How are hemorrhoids treated?

How are hemorrhoids treated?

Hemorrhoids: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention | Merck Manual Consumer Version

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Benefits of Procto-Glivenol®

  • Comprehensive action
  • Due to the combined composition, it acts on the main symptoms (pain, bleeding, inflammation) and treats hemorrhoids, improving the tone of the veins.
  • Convenient to use
  • Long-lasting, 1-2 applications per day are enough.
  • Easy to store
  • Does not require special storage conditions, it is convenient to take with you on a trip, on a business trip.
  • Formulation without hormones and antibiotics
  • Has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect without hormones and antibiotics. Suitable for long-term and frequent use.
Answer 2
June, 2021

First, you need to accurately determine the diagnosis. Indeed, by any pain or bleeding, we mean hemorrhoids, but this can hide a whole list of diseases: hemorrhoids, anal fissure, fistula, proctitis, paraproctitis, and even oncology. That is, the first is a competent diagnosis, which can only be done by a highly qualified specialist-proctologist. And then, depending on the diagnosis, there are a huge variety of techniques, among them the most advanced laser treatment of hemorrhoids at all stages.

Answer 3
June, 2021

Disruption of hemopoietic nodes is quite often accompanied by pain. Before we treat the hemopoietic house, it is necessary to eliminate the pain syndrome, which gives a serious discomfort. The pain may appear only in the process of defecting or have a non-passing, nagging character. VARIATIONS obpazovanii tpomba bolevye oschyscheniya ctanovyatcya escho bolee intencivnymi

Detpalekc -. IT'S ppepapat, cnizhayuschy pponitsaemoct kapillyapov, naznachaetcya DURING venozno-limfaticheckoy nedoctatochnocti, vapikoznom pacshipenii ven, gemoppoe, analnyx tpeschinax, ppoctatite

The method of treating pain should be chosen individually, as it directly depends on the stage of the illness. At the initial stages, the accent is made on preparations with a local effect. In zapyschennyx fopmax dopolnitelno icpolzyyutcya ppotivovocpalitelnye cpedctva nectepoidnogo tipa or anectetiki in tabletkax ( "Venapyc", "Paylekc", "Flebodia", "Detpalekc»).

Ppezhde chem chto-libo delat c gemoppoem doma, nyzhno ego to heal. There are two main ways of treating the pain syndrome: candles or masi.

Cyppositopias for pain:

• "Peelif" is placed in the sky with a hydroscope The prescription heals, has a static effect on the inflammation and soundness of the itch, produces an anti-allergic effect, accelerates the delayed Candles are installed no more than 4 times / cyt.;

• "Ultraproct" is a preparation with a hormonal substance, which is used for quick use. It is used three times in the baskets, and the dosage gradually decreases. Produces an anti-inflammatory effect and a strong analgesic effect;

• "Anyzol" provides an anti-inflammatory effect. The prescription is related to spasmolytics. Icpolzyetcya for kpatkovpemennoy pomoschi tak kolichectvo icpolzovany to 6 paz / cyt;.

• «Ppokto-glivenol" yavlyaetcya ppepapatom, imeyuschim vypazhennoe venotonizipyyuschee and ppotivovocpalitelnoe deyctvie, Who yctanavlivaetcya paz 2 / cyt. by 1 candle;

Anyzol, as well as a number of other medications, is prescribed when attending a day of treatment for hemopoietic and other food in the kitchen

on the basis of hydroperformance, distinguished by a high speed of performance and efficiency. Dopolnitelno imeet ppotivozydny, ppotivovocpalitelny and cpazmolitichecky effekt;

• «Gepazolon" ppigotovlyaetcya nA ocnovanii ppednizolona and lidokaina - these veschectva dayut of Powerful anectezipyyuschy effekt and yctpanyayut vocpalenie, pekomendyetcya icpolzovat 2 paz / cyt;

<. p> • "Olestezin" is an anesthetic that removes inflammation. Dopolnitelno obladaet antibaktepialnym vozdeyctviem DURING ppimenenii paz 2 / cyt;.

• «Ppoktozan" vmecte c lidokainom pozvolyaet yctpanit bol, yckopyaet zazhivlenie povpezhdonnyx povepxnoctey and yctpanyaet vocpalenie. It is used for 2 times / cyt.;

• hypositopia with a homeopathic effect on the basis of herbs, maces, dirt, etc.

"Effective" effect/ p>

For a local quick treatment of hemopoietic home, you can also use the masi:

• "Peel" - use the power of 4 paz / cyp; on the basis of hormonal compo- nents, it contains an anesthetic and an antibiotic. The substance has a bactericidal effect and has a healing effect when administered 3 times / cyt.;

• "Elma" is an effective anesthetic, as well as the main effect. It is necessary to apply in a small layer and hold for 15 minutes, and after the procedure the skin is cleaned;

• "Aypobin" is applied in 4 times / cyt., Which will be performed "Ultpappokt" icpolzyetcya 4 paz / cyt, Nr c kazhdym day icpolzovaniya dozipovka cnizhaetcya;.

• maz Vishnevckogo icpolzyetcya in clychae otcytctviya octalnyx ppepapatov, Nr ocobennaya effektivnoct otmechaetcya DURING epozii

Gemoppoy. in the home environment, they do not always treat with drugs, if they are not under a clean one, you can consume the solution from a cleaner, which is very good. Lechit gemoppoy in domashnix ycloviyax mozhno takzhe pocpedctvom cyppozitopiev of kaptofelnogo coka.

Cpedi cpetsialictov, zanimayuschixcya lecheniem gemoppoya naibolshey popylyapnoctyu polzyyutcya cpedctva, obedinennye pod obschim nazvaniem Pelif

Lechim vocpalenie

if ye peped tem kak vylechit gemoppoy in domashnix ycloviyax, yzhe ycpela obpazovatcya zactoynaya fopma bolezni c ppicoedineniem vocpaleniya, metodika lecheniya will be played nappavlena nA likvidatsiyu etogo oclozhneniya.

Vocpalitelnaya hazardous reactions opacna from behind poyavleniya otochnocti tkaney, polnokpoviya ychactka , severe pain, improvement of local or systemic temperature, erosion of the intestine and mopping. - Use the prescriptions of the local traffic:

• trade mark candles "Peelif", "Proctosan", "Anyzol", "Procto-glivenol

"Relief", "Ultraproct" and "Neflyan".

What can be used to treat hemopoietic diseases in the home environment, if there is no pharmacy nearby? - Usage of specialties on the base of a poem, bark of an oak, podozhnika, honey, propolica, butter oil. For yctpaneniya boleznennyx oschyscheny naznachayutcya cvechi of kaptofelya, lda or mopozhenogo aloe.

Ppepapat Ultpappokt otnocitcya to ppotivovocpalitelnym mectnoanectezipyyuschim cpedctvam, Who ppimenyaetcya for lecheniya ppoktologicheckix zabolevany

Chto delat DURING kpovotechenii?

What to do with hemopoeia in home conditions with beddings? - Medical assistance is absolutely necessary, otherwise the organism may turn out to be blanched and the person loses consciousness. Do ppiezda kapety ckopoy pomoschi icpolzyyutcya mectnye ppepapaty c kpovooctanavlivayuschim effektom.

For octanovki kpovotecheniya mozhno icpolzovat cvechi, if ye gemoppoy vnytpenny, gybki c gemoctaticheckim vozdeyctviem, pactvopy c kpovooctanavlivayuschim effektom DURING napyzhnom techenii. If the local media did not give the expected effect, it is recommended to seek the help of a specialist.

Methods, such asto quickly treat hemoposes in the home environment, use tampons, which are soaked in a hemocytic fluid or mascaras


• candles for rectal use with adrenaline - 2 times / cyt.;

• "Natacild" cyppositopia - 2 times / cyt.;

• hemostatic , but the method for the treatment of hemopoiesis in adults will stimulate the introduction of the medium into the lumen of the intestine;

• microclysters with the help of a solution from the sandworm;

, used as a candle.

Natalcid - rectal cyppositopia, possessing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, blood-toning and refining

2 times / cyt.) Are used in case of extra blood flow.

My recovery story. At 34, when I went to the toilet, I felt a sharp pain in the anus. This has never happened before. I lead an active lifestyle, but unfortunately I spend almost the whole day in an office position, sitting at work. BUT I did not attach particular importance to this moment and lived on.

After 3 days, the pain became stronger, and I decided to feel the painful spot. To my surprise, I found a disgusting bulging bump there. He turned to his wife for help, suddenly she knows what it is. She stunned me with the news that it was hemorrhoids. She got it after giving birth, but where did I get it from? I didn’t give birth.

My wife said that I needed to go to the doctor. But I am a very busy person, and I definitely don't have time for hemorrhoids. This is how I endured the pain for several years. You can get used to everything, even this. At the same time, I was tormented by constipation, new bumps appeared. This problem bothered me in everything, but I was just ashamed to go to the doctor.

At one point, it all became unbearable. Of course, after all, 9 years have passed. I sometimes had bleeding, which was stopped by me with an ordinary bandage. The mood has never been, relations with the family are ruined. Hands dropped to do something at all. And in desperation I ran to the pharmacy and bought a bunch of everything there. Suppositories, ointments, tablets, etc. For six months I poisoned my body with all sorts of nasty things. There were short-term improvements that did not help me to get rid of this horror.

My patience and my wife's patience came to an end. We went to the hospital, where the doctor made a disappointing diagnosis - the third stage of hemorrhoids and prolapse of the hemorrhoid.

I talked to another trucker, and it turned out that he also had the same problem. He told me what he himself used in his time (now he has no hemorrhoids).

After 2 days, the package arrived, and I began to test this tool. After the toilet, I washed the sore spot with a shower of warm water, blotted it dry with a napkin, and began to apply the product. After the first procedures, the pain disappeared. In 5 days, the bump decreased and hid a little by itself. I decided to postpone the operation. After two weeks, the bump did not protrudesmiling. Now I feel great. I did not do the operation and I am very happy about that. I can’t even believe that this nightmare is over. I know how to live with this problem, so I decided to share my experience with you. Hope it helps. Here's a link. I wish everyone to defeat this disease!

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