How do you feel about the ban on abortion and reproductive violence?

How do you feel about the ban on abortion and reproductive violence?

Making the Connection--Reproductive Coercion

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Answer 1
January, 2021

I am against any discrimination. For example, abortion: either men and women are allowed on equal terms, or they are prohibited on equal terms, or everyone has the right to veto.

Why would an abortion be a woman's business? You took my DNA for the purposes agreed with me - so be kind to fulfill. And do not care about your opinion, how they spit on a man's when you decide to give birth.

An equal right to abortion is either an equal prohibition, or an equal veto, or everyone has the right to have an abortion.

Why did you decide that you have the right to use my DNA for stuffing, who are you actually?

Let me take your hair and rivet the kids, who will be put into the stuffing, who will be used for fresh meat, who will be sold into sexual slavery, and I’ll say well, you didn’t give birth, so also pay alimony.

Game, when a man does not have equal rights to reproduce after conception, no rights means no obligations, including alimony.

When a man falls into slavery for 18 years, more than tithes and corvee are taken from him combined - it's okay, but you see her aunt is too lazy to endure.

Well then, take alimony from her in favor of the state, for abortion and be done. Have an abortion and pay for 18 years.

You will immediately recover, otherwise you have learned how to produce a human in the trash, but you cannot say no to a member without a condom, nothing sweeter than it has been seen, like weak-willed animals.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Negative. The earth is highly overpopulated. Resources are not enough
For this war and migration. The position of the Russian Orthodox Church is economically erroneous - it encourages an increase in poverty, crime from it, etc.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Abortion is murder and should be prohibited, at least under the compulsory medical insurance scheme. The attitude towards murder, like any other violence, can only be negative.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Prohibitions and permissions belong to the prerogatives of the civil government, not the Church. The attitude of Christianity to abortion is formulated in section XII.2 "Fundamentals of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church" ( - a canonical document, familiarity with which is expected for all those discusses similar topics.

What is "reproductive violence" I do not know: apparently, a term of overseas origin, like "LGBT" and "African Americans". Violence as such belongs to the field of criminal law; about sexual violence, read chapter 18 of the Russian Criminal Code.

Note. Idle talk is a sin.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Nobody will prohibit abortion, this is idle chatter. They plan to cut prices for vodka, downpopulism to its full extent. What can be the ban on abortions?

In theory, the maximum that can happen is to remove abortions for non-medical reasons from the CHI. Those. only those abortions that are done for medical reasons will be free.

And this question does not seem so simple to me.

These are the doctors from whom you expect to be kind to you as a pregnant woman a woman, even reverent attitude, which surrounds a woman with her normal relatives, these same doctors perform abortions. It burns them out emotionally at an accelerated rate.

That is why, I believe that abortions should be performed only by selected specialized clinics. Not by the same doctors who are immediately required to smile at the sight of a pregnant woman.

Here, there was an interesting article recently:

Nastya Krasilnikova, the deputy editor-in-chief of Afisha Daily, shares her bewilderment about what tests do pregnant women go through in antenatal clinics.

Yes, there are also many fair objections. But I think there is a question. What we have now is also not normal.

Regarding baby boxes. It seems like this is obviously a good thing. However, the Germans, who were the first to introduce this in modern times, say that there are doubts. There must be an anonymous birth. If they are not there, then baby boxes are pushing for illegal childbirth, after which you can simply throw up the child. Illegal childbirth is a huge risk for both the child and the woman. Therefore, in the UK and in the USA, for example, there are no baby boxes, but it is possible to easily come and abandon the child in certain places. At the very least, it seems to me that if there are doubts in such advanced countries, you should not immediately spit on those who doubt.

It was also here:

TheQuestion: Need an Answer? Ask TheQuestion

P.S. Just in case - I'm not for bans. And not for violent agitation.

Answer 6
January, 2021

I don't even know if it is possible to come up with a phrase for commenting on the prohibitions of abortion that will not consist entirely of swearing. I'll try.

Sane people usually understand that there is such a thing as a medical abortion. Sane people usually understand that the passage about the bunny and the lawn is for those who still believe that the Earth stands on three whales. Sane people usually understand that there are different situations in life: a woman can carry a child from a rapist, and the birth of this child will not bring her (and the child) anything but psychoses, a crippled nervous system and a crippled life in general. And since sane people understand all this, you involuntarily begin to doubt the adequacy of those who advocate a total prohibition of abortion.

I believe that if, in the event of pregnancy, a woman / spouses do not have material opportunities to provide a child with a decent material support (and this is at least 12-18 years, in which the child will not bring anything to the family budget + several years of the mother's decree), then it is better not to give birth. This is much more humane than giving birth and writing a refusal, replenishing orphanages. Or leave newborns in trash cans. Likewise, if there is no moral readiness for children; maternal instinct, unfortunately, does not always wake up. For a woman (I do not take into account the young ladies who go to the abortion clinic as if for a walk), which relates to her reproductive health with at least some degree of responsibility, abortion is also a difficult decision, fraught with risks (will everything go well?) , and with certain doubts. But she must have this choice - to give birth or not to give birth! It should be!

As a girl, I refuse to understand why men (and you look at those who supported the idea of ​​banning abortions: the patriarch, the mufti ...) consider themselves entitled to climb into my womb and philosophize about that they will never have to go through due to physiological characteristics. But even more, I refuse to understand women who care for it. Anyone who is in favor of the prohibition of abortions, I propose to go to the nearest orphanage or baby house and pick up the baby from there. Because so many children from there are the fruits of just such a proliferating policy. Only I don't see the adoption queues.

I'll just leave it here:

Answer 7
January, 2021

I treat the prohibition of abortion as a doctor. Women who want to have an abortion will find a way to do it. They will drink all sorts of rubbish with a recipe from the Internet, swallow pills from anything, beat themselves in the stomach and sit in hot baths with all sorts of nonsense, and if this does not help, then they will go to an underground abortion where they fuck knows who the hell knows how to scrape walking.

Their unborn children will die anyway. and many with their mothers. And whoever survives runs the risk of being left without fertility.

So. I honestly do not care about the feelings of people who fly in without the desire to have children. And I do not care about population growth, I am a cosmopolitan and there are already 7 and a half billion people in the world.

But the lives of ready-made adults will be at risk, and the lives of babies will not be saved. So it doesn't make sense.

And the term "reproductive abuse" is some idiotic, what the hell is this?

Answer 8
January, 2021

And how an adequate person can relate to this?
I have a negative attitude.

Crazy people, based on ancient Jewish myths, decided to teach the life of other people. To climb into other people's cowards.
It is also very interesting to listen to the arguments of the Russian Orthodox Church about spending state funds on murders ... And we hear this from representatives of an organization that does not give ANYTHING to the budget. He only takes, including my money, for his facilities. Why they are listened to, and not treated, I do not understand. Why the hell do people, and in this particular case, women, have to live based on Jewish fairy tales and Frankenstein faith, collected from pieces of dozens of ancient beliefs (immaculate conception, the concept of heaven and hell, children of gods with their exploits, miracles .. . it all appeared long before Christianity) ?! Why should we, educated adults, seriously discuss this at all ?! Some girl who was inseminated by airborne droplets, resurrection of the dead, walking on water, people from the rib ... and people who believe in this have a kind of voice in the society of the 21st century. ..

They seem to have forgotten 17 years old, relaxed. Soon society will solve this problem again, once and for all.

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