How do you deal with your fear of flying? What to do at the airport / when boarding a flight to avoid panic on board?

How do you deal with your fear of flying? What to do at the airport / when boarding a flight to avoid panic on board?

How to overcome fear of flying: Get great tips for fear of flying | SAS

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Answer 1
April, 2021

It seems to me that the point is not in the fear of flying, but in the fear of the plane crashing or the failure of aircraft parts during the flight. I believe this is due to several reasons:

1) In deep childhood, something or someone frightened a person with some kind of order or an event related to the plane. A person later sublimated this information into fear of unpleasant events during the flight.

2) This is the influence of the media and the film industry with information about the plane crashes and their seizures by terrorists. From this, the consciousness of a person begins to fantasize that the same passions can happen to him. In practice, these events do not happen to a person.

3) During the turbulence of an aircraft in flight (falling into an air hole), a person begins to fantasize that now the aircraft will crash, fail. This is due to perception - the technique is shaking = it will crash, like an old Zhiguli penny shaking on the roads. In practice, small air pockets are not dangerous for the steady state of the aircraft.

Human fears are often far-fetched. Airplane crashes are no exception.

Be sure to fly to your destination in a hurry. It really is.

Answer 2
April, 2021

There are several types of fear.

Phobias, Phobic reactions and Panic states

If you have a third, then you are most likely afraid of everything, not just planes. This is to the doctors

If you have an irrational phobia of flying - this is to a normal psychologist with NLP skills. Filmed in one session. Technique for self-study - in the video.

If fear is a reaction to something else, protective, for example, because you do not want to fly - also to a psychologist. You need to understand what is hidden behind fear and change your behavior to a more adequate one.

All this in the video

Answer 3
April, 2021

I have flown only 8 times, but the last times are absolutely not scary. you just have to get used to it! it's a cafe. download movies for yourself, slap 200 grams of milk, take 5 volumes of TSB ...

Answer 4
April, 2021

One of my acquaintances was very afraid to fly literally in a panic, before the flights she drank mountains of pills for motion sickness in planes, and during the flights the flight attendants were deciding whether to call a doctor and take emergency measures.

In general, the woman was ready to sacrifice time, wasting many hours to travel by train, until ... she had the opportunity to fly business class. Now she actively flies around the world and does not remember her past problems.

It sounds, of course, snobbish, but comfort during the flight is important. Some are scared not from the fact that the miracle of technology flies through the air, but uncomfortable in the confined space of the cramped and stuffy cabin of the low-fire, too close standing chairs violate psychological comfort, there is not enough opportunity to drink a glass of water or tea at first need to relax, etc. .д.

Answer 5
April, 2021

To begin with, I figured out why I'm scared there. I'm afraid to take off and I'm afraid to land, I'm afraid of turbulence and sounds. Then he began to quietly understand.

First, watch the planes take off. On YouTube, the carriage is video straight from the salon. You will remember what sounds the plane makes during takeoff (upholstery, for example, crackling). See what the pilots are doing on takeoff.

Then, turbulence. There is a pilot Lyokha, a famous blogger. He says that in turbulence it is necessary not to interfere with the flight of the plane. There is no wind for the plane to crash. Check out the pilots' video blogs. See what the flight depends on. My friend, who used to work at the Sukhoi Design Bureau, said that an airplane at altitude can only be shot down with a rocket.

Sounds. Here is one piece of advice, watch videos of flights and fly. If the flight ends well, consider all sounds to be normal.

Landing. Here is interesting. Before, I was very afraid to take off and fly. Now I'm afraid to sit down. Because now I know - an airplane will not fall if it has speed and altitude. On landing, the speed decreases and the altitude drops, so this is the most dangerous stage of the flight.

In general, I used to be very afraid to fly, now I am almost not afraid. Before taking off, I watch several videos of takeoffs, several videos of people taking off for the first time. The first time I flew after these videos, I felt very comfortable: I looked out the window, I was ready to sleep. This is an incredible thrill, in fact, I wanted to fly directly to the USA.

Tip: don't fly hungover or sick. My vestibular apparatus immediately begins to malfunction and it always seems that we are falling somewhere. This is very uncomfortable.

Answer 6
April, 2021

When my travel life had just begun, and I began to actively use planes, fear did not let me go all the time of the flight, but takeoff and landing were especially scary. So I decided to deal with the fear at these stages. At first, I quietly plugged in the headphones and listened to hard rock to the fullest. It was distracting. Then, realizing that most accidents occur during takeoff and landing, he began to struggle with perception. For takeoff, I realized that the faster we accelerate, the better we will take off. And it really helped, after takeoff I just admired the views from the window. With the landing, everything turned out to be more complicated. During the descent stage, I again admired the views, forcing myself not to think about fear, but about the fact that I have a unique opportunity to look at this city from above. And at the end, at the point of no return, this is 100-150 meters, I focused on the actions of the pilots: how quickly they descend, how we will land (with or without bouncing). As a result, these practices became a habit. Well, flying was not so scary. Statistics about the probability of death in a plane crash also helps a lot. It is important to try to behave in flight as in ordinary life and not think about bad things. All flying - do not be afraid and good luck!

Answer 7
April, 2021

Recently I have been choosing a train or a car. Yes, more time is spent on the road, but the state of mind is calm, nothing poisons the rest and there is no panic a week before the flight. No need to thump, eat sleeping pills, convulsively squeeze the armrests and tighten the seat belt and after the flight the immunity does not drop to a minimum ... Today my choice is MSC-Nice by train from the Belorussky railway station and do not care about the weather forecast and news about accidents.

Answer 8
April, 2021

I already know that no tricks will help me, and I just do not sleep for 24 hours before the flight, and before boarding I eat muscle relaxants and literally lose consciousness :) I cannot sleep soundly, in ordinary life you don't notice this, but before that how to fall asleep, all sounds abruptly disappear, and from this I jump up in a chair in panic, I'm afraid that the engines have stopped. In the end, I doze, suffer, sweat, grit my teeth and think that in the end it will be worth it. Upon arrival, I immediately drink and sleep, if possible.

Answer 9
April, 2021

I'm not fighting in any way. I know - two hours of fear and you are there. Whether I'm afraid or not, it won't change anything if I'm already in flight. Therefore, it remains to relax and enjoy the flight.

Answer 10
April, 2021

An aviation psychologist, a professional pilot Alexander Gevrash, has appeared in our country. He talks very interestingly all about aviation and fears. In many ways, fear arises from the unknown, and an inadequate assessment of risks. He considers all kinds of fears and gives advice. All over the world there have long been organizations where aviation "has a conversation" with a passenger. In our country, he seems to be the first, well, or if not the first, then the most famous. His videos make life much easier for the passenger) you can start with this

and it helped me a lot watching this video Where they show which landing in Birmingham (England) in a certain season of strong winds.

Personally, I either watch Gevrash before the flight, or have a good drink))

Answer 11
April, 2021

Before the flight, it is difficult to think of something to distract, because all thoughts are occupied with exactly how to check in, check in luggage, etc., but on takeoff and in moments of turbulence, conversations with someone help me (i.e. I usually do not travel alone, there are no problems with the interlocutor). A consultation with a psychologist helps a lot, literally 3-4 visits were enough for me to, if not remove, then reduce anxiety.

Answer 12
April, 2021

Usually, all the tricks described above help me, but not completely. Therefore, I keep a sedative with me and try to breathe deeper. In fact, my only flight went without panic attacks thanks to a wonderful flight attendant on Ural Airlines. It so happened that she was sitting in front of us at the emergency exit, talking, talking about flight safety, about her work. And now, after a couple of hours, I was already looking out the window (which is absolutely not typical for me)! I'm terribly grateful to this girl. In general, do not be afraid to contact the flight attendants, they can really help: at least they will bring water and calm down in case of panic.

I do not advise you to drink before the flight or take strong medications, as they can play with you before takeoff a cruel joke on nerves. I remember that before the very first flight I took a whole pill of Valium instead of half (I was taking it at that moment as part of the course of treatment for panic disorder), I waited for it to work just at the time of landing, and it worked immediately at the check-in counter. It was terribly embarrassing, because I was talking like a drug addict, and by the time of landing I started to pound on the contrary. It turns out that she made herself worse. It's the same with alcohol. It is better to try to do something win-win interesting for you: read a terribly addictive book, listen to your favorite music, in which you literally dissolve and do not notice anything else around you, etc. It won't help much, but it will at least partly distract. If you suffer from panic attacks, it is better to keep with you validol or corvalol, anaprilin, if you suffer from tachycardia due to nerves. Personally, these funds help me both physically and mentally (I start to think that soon the effect will come from them, the panic will pass, and it already becomes easier).

Answer 13
April, 2021

What to do? Pray. When I flew alone (or as a child with my parents), I absolutely didn't care. About two years ago I flew with my son (he really wanted to, his sister flies every year) and just prayed a little. I chose a good company, chose a new plane and prayed twice, on takeoff and landing. I addressed the plane, praised the Lord, called him to reason. In short, as best I could, because I am an atheist.

Answer 14
April, 2021

In childhood, when fear arose during the flight, I came to this: during the flight, I began to imagine that the plane does not fly through the air, but travels along the ground, like a car. The road goes up and down, and imagining the road instead of air helped calm down.

Answer 15
April, 2021

I remember that I could die at any moment - from thromboembolism, a terrorist attack in the subway, a car accident, a plane crash, but you never know. Therefore, I work a lot. The point, it seems to me, is not how long you will live in absolute numbers, but whether there will be anything socially useful that you managed to do. Every time after the completion of another large project (like a book) for two months, the thought of a possible death in a plane crash no longer bothers: the project is finished, everything is fine. Unfortunately, this view of things, I suspect, becomes completely inapplicable in the case of the appearance of children (meaning that you cannot die for another eighteen years in any case).

Answer 16
April, 2021

Three years ago, my friend and I agreed to fly to Barcelona on vacation. However, when buying tickets, it turned out that she was afraid to fly, and that without me she would not fly to Barcelona (she flew from another city). It turned out to be rather expensive for me to fly through Moscow to meet her there, and after much persuasion she agreed to fly alone.

She thought about the approach of the flight, and even with a transfer, with a hysterical shiver. As a result, she pumped herself up a bunch of films about aerophobia and how to deal with it. After a month of viewing, she was released, and she flew perfectly. Now he strains a little, but is no longer afraid.

Answer 17
April, 2021

On the eve of departure, collect yourself a "bag of good things." Collect there nice books, a player with funny music, magazines with beautiful pictures, delicious, etc. Put everything you love in this bag. Then you will even begin to anticipate the flight a little.

And when you have passed all the controls, before boarding the plane, sit at the airport by the window and look at your plane and think about what you would like to ask the pilot. When you get on the plane, tell the stewardesses that you are afraid to fly, that you would like to meet the pilots (only this must be done at the entrance - after take-off, the pilots are not allowed access). The pilot will be very glad to see you. You know how lonely and bored we are for the whole flight afterwards! We love to display our buttons and bulbs. Then you can go to your place. Dig into your "package of good things". While you are driving to the runway, you may hear some sounds, do not be nervous, these are your new friends, pilots, and finally check the equipment so that you will probably fly well.

Answer 18
April, 2021

Until the last events, it was enough for me to mentally abstract myself from the airport troubles and imagine in advance that I will now take a regular route taxi. According to statistics, it is hardly safer, but it is familiar, and does not cause fear in an ordinary person. When landing is made, it is enough to imagine that my minibus is not sickly shaking from time to time on bumps, or it even runs into off-road terrain.

It worked on several fellow travelers, but the fear, of course, was initially moderate - ordinary nerves a healthy person and a desire to avoid discomfort during the flight. When everything has passed, we calmly look out the windows, enjoying the unusually beautiful view from the minibus in surprise.

In case of a panic attack, of course, it is better to contact the specialists.

Answer 19
April, 2021

The statistical fact is enough for me that the probability of a crash in a car is much higher than in an airplane.

There is one crash for 1,300,000 flights.

Answer 20
April, 2021

Taking several acquaintances as an example, I can say that they were helped by understanding the processes that occur with the aircraft during the flight. Then all sounds become intelligible. And for greater clarity, I can recommend books by V. Ershov, a professional civil aviation pilot. He has several books, all about aviation, and there is one specifically about aerophobia. These are fiction books, but very informative and easy to read.

You can still fly on a flight simulator, but not on your home computer, but on a professional one - now there are already several.

Well, if we are flying through Sheremetyevo, then in the arrivals area of ​​the airport terminal E there is a center for psychological assistance for passengers with aerophobia.

And if there is absolutely outrageous fear - then already to specialists, psychologists, etc.

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