "old" counterparts.

Psychological state

Depending on the sexconstitution of a man, abstinence can lead to changes in behavior: in many individuals, sexual abstinence is manifested by irascibility and irritability. This behavior is typical of men with a high sexual constitution, when the lack of release of sexual energy causes internal discomfort. Depending on the sexual temperament in some individuals, characteristic changes in behavior may appear within a few days of abstinence.

Some men tolerate the lack of sexual release much easier and may not notice any discomfort at all. Perhaps this is also due to a low sexual constitution.

When is abstinence indicated?

The first case when medicine recommends abstaining from sexual intercourse is the presence of acute cardiac pathologies in men. In this case, sexual contact can be fatal. Moreover, such cases are already known in history.

The second case when medicine recognizes abstinence as appropriate and even desirable is the rejection of promiscuous sexual relations, without the use of contraception (condoms). Such connections, in addition to the direct risk of STD infection, provoke the introduction of foreign bacterial microflora with the subsequent risk of complications if there is a weakened immune system.

An alternative opinion: abstinence is a benefit!

Taoist teachings

In ancient Taoist sexual practices, popularized by some modern authors, one of which is Mantak Chia, men sought to minimize the loss of semen. The Taoists believed that along with the semen, a man loses his vitality, which could be used to heal the body, transform into creativity.

However, this does not mean that Taoists did not have sex. On the contrary, their sexual contacts in terms of their number and duration exceeded many reasonable limits of the present time. But how did they manage to keep the semen and have sex? The fact is that the Taoists were the first to discover that orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes, which, if desired, can be separated using special techniques. This sexual practice allowed you to have multiple orgasms in a row without losing ejaculation. As a result, the man not only did not lose sexual energy along with ejaculation, but was additionally charged with it, getting an orgasm without ejaculation, and also completely controlled the duration of sexual intercourse and their quantity.

Modern manifestation of Taoist practices

Many examples of the use of Taoist concepts (perhaps not realized) can be seen in modern life. For example, the great boxer Muhammad Ali, abstained from sex for several weeks before the upcoming fight, arguing this by preserving and increasing strength for the fight. This tactic has been adopted by many modern athletes, and abstinence before important competitions is a common practice in amateur and professional sports.

It's not just athletic performance that can be improved by saving and redirecting sexual energy. Many talented and extraordinary personalities use sexual energy to improve their creative potential in areas such as art, business, and self-development. One of the bestselling business fiction books, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, refers to one of the steps to prosperity as The Sexual Transmutation Riddle. The essence of sexual transmutation is to channel the sexual energy in the direction you want. The author cites his observations, based on the analysis of the biographies of successful men, that many of them achieved success at the age of 50-60, when they learned to save and use their sexual energy to improve their creativity.

Physiological aspects of ejaculation

Sperm contains a large number of substances important for the health of the body (ascorbic acid, zinc, docosahexaenoic acid, choline, vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium), which leave it during ejaculation. With frequent ejaculation, nutrient reserves can be depleted, which negatively affects overall health. In addition, energy is expended on sperm production, which could be used to restore the body.

Abstinence promotes the reuse of semen, and thanks to this reabsorption, it has a positive effect on the health of the individual and his thinking abilities.

What conclusions can be drawn from all of the above? First of all:

  1. Indiscriminate intercourse without the use of contraception is clearly detrimental to a man's health;

  2. Your frequency of sexual activity must correspond to your sexual constitution, that is, for each man there will be his own optimal rhythm of sexual life, which must be followed. Forcing or decreasing the number of intercourses in relation to your sexual constitution can be detrimental to your physical and emotional health. For middle-aged men, the so-called conditionally physiological rhythm is considered the norm, the frequency of sexual intercourse in which reaches 2-3 times a week. However, if your needs are not met in this amount, forcing will only lead to overwork;

  3. Sexual energy can be used to enhance creativity and athletic performance.

Personally, the natural remedy of the new generation helped me the first time (!). Its pros:

• Significant increase in sexual desire regardless of age and baseline data (overweight, smoking, alcohol)

• Significant increase in testosterone.

• Frequent and strong erections

• Increasing physical endurance (including sexual)

• Significant increase in the duration of intercourse

• Increased sperm count

• Increased physical strength

• Improving performance

Who cares, here's a link toarticle.

Answer 4
May, 2021

Sexual abstinence for up to a week or two, improves well-being, testosterone levels and other indicators. This is the so-called Tarkhanov effect, with longer abstinence, the body switches to economy mode, which can lead to various consequences: a general decrease in tone, congestion in the prostate, etc.

Answer 5
May, 2021

I am 53 years old, I abstain 16 years since I parted with my wife because I didn’t meet my wife and women are afraid of me, no one makes contact, although I’m not a freak, I lead a strictly healthy lifestyle, in addition to completely abandoning bad habits, refusing the services of prostitutes due to moral spiritual qualities I do not have any problems described here for me this is a very difficult ordeal because I can’t live a day without women with my wife I did several times daily and never knew the saturation from one wife so as not to suffer somehow to relax after a hard day and there were no wet dreams I have to masturbate 1-2 times a month if I do not do it because of terrible erections it is not possible to sleep

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