How and when to run correctly to lose weight?

How and when to run correctly to lose weight?

How Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

For weight loss, the time of the classes does not really matter. The body starts burning fat when you create a calorie deficit : you burn more than you consume.

In the morning it makes sense to run if you are a morning person and you have an extra couple of hours in the morning . The fact is that you will need to get up, have a snack before jogging (so that you have the strength for it), wait half an hour until the food is absorbed, do a warm-up so as not to injure your muscles, and then run. After a run, you still need to put yourself in order if you are going to work or study.

But jogging in the morning is great invigorating and energizing for the whole day, improves blood circulation.

In the evening those who find it difficult to get up early in the morning for sports, who are more comfortable doing sports in the afternoon run. Evening jogging helps to relax, stretch the muscles after sedentary work. Many people note that they sleep better after jogging.

It is not recommended to run later than 1.5-2 hours before bedtime - in some people, the nervous system is too overexcited, and there may be insomnia.

In general, jogging for weight loss should be 40-60 minutes because the fat starts to “burn” from about the twentieth minute. It is helpful to drink a fat burner (thermogenic or lipotropic) half an hour before jogging to speed up the fat burning process.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Never run in the morning or evening, unless it is too late (after 21:30) or too early (before 9:00).

In the morning, the body is not yet ready to run , and in the evening physical activity becomes undesirable.

Why? The body is a delicate thing, and if you woke up in the morning, got out of bed, washed, did all the main morning chores, i.e. have already begun your day, then your body needs a much longer "buildup", it is still "dormant". In short, the effect of melatonin (a hormone that "makes" you sleepy and makes you sleepy) is not limited to your awakening.

Roughly speaking, your body is a separate and complex world with its own laws and orders.

So, with an early morning jog you will break all these rules.

Roughly the same story with late evening jogging. Only if in the morning the effect of melatonin has not yet ended, then in the evening the production is just beginning.

The body is preparing to plunge into sleep, and here you climb to it with your sports =)

Now what touches the running itself.

You need to run at least 40 minutes. Why? I will not overload with terminology, let's put everything in Russian.

The first 30-40 minutes in the liver "burn" substances intended for normal, medium loads. These substances are the energy that goes to the muscles. After 40 minutes (this is an average value, everyone has it differently, but close to this figure) fat begins to "burn". Why only after 40 minutes? Fat is hard to break down, processed into energy and nutrients (ie "burns"). This is the "strategic reserve of the body in the event of a nuclear war." In other words, these are the reserves that the body will use in critical situations (physical exercise / running, in our case).

Is it hard for you to run for 40 minutes? Reduce the pace.

Of course, to one degree or another the fat will "burn" up to the 40th minute, but a longer load will give a much better result. For 15-20 minutes of running, you will sweat, that's all. There is not as much sense from this as we would like.

One more thing: learn the running technique! You will smash your joints (literally!) Due to the wrong technique. This is really very important.

You just need to open YouTube, watch a few videos about the running technique. It's not difficult at all. Spend half an hour of time to preserve your body for years.

The main points that you need to learn from the video: how to place your foot correctly when running, how your legs should "behave", in which sneakers to run, which surfaces are preferable.

Okay, I will also note about the sneakers. Anyway, the answer is already great =)

Adidas, Nike, Puma are slag. No offense.

Beautiful? Yes. Popular? Yes.

Do they really help you keep your legs? NO, NO and NO!

Just take a look at the world class marathon runners (those that run 42 km.). What are they running in? In Adidas? Maybe at Nike? Ha! They run in Asiks! But not in those that love so muchthe youth. They run in specialized joggers. They are less beautiful (although as anyone), but they have huge functionality! Well, there's also Mezuno. Not a bad company too. But darling, of course. Although Asix is ​​not cheap.

In general, you have a choice between economy and joint health.

Although specialized sneakers do not guarantee complete protection, they relieve stress from the joints enough.


1) Run during the day.

2) It is desirable, more than 40 minutes.

3) Technique, technique and again technique .

I'll add a little more: nutrition and regimen are the pillars of losing weight, you know that.

Be healthy.

Answer 3
January, 2021

From early morning before breakfast, or in the evening after dinner, an hour or two before bedtime are the best options. If during the day, then at least an hour before and after running, do not eat anything. As for running itself, you need to run for at least 30 minutes to trigger lipolysis (the body's burning of fat for energy). I also recommend reading about heart rate during training for various purposes (cardio, fat burning, endurance)

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