How does hypnosis alcohol addiction coding work?

How does hypnosis alcohol addiction coding work?

Quit Drinking Alcohol Hypnotherapy

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April, 2021

Encoding by hypnosis creates a psychological prohibition on drinking. It forms a subconscious aversion to alcohol, a persistent attitude towards maintaining sobriety.

This encoding requires several sessions of work with a psychotherapist. The doctor analyzes the reasons that provoked the emergence of addiction, finds motives for overcoming it, helps a person to realize the influence of alcohol on his life. In the first sessions, the psychotherapist prepares him for overcoming addiction: forms a desire to quit drinking, changes his perception of alcohol.

Coding with hypnosis is carried out in one or several sessions. The therapist instills in the patient a desire to remain sobriety, a negative attitude towards alcohol and everything connected with it. It is possible to use special techniques: the use of methods of auto-training, self-relaxation. Some treatment programs involve the introduction of special mascot items that will help the patient cope with stress, overcome the urge to drink during stress, in situations that threaten a breakdown.

The NarkoDoc clinic website describes in detail the coding techniques using hypnosuggestational rapia. Doctors of the medical center use the Dovzhenko method, which is based on a combination of persuasion, psychotherapy and shock or stress suggestion to consolidate the results of treatment. This encoding does not change the patient's personality, does no harm, but helps to stop drinking alcohol, to completely get rid of alcohol dependence.

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April, 2021

Read carefully, it is IMPORTANT!

Before carrying out the procedure, the doctor establishes a confidential relationship with the patient, this may take some time. But such a conversation is a prerequisite.

The patient will be able to relax and gain confidence in the success of the treatment.

The session should be carried out in a state of comfort, so people do not need it for a long time. was in a chair or on a couch in the most comfortable position.

Performing special manipulations, the doctor puts the patient into a state of trance, and this is done step by step to get a deep and high quality sleep. When the required state comes, repeated suggestions and attitudes are made to aversion to alcoholic beverages.


In this process, there is an alternation of terrible consequences of alcoholic drinks and pleasant alcoholic drinks. A person on suspicion has time to feel the pain and joy of healing.

After withdrawing from this state, in order to assess the effectiveness of the session, the patient is given a sniff of a cotton swab, soaked with alcohol. If there is a feeling of disgust and disgust, you can talk about successful hypnosis treatment.

To consolidate the result, additional sessions may be required. The number of them is determined by the doctor, depending on the person's suggestibility.

The Dovzhenko method

The Dovzhenko method is very popular in the treatment of alcoholism. It was first tested in 1980, and it was used not only to get rid of alcoholism, but also from nicotine addiction.

At a subjective level, it is used to lose cravings for alcohol and drink alcohol. installation on a new sober life.

As a result, coding leads to intolerance to the sight and smell of alcohol.

The Dovzhenko method is divided into several varieties. One of them is the “anchor” method.

With its help, there is not only a refusal from alcoholic beverages, but also getting rid of such consequences of hypnotic effects as fears, neuroses

. This technique presupposes the formation of a special stimulus - an "anchor", which is selected by the doctor individually for each patient. The stimulus can be negative, forming an understanding of all the terrible consequences of further alcoholism.

And it can be positive, when it is suggested to the patient that, after the codification that he himself can cope with any difficulties in life .

The main conditions that make the interaction of hypnosis effective

· Treatment must be brought to the end. The procedure should be carried out without coercion and pressure. If an alcoholic is brought to a doctor by force, the process will not be effective. Even if it is possible to put the patient into a hypnotic sleep, it will not be of high quality, since the subconsciousness will be resisted, and this will be a greater obstacle to suggestion.

· It is very important before visiting the doctorChu abstain from alcohol. The complete withdrawal of alcohol will facilitate an efficient process.

· Repeat the session as many times as necessary. Do not stop treatment after the first session, even if it seems to you that you have achieved the result and got rid of alcoholism. The effect may not be long lasting, therefore, for its consolidation, several more sessions will be required.

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Is the hypnosis coding always successful

No specialist will give you 100% guarantee. The human brain is a very delicate matter, and for every person, suggestion can affect in a special way. There are people who absolutely do not succumb to suggestion.

It is just as important to properly prepare for coding, that is, not to consume alcohol, to make a firm decision in the need to get rid of alcohol. It is very important that the process is carried out by an experienced specialist. Contact a specialized clinic with a good reputation.

This can be both a public and private institution. Be careful with publicity stunts so as not to get an appointment with a charlatan promising instant healing for a low salary. As a result, it may turn out that he does not even know the necessary method.

Check if the doctor has permission to use hypnosis.

Falling into the hands of a grief specialist, there is not only a risk get rid of alcoholism, but also harm your health. Wrong influence on the mind can cause irreparable harm to the nervous system.

How to get rid of a relapse after coding

so that the craving does not appear, it is necessary to undergo repeated hypnosis treatment in accordance with the doctor's recommendations. The duration of the suggestion depends on the desire of the patient and the capabilities of the specialist, usually it is about 3 years.

· It is very important to change the environment. If in the house they constantly drink alcoholic beverages, the person may have a relapse. Therefore, it is very important to protect yourself from such a society. It is not necessary to take guests who consume alcohol too often. If your work is connected with frequent business meetings, ending with the consumption of strong drinks, try to leave before the banquet begins, politely apologizing to your partners, you should not be persuaded to drink quite a bit. It is with this that a new round of alcoholism can begin.

· The support of loved ones is of great importance. Attention and participation in the life of a native person who freed himself from addiction will help him realize himself and find his place. Help him to solve the problems that could be a push to regular drunkenness. If necessary, use the services of a psychologist.

· It is important to believe in your strength, and then coding will give the desired result. Self-hypnosis and confidence in the doctor conducting the procedure are important factors of success.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods of treatment.

Coding is one of the mosteffective methods of treatment for alcoholism. But it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics and state of health of a person.

Some mental disorders caused by prolonged use of alcohol can negatively affect the treatment process and aggravate hypnosis and aggravation. Therefore, the doctor conducts an examination of the patient and, if necessary, prescribes an examination.

Of course, any methods of getting rid of alcoholism can have consequences, but they are insignificant, compared to the destructive power of> daily consumption of hot drinks. I want to share a real story of recovery.

How I saved my husband from drunkenness for a month.

Like everyone else, a dangerous illness spread not immediately, but gradually. We have been married for 15 years. 7 years ago, I myself gave my husband a diagnosis - an alcoholic. There was more and more alcohol, and less and less of my beloved was left. Alcoholism almost consumed his soul, body, mind. Vodka almost succeeded in destroying my family.

At any moment he could let go of the money set aside for rest or clothes for his son. I hid everything I had earned. He equally found and drank. From work, he was threatened with constant dismissal. 2 years ago, they finally fired. He promised that he would find another job. I hoped, believed that "soon everything will be fine and again it will be fine, as before, goodbye ...". He left to look for work every morning and returned in the evening with nothing and obligatorily drunk.

I pulled my drinking husband out of the next binge, dragged his dead body onto my home, scolded him, appealed to my conscience. In the morning I sipped with brine. Booted up the house so that he could not get drunk. I confess that sometimes I myself went to the store to buy vodka. I wanted to see him smile. After all, without alcohol, he would not have lived. After 2 years of such a life, I realized. I can’t take it anymore!

I gave up. Constant abuse, his drunken face was fed up to death! I decided that my son and I would be better off without this degraded person who cheats us.

But I remembered those times when he was attentive, working. He adored me, Seryozhka. It was the death of his mother that knocked him down. Maybe it’s my own fault, I couldn’t provide the necessary support. But I endured it for 7 years, pulled it on myself! There was no more strength. I filed for divorce.

When I showed him the paper, he was shocked. Realized that the collapse of his life was happening. I said that I was picking up Seryozha and leaving for my mother. What started here! I fell on my knees, begged, asked for forgiveness! He swore that he would quit drinking and would not take drops in his mouth. I have never seen such despair in his eyes. Forgiven! I believed! Didn't drink for 2 weeks. Then the brother's birthday. And all over again ...

But these 2 weeks returned me love and hope. I realized how much I love my husband, how he is a remarkable father, when he is sober. That we are doing well with him in bed. I decided to do EVERYTHING I could and if it didn't work out, just then leave.

I needed a tool that would definitely help. Over the years I have tried a lot of different things. Learning from your mistakesah, I made requests for treatment:

  1. Without coding (5 years ago I drove to the encoder - just made me richer than another dummy. Husband lasted 3 months and drank 10 times stronger)

  2. Without his knowledge, so that he would not suspect anything (I tried to give pills for alcoholism - my husband refused to drink them, made a scandal. it is a complex WITHOUT TASTE!)

  3. Safe (I am afraid of black magic, conspiracies. I am sure that the human soul changes, the will is suppressed. I have never gone to grandmothers and I do not advise you)

I searched the Internet, read literature, consulted with my friends. As a result, I came across the right remedy. 100% natural, approved by doctors. Contains special herbs. Restores the liver, lungs, stomach, etc. And the most important thing is that they cause a persistent aversion to alcohol. I decided to take a chance. I started to add 10 drops to food 3 times a day. They do not smell, taste or color. What you need!

The first effect began to appear on the 4th day. After the meal, my husband poured a glass and grimaced, forgive me, like the ass of an old grandmother. Previously, there was blasphemy on his face, but now the vodka was clearly not sent to him! He ran to the restroom, caused a gag reflex ...

I will not tell you how he was “broken” every time after trying to drink. He himself did not understand why alcohol does not make him feel good, but on the contrary, it is bad. Nauseous, as soon as he took a sip. The head ached. It was as if a terrible hangover was coming. He came home from a booze early, immediately went to bed. He did not tell me anything. And I saw that they call him, they call him “pobukhat”, but he does not go.

A month has passed. Guests gathered at Seryozha's birthday. Everyone drinks, mine does not. Looks at the glass, but in the eyes of fear. He told everyone that he had tied it up temporarily. But I knew it was always. Only at night, when they lay in bed, I could not stand it. I ask, why didn't you drink today? He paused and said: I drank mine. Health is over. And I fell asleep.

To say that I am happy, to say nothing. After the endured hell, almost paradise came. He hasn't been drinking for a year, got a good job. Repairs completed, everything is new in the house, furniture, kitchen. My husband takes my son to the section, spends a lot of time with his family. There was a sparkle in my eyes. He doesn't even remember vodka and friends. This is my story. If you have an alcoholic in your family, try the method that helped me. For anyone interested, you can read an interesting article here in detail at this link.

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