How do the coded from alcoholism receive communion?

How do the coded from alcoholism receive communion?

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Answer 1
March, 2021

Coding from alcoholism is a profanation and purely psychology. If the coded one drinks, nothing will happen to him. Especially if we are talking about a sip of diluted Cahors with communion

Answer 2
March, 2021

Read carefully, this is IMPORTANT!

The attitude of the holy fathers to drunkenness

The holy fathers remind that in every person there is a potential for all the conditions. And if we did not fall into a certain sin, it is the merit of the Most High God, and not our will power. You should always be humble, beware of troubles, avoid them and do not rely on individual strengths that are insignificant.

On other sins in Orthodoxy:

Saint John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom argued: wine was given to us by the Lord for amusement, strengthening the body, and not debauchery and destruction of the spirit.

· Drunkenness arises not from alcohol, but from the abuse of it. A sober person is under the patronage of his own conscience, which protects and prevents from committing unnecessary acts. Intoxication dulls the mind and opens up a wide open space for sinful desires and desires and desires.

· The reason for addiction lies in the activity of a person whose heart is empty of faith, lack of morality and lack of fear of God / p>

· The Church does not consider the very substance of wine to be a sin, but it is extremely dangerous, because it is the conductor of a multitude of sinful acts. Alcohol is a means that allows a dangerous passion to penetrate deep into the weak spirituality of a person.

· The Holy Church asserts: drunkenness is the parent of all shameful deeds, it is also a wickedness. Alcoholism, darkening religious knowledge, is the beginning of atheistic godlessness, which oppresses and entangles the soul in the devil's nets.

· Drunkenness, in the words of Chrysostom, is a sheer misfortune, madness ... Basil the Great said: alcoholism is a devil, penetrated into the soul through voluptuous voluptuousness.

· The Holy Scripture defines sobriety and calls it religious temperance in food and food, and all food good ideas.

Important! The Holy Scripture does not prohibit the use of alcohol. It is inadmissible for a Christian to be addicted to alcoholic beverages. Every believer should beware of the fact that any object dominated the body and mind.

The essence of drunkenness in the Orthodox tradition

In today's world, alcohol is the cause of highism the level of crime, illness and injury. It lowers the general level of morality, cultural heritage and love of work.

· Drunkenness gives rise to quarrels and blood-fights, as well as murder.

· Alcoholics commit themselves unrepentant mischief. .

· Abuse of alcoholic beverages teaches to lies, flattery, robberies.

· People, led by the demon of drunkenness, try to achieve their own whims in any way. They often do not respond to the remarks of soberpeople and quickly fall into a rage.

· Alcoholics often wallow in the mud, as alcoholic beverages make a human being. They change not only the internal, but also the external state. The devil first of all pays attention to those who have indulged in a passion for wine.

The Orthodox tradition states: the cause of drunkenness becomes immense pride, which manifests itself through the free will. People suffering from alcohol addiction commit reckless and illegal acts. They are not able to consider their own behavior on the side.

At heart, a drunkard cannot stand control, instructions and divine will. For him, alcohol becomes the argument that makes him think about his own will. Such a mind is closed from rational statements and useful knowledge.

Alcoholism is not only a sever illness, but also a habitual way of life. The person must gather strength and try to independently expel this demon from the secret corners of his own mind.

Interesting! In the middle of the 19th century, Magnus Huss introduced the term "Chronic alcoholism". The scientist noted that the disease progressed in countries where religious traditions had moved away. Peoples with primitive and pagan cults are almost completely subject to the sin of drunkenness. This speaks of a certain pattern between the denial of God and the manifestation of alcoholism.

Treatment of alcoholism in Orthodoxy

The church always cares about the spirit of justice and health as well as prevention of alcohol addiction. However, the passion of wine drinking is a chronic affliction, and it is treated by working on oneself, by heroic efforts of the will.

· First, one should recognize one's own problem and accept it. It is not easy to get rid of alcohol, the person overcomes addiction with great difficulty and faith in the Almighty.

· A person is obliged to show extraordinary determination in the battle against his enemy. It is necessary to believe in success and constantly ask for mercy from the Lord. It is hard for everyone to part with the old sin, which brought pleasure. In the minds of alcoholics, wrong ideas arise about the fact that the fight is in vain and will not be cured. Such a position is destructive.

· Alcoholic beverages allow a person to easily acquire a state of euphoria and leave external problems. True happiness requires more effort. Problems must be solved in sober and honest ways, without hiding behind an imaginary shutter of alcohol euphoria. For therapy, friendly conversations, conversations about love and God, prayers and finding new interests are well suited.

· A person should not build long-term plans to fight the drunken demon. It is necessary to concentrate on the present day, gathering strength into a fist. In the morning it reads:

  • All bottles should be removed from the house so that the mind gradually forgot about addictions. If alcohol is available, a quick breakdown occurs.
  • It is necessary to move away from the drinking companies and stop visiting the guestand. It will be extremely helpful to warn your family about the desire to quit drinking.
  • If there is a craving for alcohol, it is recommended to identify the cause (stress, depression, various problems). Luck and failure in the fight with desire are written down in a block.
  • We need to find an activity that will fill the empty time. The best things here are prayers and useful activities for the good of others.
  • You should indulge in physical culture, as well as engage in self-education, which will reveal the harm of abuse.

Experts say that the restructuring of the consciousness of an alcoholic takes place after a half-year of internal battle and the right approach. Soon the skill of steadily counteracting this pernicious demon appears. There is always hope, despite the enormous power of addiction. Hot prayers are sure to find a response.

Note! Since 2014, the Orthodox Church has adopted a special concept for the approval of sobriety in the Russian Federation. Priests interact with public organizations that act against alcoholism. Cooperation occurs only with associations that support the Orthodox faith.

Alcohol abuse is a direct cause of loss of health and spiritual protection. The Orthodox Church recommends refraining from drinking alcoholic beverages in larger doses. If a person has fallen into the dangerous trap of an alcoholic demon, it is necessary to look for a way out with the help of sincere prayers addressed to the merciful God.

I strongly recommend that you read this very useful article about alcoholism from all naturalists. can be used without the knowledge of the alcoholic. If interested, here's the link

Answer 3
March, 2021

Just like everyone else.

You just need to note that coding methods can be very different. Where hypnosis is used, that is, the paralysis of the human will, violence against the psyche - such things are not approved by the Church. And before the sacrament (at confession), you need to tell the priest about it.

There is no need to be afraid of the sacrament itself with medication. Christians partake of the Body and Blood of Christ, which are transubstantiated from bread and wine. Yes, there may be a certain amount of alcoholic content, but the amount of alcohol that a person receives during the sacrament in any temple is not critical for those who have been treated with prohibitive methods (coding).

If narcologists prescribe their patients not to receive communion, they are simply, as they say, not in the subject. It will not hurt to take communion under any circumstances (the main thing is that a person repent of his sins and prepare for the sacrament by prayer and fasting, if possible).

Regarding drinking after communion - now in churches a variety of its compositions are used. In addition to warm water with wine, this is water diluted with jam, and some kind of compote, and just sweetened cooled boiling water. In the warmth with wine, there is usually very little wine. But if this is somehow embarrassing, then you can refuse this kind of drinking, there will be no sin in this.

Answer 4
March, 2021

Any sacrament, like the sacrament of the Eucharist (communion), has a ceremonial and ceremonial side. The perfect side is not visible to the eye and takes place in heaven, where the believer unites with God. Receiving the body and blood of Christ through bread and wine is the ceremonial side. In some cases, the ceremonial side may be omitted. It is much more important to connect with God in your soul than to drink a sip of wine.

Answer 5
March, 2021

The amount of alcohol in the Holy Gifts is so insignificant that even a theological dispute on this topic is not interesting to start (there is less than a teaspoon). Moreover, there is no need to talk about chemistry here. In general, coding is, let's say correctly, a purely psychotherapeutic technique. If a person does not believe that alcohol is actually in front of him, but is sure that it is the Blood of Christ, then he will not feel alcohol.

But alcoholic shouldn't drink wine with wine. This is already a full-fledged glass and the most ordinary wine, albeit diluted - a person may decide that since this wine does not work on him, he has recovered and can continue to use it without fear.

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