How did your wisdom tooth extraction go?

How did your wisdom tooth extraction go?

Patient Walk-through of Wisdom Teeth Extraction | Boston Children's Hospital

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Maybe someone is interested - there is an option to remove a tooth completely free of charge in a premium clinic in the center of Moscow. The reception will be conducted by Yury Yuryevich Bosykh More information here at this link

Answer 2
June, 2021

I'm very afraid of dentists, I had a couple of unsuccessful treatment. Now it is generally terrifying. I don’t know how to overcome it, which clinic should I go to so that everything goes humanly? I mean the removal, I burned myself on this, I remember how quiet horror both removals, wisdom teeth, lower ones

Answer 3
June, 2021

Removing the top two with a bang. Week and in the saddle.

The bottom eight was removed two hours ago. The jaw is small. The tooth is not erupted. Grew up straight, vertical. Disturbed by pain and unpleasant odor. in humans, the bone of the lower jaw is harder than the bone of the upper.

They cut the gum, slightly incised the celus muscle. sawed down the jaw to get to the tooth. The tooth was cut into pieces and taken out. Anesthesia was added twice. We put 3 rolls of inert fabric into the jaw. Imposed 3-4 sutures with self-absorbable sutures. I pressed a tampon for two hours in the place of the seam and went home.

It doesn't hurt to delete. An hour was removed.

1st day. Right now. Anesthesia departs. Took an antihistamine, an antibiotic and an anesthetic. The jaw hurts, as if they were given a running start. Gives it to the head. No edema. Didn't eat or drink. The mood is cheerful. Pain 6-6.5 out of 10.

Answer 4
June, 2021

Disgusting sensation; you understand and feel that your bone is being broken, but you do not experience pain.

The tooth ached for about a month. When the pain became simply unbearable, I decided to visit the dentist. The only thing he could please me with was that the tooth had come out well and there would be no problems with removal.

Lidocaine was injected, the doctor began to loosen the tooth with an elevator, after which a part of the tooth crumbled almost immediately. The doctor took out the main massive part with the root with forceps. Remnants / fragments were removed with another tool, I don't remember the name.

The procedure actually delivers more moral discomfort than physical.

The entire operation, including the injection and waiting for the action of lidocaine, lasted 30 minutes maximum.

In my case - the blood in the hole after the operation did not stop for a very long time. Almost 11 hours. Only after vicasol and rinsing with peroxide (it was already simply impossible to endure) a clot could form.

After the operation, the mouth could not open normally for several days in a row. I ate with difficulty, constantly fearing to chew food, so as not to damage the clot in the hole.

I came to the conclusion that in no case should a toothache be tolerated. You need to immediately go to the dentist so that there will be no unpleasant consequences in the future.

I am very, very glad that all this passed like a bad dream.

Answer 5
June, 2021

I'll tell the story of my daughter, first braces are 4 years old, before removal, the recommendation for the removal of wisdom teeth (all) the lower teeth are paid for in a decent clinic, but the upper ones, and they did not erupt, in the maxillofacial clinic. One was removed, like no problem, the place of removal was very painful, since the gum was cut, and everything went wrong with the second tooth, since initially the dentition was displaced, and the teeth were pulled and moved apart (as I remember, I shudder) during removal, a hole was formed in the maxillary sinus, As a result, sinusitis. Were treated for more than a month. Here is a story. A friend's daughter’s parents did not remove them and after removing the braces, the entire dentition went.

Answer 6
June, 2021

Before deleting, I read the previous answers and mentally prepared for the worst, but everything was not so bad !

  • Should I remove it?
    One upper tooth grew normal, and the other lower one was impacted (not fully erupted) . The doctor put before a choice - to remove or do excision (remove the hood from the gum and open the tooth) . On the advice of a dentist friend and people who survived all this, I came to the conclusion that it is better to remove the wisdom teeth as early as possible, until they begin to fester, there is no inflammation and recurrence of the gum dropping onto the tooth. In addition, the eights may not fit exactly in the dentition and displace other evenly growing teeth, but they themselves do not carry loads. This is to ensure that you do not feel that you are parting with something important. The only thing is that if one tooth is removed, then its pair (upper / lower) must also be removed later.

Separately, it should be said that the removal of the lower impacted eights is the most difficult and expensive of all tooth extractions. And before you go to the surgeon, you need to make a targeted X-ray of the tooth (for the upper ones it is not necessary).

  • Removal process
    I had a simple (as you can see on an x-ray) and not an advanced case (no complaints, only a doctor's referral) . The surgeon turned out to be young, only a few years older than me, and it was annoying! It turned out that in vain) Before starting, he asked how I felt and whether I was ready to endure it .. First of all, anesthesia, already familiar, not very pleasant injections. Then waiting, not only the gums grow numb, but the tongue and cheek up to the ear! During excision, I felt only how the scalpel slid over the tooth. Then the doctor seemed to have broken my tooth into pieces - they did not hold my head, they did not pull out the tooth, nor did they crush it. In general, I have not experienced all the horrors that most describe! After the medicine was laid, 3 stitches were applied. The whole procedure took about 10 minutes at most. They were released with the words: do not eat for 2 hours, do not open your mouth for half an hour, fever is possible in the evening, remove the stitches in a week. On the way home I bought painkillers, but the anesthesia did not go away until 9 hours later! Therefore, I slept peacefully at night. During the week there was a slight pain, ate non-coarse food only from the other side, could not open my mouth wide and it was very difficult to brush my teeth. A few days ago, the stitches were removed, it hurt for a couple of hours and stopped. In general, that's all. I wish everyone else is okayas easy as possible!
Answer 7
June, 2021

I survived the removal of 3 eights, and in all cases the situation developed in completely different ways. The most difficult operation took place for the first time. Probably, this happened due to the unsuccessful position of the tooth (and it lay under the gum almost perpendicular to the dentition), but in my case the whole process took a whole hour and a half. The program was intense: the tooth was stubbornly not given, which caused a lot of blood to flow, and it hurt badly, despite the anesthesia, and an hour after the start of the execution, the doctors were so desperate to pull out such a turnip that in the end they decided to take up the saw. The body was pulled out in parts. Fortunately, not mine. Of course, the recovery period after such procedures dragged on for a longer period than usually happens: the flux lasted 10 days, the same amount was quite difficult to talk and painful to swallow. I will omit numerous details and will only say that the story with this tooth ended only six months later, when I somehow incredibly discovered in the hole a piece of stuck drainage left after the operation.

By no means anyone I intimidate, but I cite as an example that there are such cases. By the way, the next 2 teeth were given to me much easier: a year and a half after the first operation, the second tooth was removed in just half an hour, and a year later - the third, and they dealt with it in a record 5 minutes. In general, I am not afraid to delete the latter, and something tells me that everything should go well :)

Answer 8
June, 2021

One fine March day, the lower seven, treated in Moscow, started whining and giving out strange sensations on the air. Therefore, on my next visit to my native land, I gathered all my confused spirit into a cam and went to the zoodera. They took a picture and said that it was necessary to remove both 7 and 8. But immediately both recommended not to touch, therefore, first they ripped out 7, and left 8 for the May holidays.

Everything went well, but after about a month I wake up early in the morning and I understand that 8 is very unpleasant whining. I ate the anesthetic wheels found in the closet, searched the map for the nearest gear houses and went to the address at the opening time. On the spot, it turned out that on weekends the opening comes an hour later - ok, sit down on the bench, wait. In the meantime, the wheels begin to let go, consciousness wakes up and reminds us that we are terribly afraid of zuboder, and of strangers - triple. In search of a solution to my panic, I open the schedules and see that it will be much cheaper to fly home that same evening and return to work on Monday morning than pulling a tooth on the spot. Incredibly delighted by this fact, I immediately take tickets and trudge home to get ready.

4 am, the plane lands at the destination airport, where my family immediately picks me up and takes me to a round-the-clock ambulance, where at first they did not want to receive , considering it not urgent, but from the phrase "Guys, I flew here from Moscow on purpose, just from the plane" the doctor woke up, was surprised and solved my problem in 13 minutes.

There were no further complications, in the sum of tickets and work really turned out to be cheaper than pulling a tooth in Moscow.

Answer 9
June, 2021

At 13, I was supposed to be dressed in braces. They took a picture of the teeth and it turned out that the lower wisdom teeth are pressing on the jaw. It was decided to remove it, and since they were not even going to hatch yet, it turned out to be not an easy thing: they did some kind of fierce anesthesia, cut the gum, gouged the poor jaw like a pick in a quarry. As a result, a couple of hours after the operation, the cheek swelled to the size of the Khabarovsk Territory, it hurt like hell. It was impossible to eat, and just open your mouth too. After 2-3 weeks, the edema subsided, but holes remained at the place where the tooth lived. It smelled of rotten flesh and food was regularly poured in. She had to survive from there. It healed long and painfully.

Answer 10
June, 2021

I had two teeth removed at once (upper and lower). The operation itself lasted 15 minutes maximum. The doctor gave an anesthetic injection and immediately proceeded to remove it. The upper tooth was removed in 2 minutes, the lower one had to suffer. It grew on my cheek, in my opinion, because of this, and difficulties arose.

On the first day I took Nise's pill at night and nothing bothered. The second day was also relatively normal, I drank Nise and followed all the doctor's recommendations, my temperature was about 38. But on the third day I woke up with a huge cheek, everything ached, ached, my mouth did not open at all, even Nise's pills were no longer very helpful. But such horror lasted only one day, and on the fourth day, the edema began to gradually disappear, and the mouth opened a little.

After the removal, 28 days have passed, the place where the lower wisdom tooth grew still sometimes makes itself felt and I try to chew less on this side.

As the doctor said, all the symptoms that I had are considered an absolute norm, but I will not decide to remove the next two teeth soon))

Answer 11
June, 2021

Quite quickly and without surprises. In an hour I was already at home, no turbidity or dizziness. The pain was on the verge of patience, but almost completely disappeared for half a day when taking one tablet of nimesulide.

So far, only one lower tooth was removed for me, it came out half from me (that is, the front part is visible, and the back part is not ), so the doctor used a scalpel or something similar to it, a drill and some kind of hairpin, which he pulled out the tooth. He simply rocked it, prying it on, and pulled it out without any sudden movements. Then he put stitches, let him apply cold, prescribed medications and that's it.

It was fun when the doctor and his assistant put on eye protection, or rather, the doctor could not find something adequate and were given a transparent plastic helmet- took away, just like the welders, because the blood from the drill spattered sometimes (there were small dots on this helmet, and on my hands, and even on this lamp here).

The most difficult thing was the first the same day, then it is already quite normal (although the first four days are still extremely reluctant to do something for school or work). Of the unusual things: air was driven into my cheek, which made it possible to press on it, on the jaw, on the area under the ear and hear a crunch. I drove him like that for two weeks until I finally kicked him out.

Answer 12
June, 2021

For the first time, the upper wisdom tooth was removed, which grew horizontally under the gum, and at the same time an implant was placed on the lower jaw on the same side. Therefore, when I left, the implanted implant ached and ached for several days. The tooth of wisdom against the general background did not bother at all.

And quite recently, 2 lower wisdom teeth were removed, they coped in half an hour, they gave 2 whole teeth. Then I sat with ice for half an hour, so that there were no edemas. After the anesthesia went away, it hurt for about a day, then everything calmed down.

In general, everything turned out not as scary as they usually scare and tell.

Answer 13
June, 2021

Before deleting, I read a lot of different horror stories (including here on TheQuestion), and even my friend cheered me up, saying that when removed, they could accidentally touch a nerve, and I would remain paralyzed by half my face ... hmm, such a friend ... In general, the once strong determination to take and remove a tooth evaporated, I didn't want to live much, but by some miracle I ended up in the dentist's chair.

I removed the lower eighth tooth (and they are an order of magnitude more difficult to remove than the upper ones). Plus, I had a difficult case ... In short, I was preparing for the worst.

The removal was surprisingly quick (they managed it in 30 minutes) and easy (it didn't hurt because of the anesthesia, but there were even some interesting, if not pleasant sensations when it was pulled out). I was warned that the worst will begin when the anesthesia is gone. There will be sensations as with severe angina, I cannot open my mouth and stuff like that. I declare responsibly: I didn't have anything like that. On the second day I was already eating pizza with might and main, the pain subsided on the third day, everything healed quickly.

Bottom line: tooth extraction is not scary. More precisely: scary, but for no reason. Although, of course, everything is individual. And a lot depends on the doctor. It's not worth saving in this business.

Answer 14
June, 2021

Very easy. I agreed with a doctor I know at the clinic, and they removed my tooth with a laser free of charge, in exchange for the fact that I agreed to take part in the shooting. The video itself is still available on YouTube:

I was surprised by the complete absence of pain. Not only in the process, but also after. Removal was in the evening, and the next day I went to another shoot - I was carrying heavy light, worked, talked and there was no discomfort.

I was really shocked that it was so comfortable. I removed the two upper eights earlier under the compulsory medical insurance - it was also quite tolerable - in the clinic they did normal anesthesia and pulled out at once. Then, the truth is, the pictures showed that some small piece of one of the upper teeth removed by the compulsory medical insurance remained inside, but they told me that everything was already sealed there and there would be no harm from this.

The fourth is left. I'm thinking - to find somewhere else through barter, or to fork out and go for laser removal again?

Answer 15
June, 2021

The tooth was growing lying down and apart from caries there was nothing with it. It was decided to delete. Moreover, they were removed for free, although even before the reform in polyclinics. They advised me to bring my own pain reliever, I don’t remember which one, but they said that the government’s one worked worse and the effect lasted less. I brought two ampoules and gave one to the doctor. The doctor turned out to be a woman, moreover, sweet and fragile. As usual, after waiting for anesthesia, they put me in a chair and this lovely young lady with huge forceps pulled out a tooth by hand. The process was painless and amazing. But even more surprising was the tooth itself, the roots of which were three centimeters long. Damn, I thought I had half a jaw that long! Wisdom teeth are very cool and beautiful. Healed quickly. Day walked with a cotton swab in a hole, then rinsed with chamomile after eating and that's it. But the tooth was upper, it is believed that they heal much easier.

Answer 16
June, 2021

I removed one tooth normally, but with the second there was a terrible horror ((((The doctor took out a tooth broke off a piece of bone, he didn't tell me about it, by the evening my head broke from pain and a bright red edema formed inside. Three days of agony , red - turned blue, came to by the end of the week

Answer 17
June, 2021

I recently had a wisdom tooth removed in 32 Dent dentistry. It didn't hurt at all, everything went under anesthesia. The removal itself took about a minute. When the anesthesia went away, almost nothing hurt, the next day I ate and drank as usual. Three weeks have already passed, everything has healed. Before deleting, I read a lot of horrors, I was so afraid. But it turned out to be not scary at all))

Answer 18
June, 2021

This Friday, the last impacted tooth of the lower jaw was removed. Ideally, the most painful moment of the operation should have been the injection of anesthetic, but in my case, the pain reliever worked only partially, because at the final stage there was severe pain when drilling and then pulling out the tooth itself. Tears flowed from the pain, and the body was thrown into cold sweat. Sewing up the wound was also painful, but bearable. After the completion of the operation, I turned to the doctor with a complaint about my "feelings", to which he received a laconic answer: "Yes, I noticed." sensations, you will start to blink frequently. Because with a pound of steel in your mouth it will be quite difficult to say something.

Answer 19
June, 2021

Oh, I underwent this procedure twice in my life, and the second one literally a month ago, at the end of August.

The first time I had my lower eights removed was in pediatric maxillofacial surgery under general anesthesia. And, believe me, this wonderful feeling when you fell asleep and woke up already in the room with a catheter is indescribable. After me, there was a week of monstrous injections with vitamins and something else. Forced to chew gum to develop the jaw. And, of course, you walk like a hamster with swollen cheeks.

The second time was less fortunate, because they removed under the local, but the upper ones (they say, the lower ones are much more difficult ...). No, the surgeon was very good, but the act itself ... We (my mother was with me) brought the pictures, he glanced at me and immediately laid me down on the chair. First, an injection inside the jaw (painful), then it seems like the second (also painful). Then he cut the gum and began to pull the tooth. Well, how to pull - he obviously twisted it, pulling it out. It was not the gum, not the tooth that hurt - the jaw hurt, because the tooth was pulled, leaning on the jaw (somehow they described it to me like that). And it all gave into the ear and that corner of the jaw.

It was hell. Because as soon as he presses on the tooth, the bone immediately hurts me, and so on for several dozen approaches. I sobbed and could not breathe normally, choked on tears and naturally howled. When they took it out, it turned out that there were already three roots, and the third was not visible in the pictures, so it walked so tightly. Surprisingly, the left one came out much easier and faster. The procedure of suturing the gums was still waiting for me, torn and tortured ...

After I was sent home to apply cold and rinse places with salt. And all would be fine if this week after removal I did not want to die from pain in the muscles, jaw, head - EVERYWHERE. No food or sleep. Worst of all, the swelling on the right did not subside, and when I came to see the surgeon again, he cut the gum and released stagnant blood, of which there was a lot. Again a week of rinsing, keeping cold and full of apathy because of my miserable state.

But for the third time, the doctor finally removed the stitches, anesthetized with an analgesic-pshikalka, and sent him home. The fact that for another 2 hours the anesthesia did not go away and I collected my drool in a handkerchief, I think, there is no need to talk in detail.

Answer 20
June, 2021

PS. yes, I am so finished and still keep it

Answer 21
June, 2021

Terrible. I have a fear of dentists. I try not to go to them. I always think that it will all pass by itself (well done, I know). Once my gums became inflamed, the lower jaw, the left side. Well, I think it happened before. In a couple of days it will pass, as it always did. But not at this time. Wild pains began. The whole left side ached. Temple, ear, like teeth on the top, bottom, lymph node and throat. I could not open my mouth more than 3 centimeters. I could neither eat nor drink (it hurt to swallow). Hell lasted a couple of days. The painkillers did not work. I couldn't lie. I slept while sitting. My friend dragged me to the nearest hospital. But that was on the other side. An ambulance was called and taken to another. There they immediately began an operation for me. The mouth was opened forcibly. It was very painful. Anesthesia did not work, the doctor could not stand it and injected me with his, which he bought with his own money (thanks to him for that). Hell lasted almost 2 hours .. The worst thing was that he put something like a hundred-place to his tooth and hit it with a healthy silver hammer. I thought I was going to die. But when it was all over, I could not open my mouth for another month and a half. The swelling persisted. There were two courses of injections with antibiotics. I spent 20 days in the hospital because of a tooth (attention !!).

Now everything is relatively good for me, but 5 months have passed since the removal, and in the morning my jaw clicks when I open my mouth. The doctors said it happens.

Don't mess with your teeth, it can end very badly.

Answer 22
June, 2021

In a Kaliningrad clinic, for 2500 rubles, Armen Georgievich pulled out my right wisdom tooth. The operation is quick, you don't feel anything, pleasant numbness from anesthesia. But I remembered the next 4 days for a long time ... An interesting sensation when the pain is so strong that you can't and don't want to do anything. 4 days in "purgatory". Reimagining yourself, your body, your fucking teeth! It is cruel to look at the amount of spattered blood.

I will only add that in my case the tooth could have been removed so early, but it greatly interfered with me psychologically and after the pain had passed and I was able to switch from bananas for meat, everything became great!

Answer 23
June, 2021

I remember the sound, which is rather difficult to describe. This is the sound of a certain tool for removal (as I understand it, the main one). This is a kind of grinding with a creak and a crack of a breaking tooth. And that feeling when the doctor strongly clings to one part of the tooth (or "leans" on it) and twists this thing until the other part starts to fall off. He is very nasty and this is the most unpleasant thing about this operation. Well, somewhere on a par with the realization that I gave 14 pieces for two of these teeth. Just kidding, maybe not that much for such a job.

And, more drilling along with some kind of reinforced grinding. In short it is disgusting, but not painful (although it depends on the doctor).

Answer 24
June, 2021

once a tooth was removed by my regular dentist, and it took about an hour and a half from the moment they started injecting the anesthetic to the moment when the resulting hollow was closed with a swab and given me a prescription for medicines. then there was a week and a half adochik, in short, everything is like the rest of the commentators.

but the second time I was wildly lucky - for a lousy $ 600 I removed 2 teeth within 45 minutes (top and bottom, on one side) under general anesthesia, and both gums were then carefully sutured. so when the anesthesia was gone, it was not so painful at all, it was possible to eat, drink and so on without running along the ceiling and suffering. (although with very flat projections - the operation site was significantly swollen, and the lower jaw practically did not move). the edema subsided for about 3-5 days (I don't remember, because he didn't bother me at all - there was no pain). in general, I advise everyone.

Answer 25
June, 2021

What a coincidence, it happened to me literally last Wednesday)) Actually, this lower tooth grew not so long ago (maybe a year or two ago), but, apparently, he didn't like much in this world, and he practically decided fall apart immediately. A piece broke off, then another and another, and in the end there was only a root and a huge hole in it. It became impossible to chew on the other side, so it was necessary to part with this traitor as soon as possible.

Removal took no more than 1 minute. And without any sensations, only the clang of the instrument was heard. The anesthesia worked perfectly. Then I read that the injection technique for anesthetizing the lower molars is more complicated than in other cases, and not all doctors can perform it correctly, but I was lucky with the surgeon. And not the slightest problems after - no withdrawal from anesthesia, no pain (none at all), no long bleeding. The gums tightened for 2-3 days. I turned out to be lucky in everything.

As a child, it seemed to me that pulling out teeth is one of the most terrible things that can happen, and that I will definitely treat my teeth and never allow them to be removed. But when I found myself in a situation where there was nothing to cure, I (even to my surprise) worried rather weakly. Although there were still some unrest. In short, I would never have thought that my first acquaintance with tooth extraction would be so excellent. What I wish everyone :)

Answer 26
June, 2021

The lower wisdom teeth had to be removed due to the fact that they did not grow up, but sideways, pushing the adjacent ones. They were removed in the center of maxillofacial surgery by a doctor who specializes in just such cases. To get a tooth, I had to cut the gum and saw through the bone tissue on one side. Not painful, but scary from the realization of what is happening.

When the anesthesia leaves the feeling unpleasant. It is impossible to eat and speak. The throat is very sore, it is difficult even to drink water. For several days you have to go to the dressing, when a cotton swab with medicine is put in place of the former tooth.

The teeth are removed one at a time with an interval of several weeks. At first, until the swelling subsides, the face has a stylish asymmetrical shape.

Answer 27
June, 2021

Immediately before the operation, there was a consultation with a surgeon . He spoke about all the consequences that may arise as a result of the removal of eights - edema, which can last up to 5-7 days, temperature, persistence of numbness in those areas that were affected by anesthesia for up to six months, etc.


The process of removing the bottom eight — actually the only one I've removed so far — was painless but wildly tedious. The tooth was impacted, i.e. not erupted and covered with bone tissue. In fact, in simple terms, the gum was cut and a tooth was taken out of the hole.

The operation lasted two and a half hours. The tooth "caught" on something and did not give in in any way. Twice, in the middle of the operation, they were sent to a panoramic x-ray of the jaw in order to find out what the tooth was holding. The third time is a control one. The control is done necessarily in order to identify if there are any parts left after the extraction of the tooth. Also during the operation, anesthesia was injected three times, because it seemed that she was starting to move away. But in fact, when you sit with your mouth extremely open for so long, you no longer understand whether it gives you to the joint, which is already aching from constant tension, or the anesthesia is really going away.

The surgeon was pretty nervous, because the removal was delayed, but the tooth did not climb. Also, physiologically, my mouth does not open wide, and for a bur you need to look for a comfortable position so that you do not drill something too much and generally get to the tooth.

When, finally, they took it out, sewed it up and let me sit in the waiting room with a cold compress .

Overall, there really was more fear. True, the rehabilitation period is really disgusting. Removed in the evening. Prescribed to drink antibiotics, because removal is very difficult. Swallowing, talking - everything hurts. The most difficult thing was the first two days. The edema, oddly enough, lasted only a couple of days, it also hurt for three days, and then you are constantly on painkillers, so it doesn't really bother you. Well, to eat the first days only liquid, because the mouth does not open properly.

Well, now nine days have passed since removal. Numbness remained on the gums and part of the tongue. The first week I did not feel at all and was biting constantly. Now the tongue hurts, because notoriously bit it, but the sensitivity is slowly returning.

In short, fun.

Answer 28
June, 2021

Passed easily. One injection and you feel nothing. The doctor took out the tooth entirely and in a very short time. I left the dentist with the confidence that I would never be afraid of them again. But in the aftermath, two events happened, sad soon and joyful much later. Namely: it was sad that the anesthesia passed in a couple of hours and ached wildly for several days. And it turned out to be joyful that six months later, another one grew on the site of the extracted wisdom tooth)))) When I showed him, the doctor told him that during the years of practice this had never happened. And I googled, it turned out to be a rare mutation, sometimes it happens))) So I have a full set of teeth again.

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