How does alcohol coding work?

How does alcohol coding work?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Encodings are different. When the medicine is injected (sutured), but this is usually a short term option. Or on a psychological level - hypnosis or the Dovzhenko method. The main thing is to first pull a person out of the endless cycle of drunkenness, to cleanse the body and so that he has a desire to stop drinking. And so go to the clinic for the treatment of alcoholism, there are many methods there. Various new techniques.

Answer 2
January, 2021

There are over a dozen coding techniques. All of them are based on stimulating the main animal instinct of man: the fear of death. With the help of psychological attitudes or medications, the patient causes a negative reaction in the body to the taken dose of alcohol. In fact, it becomes a poison with all the unpleasant consequences of intoxication: nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of consciousness.

It turns out that instead of the expected euphoria, joyful excitement, a person receives a “bouquet” of painful experiences, experiences physical ailment. This technique allows you to remove addiction, overcome old habits. You can contact our drug center "Ibis" for help, qualified specialists will select the most suitable coding option.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Read it carefully, this is IMPORTANT!

Obviously, alcohol coding can help a patient start life anew. And this, of course, is the greatest advantage of this method of treating alcoholism, since, after leaving the hospital, it will not be possible to use even 50 grams. alcoholic drink without consequences.

Even such an amount of alcohol can cause the strongest alcohol poisoning. This action lasts a long time and is quite effective. Which method is more expedient, it is better to find out from a qualified doctor, who will select the most suitable method of treatment in a particular case.

You need to be prepared for the fact that coding from alcohol addiction needs to spend a certain amount of time. This is the main drawback of this procedure.

Today there are many different ways to "get rid of" alcoholism. It makes no sense to list them all, it is enough just to understand the principle of their operation. Based on this, we can give an approximate classification, which makes it possible to assess the ability to provide real assistance in each specific case:

  1. Medication coding and getting rid of alcoholism - assumes the use of medications that contribute to either absolute alcohol intolerance, or the disappearance of "pleasant" feelings for its use. Usually there is a choice of one of three alternatives:

o taking medication in the form of tablets;

o administering alcohol inhibitors by injections;

o filing alcoblockers.

  1. Psychotherapeutic effect . Obviously, this way of coding from alcohol is in the use of methods that affect the psyche and perception of the patient. These methods include:

o coding by the Dovzhenko method,

o psychotherapeutic influence by the Rozhnov method,

o Malkin's author's approach and others Author's techniques.

It is necessary to clearly realize that a competent, qualified doctor should work with the patient, and not the one who simply spends the time allotted for the procedure in the patient's room and at the end of the session will say that he has coded it.

  1. Hypnosis (hypnotherapy) . Today there are many ways in which you can code a person from alcoholism through hypnosis (individual or group). There are also author's methods. As a rule, they are all kept secret, but two main types can be distinguished:

o directive,

o hidden.

  1. Apparatuses coding from alcoholism. In this case, physiotherapeutic methods are used:

o convulsive and electric pulse treatment;

o hyperthermic effect;

o using a laser.

Drug coding

Among other methods, preference is always given to drug coding from alcnakedness, despite its rather high cost. And all because this method of coding from alcohol dependence is the most effective and is available in almost all drug treatment centers and hospitals.

The main condition is that the patient himself and his relatives are willing to solve this problem as soon as possible. Only then is it possible to hope for an absolute success.

Often, special alcohol blockers are introduced. They have a very fast action, however the duration of this action is influenced by three factors:

· method of administration and form of injection;

· individual characteristics of the body;

· dosage of a blocker.

Possibility of using treatment at any stage and in any form of alcohol dependence. The main advantages of drug coding are:

  1. Possibility of providing help in case of significant alcohol overdose, poisoning and delirium (delirium tremens).

  2. Ensuring prophylactic action and no relapse.

  3. Possibility of choosing forms and doses of medications for administration.

  4. Availability of drugs required for the procedure in pharmacies.

Types of drugs

There are two groups of drugs needed for alcohol coding:

  1. Inhibitors (competitors) of opioid receptors in the head brain . They work on the principle of direct influence on receptor structures, which contributes to protection against irritating alcoholic effects.

The bottom line is that opioid receptors responsible for the occurrence of a state of euphoria from alcohol can release specific substances, then when they are in a free state. It is at this moment that psychotropic substances have an irritating effect. If this effect is blocked, then the interest in drinking alcohol will decrease and the person will no longer see the point of continuing to drink it.

The leaders in this group of anti-blockers are medicines that are produced on the basis of Naltrexone. Their production is arranged in the form of injections and injections, solutions and tablets, as well as in the form of prolonged capsules used for subcutaneous implantation.

  1. Toxico-therapeutic drugs . Typical examples include Disulfir and all other drugs with similar composition and action. It means that it is advisable to pay attention to the fact that this group of drugs has a toxic effect, similar to an alcohol overdose.

All negative symptoms, which many are familiar with as a result of usual drinking before, come from the enzyme systems due to blocking of enzyme systems. , which are responsible for the organism's ability to neutralize toxic products obtained as a result of the metabolic process of ethanol decomposition. In the case of accumulation of these toxins, severe intoxication can occur. However, if the patient no longer drinks alcohol, thenand unpleasant symptoms have nowhere to come.

But if the patient allows himself even an insignificant amount of alcohol, the mechanisms of a toxic attack will immediately become active, completely discouraging the desire to repeat the use of alcohol by a passive alcoholic. Moreover, the more patients tried to drink alcohol against the background of such drugs, the more intense the intoxication was. This fact contributed to the formation of fear before a second attempt and, in this way, the patients, on their own initiative, rejected alcohol.

The introduction of these medications is made based on the individual characteristics of the body, as well as the severity and type of alcoholic alcohol.

So, in acute forms of alcoholism, Naltrexone tablets are used, designed to maintain the required amount of the drug in the patient's blood. At the time of the onset of remission, intramuscular injections are administered to maintain the anti-relapse effect, or prolonged capsules are sutured subcutaneously (or with a gel-like component that slowly releases a stable dose of medication). It should be noted that the cost of drug coding is quite high and, in such a way, not all patients can afford it. Moreover, you need to consciously choose such a method of therapy, because non-observance of the treatment regimen can cause a rather strong intoxication of the body.

Laser coding

Alcoholism can be coded with laser. This does not mean that it burns a hole in the brain. During such a procedure, specialists use special laser beams that affect the reflexogenic areas of the brain, which are responsible for the pathological craving for alcohol.

It is worth noting that during the session, some information that is there from the start ... In this way, it turns out that these areas of the brain become free from any other needs and dependencies necessary for an external stimulus to normal human functionality.

Narcologists believe that laser coding for alcoholism is effective only in absolute randomness if you have not yet become physically dependent on alcohol. Below are the main advantages of laser coding from alcohol dependence:

  1. No need for constant therapy, since this treatment is a course one.

  2. Absolute harmlessness and safety.

  3. No side effects.

  4. Relatively cheap.

  5. High performance at 1-2 stages of alcohol dependence.

The main drawbacks include the following aspects:

  1. Ineffectiveness of therapy at the third stage of alcoholism;

  2. The need for a therapeutic course in stationary conditions of large medical centers. This is due to the high cost of equipment, which not all drug addicts can afford.institutions.

The duration of the therapy and the number of sessions are determined by the doctor on an individual basis. As a rule, 2-3 procedures are enough for the patient to completely lose the craving for alcohol.

Encoding by means of electric current

This method ensures the production in the brain a patient with a negative perception of alcohol. After this session, the body reacts negatively to alcohol, in rare cases even convulsive seizures may appear.

How is this achieved? Weak impulsive currents are conducted into the sensitive areas of the cerebral cortex. Due to current shocks, neural receptors become active, a lot of biologically active components are formed that contribute to getting rid of alcohol dependence. Subconsciously, there is a feeling of indifference towards alcohol.

The alcohol addict ceases to experience pleasure from the state of intoxication, he loses his desire to get drunk.

There is also an alternative approach to substantiate this method of electrocution treatment . The main job of the brain is to ensure the higher nervous activity.

If there is a malfunction in this work, then the synchronization of nervous and humoral regulation disappears, which causes problems in the functioning of organs and vital systems. This failure may be the result of the use of alcoholic beverages, narcotic and other chemically active substances (the ability to lead to this kind of dependence is a substitution of the mechanism of work of the nervous and humoral regulation). In the course of research, it was possible to find out that this failure can be corrected by the action of an electric current.

Method of intracranial translocation

Encoding from alcoholism using intracranial translocation is carried out period from 1 to 5 years. This method can be encoded many times without damage to health. The main condition for ensuring the absence of side effects is a complete refusal to drink alcoholic beverages.

Failure to comply with this condition is very dangerous . The use of even a small dose of alcohol can lead to unpredictable changes in the activity of the vital centers of the brain, namely:

from the respiratory center - to stop breathing;

from the motor center - to convulsions;

· from the cardiovascular center - to changes in the rhythm of the heart.

The consequences of the resumption of alcohol consumption may not appear immediately, but have a delayed effect, that is, be detected after some time interval. The effect of encoding by this method can be canceled by carrying out a procedure that promotes the activation of the nerve centers that have been exposed.

Encoding under hypnosis and the psychological methodohm

Hypnosis is understood as a state of the body, in which a person's consciousness is somewhere between sleep and real wakefulness. In other words, the brain activity of electromagnetics processes is reduced to a minimum, but information received from the outside is assimilated. A distinctive feature of hypnosis is that it is possible to introduce a person into it without his knowledge, for example, when he is asleep.

A good hypnotist, knowing about these properties of the brain, is capable to such an extent to induce a driven person into a weakened state, that everything that will be said during hypnosis will be realized as a setting for a certain action .

And the direct activity of brain cells outside the hypnotic influence will be directed only to the implementation of functions embedded in consciousness.

If we talk about psychotherapeutic coding, then this is a rather complicated process, during which the patient is programmed to aversion to any kind of alcohol. And not for the whole life, but for a certain period, which the patient chooses. As a rule, the desired effect is achieved after the first session. This method is equally applicable to both men and women.

I strongly recommend reading a useful article about a natural and very effective remedy for all stages of alcoholism, which can be used without the knowledge of the alcoholic. If interested, here's the link

Answer 4
January, 2021


They are trying to scare the encoded person that if he drinks alcohol, he will die ...

They are trying to convince him - either do not drink, or you will die ... But doctors not killers :-)))

Alcoholism is a social disease - until life changes for the better - its value (ability to endure) with a bottle will be higher than without a bottle - and a person will continue to drink.

BUT, if a person's life without a bottle increases its value for him, he will stop drinking CAM !!!

Moreover, any person stops drinking only if he wants to CAM !!!

The rest is empty speculation ...

Answer 5
January, 2021

A person is prescribed a course of pills, while assuring that after that alcohol in his body will be like poison. Thus, the only thing that separates a person from alcohol is that he believes in it.

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