How do you get out of the binge?

How do you get out of the binge?

How To FINALLY Overcome Binge Eating | 6 RAW & HONEST Tips To Quit Binging

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Answer 1
March, 2021

Only under the supervision of a narcologist, for example, in the Ibis narcological center . Health jokes usually end badly.

And if the desire to get out of the binge on their own is so strong, then it is necessary that relatives or close people have the skills to provide first aid. This is an indirect heart massage, intravenous drug administration and artificial respiration.

Answer 2
March, 2021

Read carefully, this is IMPORTANT!

For the productive removal of acetaldehyde from the blood and stomach, it is necessary to act without delay, and without medical participation, you can ensure a stable positive dynamics at home. If the binge continues for no more than 2 days, it is important to be clear about this sequence of actions:

  1. Immediately stop the intake of ethanol into the body, i.e. refrain from further drinking alcoholic beverages.

  2. In the morning, you need to take inside first 1, 5 liters of water, then drink 2 - 3 tablets of activated carbon (another sorbent). Liver and stomach medications become adjuncts when symptoms are visible.

  3. Afterwards, you need to drink a high fat broth and take a contrast shower to invigorate and stimulate the systemic blood flow.

  4. During the day and in the evening it is important to repeat these procedures, starting with the intake of sorbents and ending with water sessions with the participation of cold and hot water.

  5. During the day, natural juices and berry fruit drinks are recommended, increased physical activity in the absence of chronic fatigue.

If the question of how to get out of binge without a doctor refers to more prolonged alcoholic intoxication than 2 - 3 days, the first thing to do is to provoke vomiting in an artful way. It is important that the stomach could no longer adsorb ethanol with further distribution into the circulatory system. After the introduction of toxin residues, sorbents must be taken inside, according to the weight category. In the future, conduct symptomatic treatment at home.

What you need for treatment

Before you get out of binge without a doctor, you need to recognize your health problem. Then proceed according to a well-established scheme: first induce vomiting, then take sorbents, carry out symptomatic therapy. In such a clinical picture, it is necessary not only to take separate medications of several pharmacological groups, but also to individually correct nutrition, habitual lifestyle, and bad habits. Here's what you need for an effective treatment of binge without the presence of your doctor:


. The main goals of therapy, how to get out of a long drinking binge without a doctor, is to stop the effect of ethanol on the kidneys, heart and other important organs; to accelerate the elimination of toxic substances from the body and promote the restoration of organic resources. Representatives of such pharmacological groups are welcomed:

enterosorbents , which are necessary for the restoration of the gastric mucosa injured by ethanol and stimulation of intestinal peristalsis: Polysorb-MP, Entifolpanegel;

· antiemetics and saline solutions for the elimination of intoxication products: Cerucal, Rehydron;

with arrhythmia and tachycardia, ensuring a long-term relapse-free effect for the myocardium and cardiovascular system: Corvalol, Validol, Valocordin, Valeryanka in the form of a decoction or tincture;

· spasmolytics for the elimination of acute migraines, attacks of pain of unknown etiology, lightening of general well-being: No-shpa, Analgin, Ibuprofen, No-shpalgin;

from the body of a drinking person, normalizing the functioning of the kidneys and kidneys: Furosemide, rosehip decoction;

sedatives and tranquilizers to calm and relax the nervous system, eliminate cravings for alcohol states: Fenazepam, Metronidazole, Tiaprid, Diazepam, Aminalon;

multivitamin complexes complete treatment course for the rapid removal of muscle and emotional tension, strengthening local immunity, ikovit, AlfaVit, Duovit;

injection solutions for drip injection to restore the water-salt balance, relieve the organic resource from intoxication products, symptoms of prolonged binge.

Foods that promote body detoxification

. To help get out of the binge, you need to change the drinking person's menu, enrich him with valuable sources of water, vitamins, minerals and microelements. Such correctives accelerate the process of getting rid of the withdrawal syndrome, cast with a tonic and general tonic effect. The following food products are well recommended:

citrus fruits , rich in acetylsalicylic acid for removing toxins and free radicals;

fruit drinks to increase the permeability of the vascular walls and strengthen the vessels themselves, increase appetite;

· low-fat dairy products , which, when drunk, removes harmful, toxic substances from the body;

beef or chicken broth to tone the whole body, reduce the severity of signs of alcohol intoxication;

mineral or brine , which are not only quench thirst with symptoms of a hangover, but have bactericidal properties;

light porridge , not overloading the systemic food, normalizing intestinal peristalsis.

How to cope with the inability to eat. - the method of three days

If the patient finally decides to stop drinking, and willpower, according to the specifics of the character x vataet, you can use an effective in practice method of getting rid of toxic addiction - "three days". This technique is useful in the early stages of alcoholism, if we are talking about a short-lived drunken state. You can implement it at home, the main thing is to observe the proposed sequence of actions, the chronology of the required stages, you can use a massage course.

Day One

The first thing to do is to completely abandon alcoholic beverages and exclude their presence at home. You must be careful to check that not a drop of alcohol is left. The main task of the patient at this stage is to refuse to drink after morning awakening, to show willpower and to stop drinking forever. It will not be easy, because you can face such symptoms as dizziness, increased sweating, internal chills, temperature drops, painful sensations in the head, confusion. Such symptoms are bedridden.

In order to normalize the general condition, the alcoholic needs more sleep and drink, completely abandon physical and emotional stress, switch his thoughts away from the use of alcoholic beverages. To accelerate the positive dynamics, it is necessary to take sorbents in the form of Entherosgel and activated carbon. This is important for the productive elimination of toxins, relief of pain, sedation and relaxation of the tense nervous system. You need to drink 1.5 liters of water and take 2 - 3 tablets of activated charcoal, then consume the fat broth and sleep.

Day two - intensive elimination of toxins

The next day of an alcoholic should begin with a cup of sweet strong tea, since the intake of glucose in the body has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, provides an organic resource of the necessary energy. Do not drink coffee and in no case smoke, since caffeine and nicotine negatively affect the state of the vascular walls.

In addition, after a long binge, it is imperative to consume more liquids, for example, chicken broth, herbal teas, berry fruit drinks ... If necessary, in order to neutralize the action of toxins, you will not be prevented from taking sorbents, a contrast shower and more rest. Gradually introduce fermented milk products, lean cereals, natural vitamins into the medicinal diet.

Day three - restoration of body functions

Recommended intake of fluid in the body - 2 - 3 liters, but we are not talking only about water. The reception of herbal decoctions, berry fruit drinks and natural juices with a high content of vitamin C is welcomed. The patient's appetite significantly increases, the pronounced signs of fever and alcohol intoxication disappear. To speed up the natural process of recovery, you can not only increase physical activity, but find a medicinal diet. To restore the functions of the liver, it is necessary to take oral hepatoprotectors, as an option - Hepabene, Essentiale Forte.

What to do if a binge drink for 7 days or longer

bed mode. It will not be easy to restore general well-being in the home environment, but it is practically impossible to solve the main problem of how to get out of the binge without a doctor. An alcoholic can be given ammonia to drink, which is first dissolved in water. The second option is painless recoveredIya - eat sour cabbage soup or whole lemon. You can eat a raw egg or drink milk and honey. A mustard plaster on the back of the head or a contrast shower help well.

The main goal is to avoid dangerous consequences for health and hospitalization in such a clinical picture (with a few binge), to restore normal operation of the liver. It is not excluded the use of drugs in the form of infusions for the performance of droppers (to inject the drug is shown very slowly, by drip). When answering the question of how to get out of a binge without a doctor, difficulties immediately arise, since it is far from being possible to install such a system at home.

Gradual reduction in the dose of alcohol

Doctors report that with a quick exit from the binge, the patient can overtake a state of deep depression. But this is not the worst of the complications, since in addition to mental balance, physical health is also substantially disturbed. Among the potential consequences of abrupt abolition of ethanol, doctors distinguish the following unpleasant symptoms:

· alcoholic delirium;

· disruption of the heart; ;

· emotional instability;

· extensive brain damage;

· tendency to aggression (resentment towards the whole world);

· Symptoms of angina pectoris, arrhythmias, tachycardia;

· complaints about planting vision;

· extensive heart attack, stroke;

· tremor and convulsions of the extremities;

· withdrawal symptoms (in neglected clinical pictures);

· pathology of the pancreas, pancreatitis.

Neutralization of toxins

Before we get out of the binge without a doctor, you need to think a few times. The body is in a state of acute intoxication, so the delay in this matter can cost a person's life. In the pharmacy there are many drugs, but the most effective and safe can be appointed by an exceptionally knowledgeable specialist. The following are drugs in the fight against hangover that can neutralize the effect of toxins in the body:

  1. Activated carbon . Prevents the absorption of ethanol from the digestive tract.

  2. Glycine . Restores injured nerve cells and prevents the destruction of healthy cells.

  3. Succinic acid (in the form of tablets) . An important component of energy exchange, it is necessary to speed up the cleaning process.

  4. Alkaseltzer . Effervescent tablets in the fight against acute intoxication of the body, sold in any pharmacy.

  5. Aspirin or Paracetamol . Accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body, has a positive effect on local immunity, thins the blood.

  6. Entherosgel . It additionally possesses hepatoprotective properties, has a systemic effect on the organism.

Taking medications

When solving the question of how to quickly get out of binge without a doctor, it is important not to forget abouthelp with medication therapy. First of all, you need to carefully read the instructions for the use of each medication, to exclude potential medical contraindications:

  1. Lemontar . It is necessary to dissolve 1 tablet in a glass of water, add baking soda to the edge of a knife. To take it cheerfully before a meal and the question of how to get out of the binge will be decided after 2 - 3 days.

  2. Glycine . It is important to take such small tablets, one 4 times a day, in order to quickly restore consciousness, eliminate nervous seizures. You can buy the drug in the pharmacy without a prescription.

  3. Afobazol . It is a sedative medicine with a maximum daily dose of 5 tablets (it successfully treats even psychosis). Take the pills as desired in between meals, you can complement your treatment with a relaxing bath or contrast shower.

  4. Donated . When solving the problem of how to quickly get out of the binge without a doctor, this remedy is not suitable, since the pharmacy is dispensed strictly according to the prescription. There are contraindications, side effects.

  5. Anaprilin . This medical device is required when the blood pressure rises above 150 mm. rt. Art. and heart rate from 90 beats. in min. The medicine is not compatible with alcohol, therefore it only intensifies the symptoms of acute intoxication of the body.

  6. Engilock . This is a complete analogue of the above described preparation, which can be purchased without a recipe. To regulate arterial pressure, you need to drink 1 tablet three times a day.

  7. Cavinton . Such medicine is useful for surges in arterial pressure and flushing of the face. Doctors recommend taking pills before a noisy feast in order to significantly reduce the intensity of the hangover syndrome.

  8. Gepabene . It is a hepatoprotective agent that is able to restore the impaired functions of the liver. The drug is not harmful, it can participate in the discussion of the topic of how to get out of the binge without a doctor.

  9. Essentiale Forte (Essliver Forte) . Another plant-derived hepatoprotector required to support liver function. Able to degrade ethanol, facilitate the work of the "human filter".

  10. Fenibut . A drug with anxiolytic activity in the form of tablets for oral administration. The recommended dose is 1 pill three times a day for 10 - 14 days depending on the medical indication.

Folk methods of combating alcohol poisoning

Methods of non-traditional medicine also provide stable positive dynamics with prolonged binge drinking. It is necessary to use them in combination with official drugs, but after washing the stomach against the background of a digestive disorder. This is a good way to recover quickly, noticeably reducing the list of potential health complications. Bottom prefacetime-tested health recipes are attached:

  1. Calendula . It is necessary to prepare a decoction according to the classic recipe - 1 tbsp. l. raw materials for 1 tbsp. boiling water. Insist, process, consume instead of tea. Calendula can be replaced with pharmacy chamomile, it also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  2. Motherwort root . Grind the dried raw materials, after which in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. powder, pour 1 tbsp. boiling water and boil over low heat for 15 - 20 minutes. Insist, process, take three glasses orally three times a day until the withdrawal syndrome completely disappears.

  3. Marigolds . You need 1 tsp. Pour 0.5 liters of boiling water over the crushed raw materials, leave for 10 minutes. Use a strained and slightly chilled composition instead of tea, thereby suppressing the most unbearable vomiting reflexes.

  4. It is recommended to eat a whole lemon , first dividing it into wedges. Vitamin C quickly restores vascular tone, has a positive effect on the systemic blood flow and local immunity. You can replace lemons with carrot or apple juice, which is good even for a hangover.

I strongly recommend reading a useful article about a natural and very effective remedy for all stages of alcoholism, which can be used without the knowledge of the alcoholic. If interested, here's the link

Answer 3
March, 2021

As an alcoholic in a tie, I'll tell you how I got out of a three-month binge: I drank mostly soups, because my stomach did not want to take normal food (to be honest, these were all sorts of quicksouches from the bag, but she really helped, I would venture to suggest that for the salt content - they retained water, and this is what is needed after alcoholic dehydration). It was shaking, it was bad, so don't go anywhere further than a shower-sofa-toilet. A leisurely walk helps in the evening. And no sports, don't even think - it will be even worse. Then as soon as your body comes to its senses (it took me about a week), you can start more activity.

Answer 4
March, 2021

Heavy. As such, I don’t have hard drinking, but it happens for three or four days with friends or family I can drink. I will share my experience, maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it helps me.

It is desirable that the first day of recovery from this terrible state you have a day off. In the morning, the main thing is to overcome the urge to run for a beer. I go into the shower, hot at first, icy at the end, brushing my teeth, shaving. Be sure to eat, the first thing helps me: soup, cabbage soup, borscht. It is desirable to be sharper. In extreme cases, some kind of nasty stuff like "Doshirak" will do. If the sweat went, you are on the right track. No tea or coffee! I drink a lot of water, a doctor I know said that everything comes out through the kidneys. You can take a diuretic pill, the main thing is to drink more liquid. Well, fresh air will not hurt. Endure the main thing until lunch, then it will be easier. The night is going to be hard, take a sedative. As a matter of fact, that's all. Better not to lead to this. For example, I allow myself this less and less. Good luck and health!

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