Have you ever known drug addicts? What was their fate?

Have you ever known drug addicts? What was their fate?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

There were friends and relatives, fates are different, but the end is the same, in principle, like everyone else. But of course they went in the front ranks of those who left us, everything depends primarily on the person, on desires, capabilities and forces.

Everyone chooses the route himself.

I am sincerely sorry for the parents, whose feelings are manipulated by the characters, but a loving mother sometimes comes to understand the need to sober up both herself from excessive emotions and the child in every sense.

Only hunger and fear brings you to life within a month, and then strict discipline on the same fear, within a year gives a chance, but minimal.

Answer 2
June, 2021

Chelik is, mephedrone sniffs, got lost specifically, doesn't want anything from life, just tryponut and pay attention to him. Until the sniff was a daring, funny guy, but now it has become so vanilla that it is even practical.

Answer 3
June, 2021

Uncle, father's brother. He died in April from coronavirus. He was a wonderful person, quite cheerful and cheerful. I could always help if someone needed it. With alcohol only he became too aggressive, but he drank in companies and not very often. In the 90s, he was the right hand of a local criminal authority (now this authority, by the way, sits in the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is quite happy with his life), mainly because of the type of activity he got involved with heroin. At first, I dragged money and jewelry from the house. Later, when he was leaving some apartment, he was accepted by the police and my father had to excuse him. Until this moment, no one knew about its use. After this incident of tears, he worked in different places, tried to enter the business, but did not work. The last 10 years of his life he worked as a journalist (got a job from his brother, that is, my father, to his TV channel), and at that he worked quite successfully and, in general, was a successful person. If I hadn't used, I would obviously have lived longer, so drugs are undoubtedly evil. But some are lucky and manage to start a normal life, but some do not. At the time of his death, his uncle was 46 years old. The whole family loved him very much, for he was really a good man. Rest in peace.

Answer 4
June, 2021

Guy, smoked since 16 years old Bosko, hashish. Then he became addicted to heroin. He died in his 30s from pneumonia, but, to be honest, he looked so bad before the illness that he would have left without pneumonia.
A guy who smoked since 19 years (first Bosko, then hashish), then got hooked on stimulants, died overdose in 30s.

Answer 5
June, 2021

I know a lot, unfortunately. And she used it herself. It all started with hashish at 15, then amphetamines at 19 years old, then a specific break with all the substances and abruptly at 25 amphetamines again, and at 26 it was already salt, stopped and broke up with the guy with whom I used all this, just got tired of wasting my life into the toilet, how he lives now, I don't know if he's alive at all. Now I am married, have a child, drugs in the past, I don’t know why they say that a drug addict can break loose at any moment, I personally disgust even to look at friends who smoke, for example, weed or quench, and the word “salt” starts to shake with disgust ( I recently found out that a good friend of mine began to smoke it, and already shuddered). My other acquaintances, who, how they live, who are more or less normal, sits on grass or hashish, works, although in their personal lives they are not very good, someone disappeared from the radar, someone died from an overdose (those who used heavy ), someone left the roof. Everyone has different ways, but almost none of them completely tied up with this, except for one friend, we used to consume amphitamines together at one time, now she only drinks beer and homemade moonshine, has not dropped below the baseboard, but can sometimes go over too much , but what is there and I can ferment. So I have not overcome all my addictions, but I try to lead a normal social life. Do not be surprised that I have so many acquaintances who use drugs, I lived in a very disadvantaged area. It was all common there, let's say ... Was it hard to quit. To be honest, yes. I put my brains in order for a long time, then, for two months, for sure, there were depression and something like a breakdown, but withstood something like that. So everything is real, if you want to live normally, without any stimulants. Living with drugs is not life, but nonsense, it is not clear that your feelings are real, such as anger, love for a person, jealousy, etc., but that it’s just the effect of drug use, the brains really suffer.

Answer 6
June, 2021

From the age of 16, she began to smoke chocolate, as vegetables were with her friend all the time. Then salt ... I lived alone and for a year almost every day I smelled salt, became very thin, really went crazy, I wanted to die. eternal shiz in my head, all scared. I was a loved one, came to me often and we scared each other with this salt madness я my uncle helped me, he quit heroin 10 years ago, so I really understood me, I went to his city for a month, I became a man again and the desire to use salt more did not appear.

and with that guy we got married, we are raising a daughter)) and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have been there. There were many suicide attempts, but it turns out it's not so easy) now I am madly in love with life, this new life.

salt is the worst (I lost a lot because of this (study, law), and the most insulting is that my health was ruined by a shattered psyche.

Answer 7
June, 2021

There were and are, buddy buddy, like me a programmer, life is all right.

I love TQ for their 140 characters. Now I will fill. 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140.

Answer 8
June, 2021

Was. My ex. I smoked hashish in my presence, after I left for another girl, organized a very large traffic, sat on more serious things. I dreamed of leaving for Mexico or the USA. Now he has been under house arrest for almost a year, the investigation under Article 228.1, his fiancee (17 years old) is a witness in the case. Something like this)

Answer 9
June, 2021

5 friends dabbled in nature and mushrooms, now all successful specialists, wives are children. Only one is in the psychiatric hospital, the pension will stay for 9 months to accumulate, everything goes to drugs and his mother puts him back in the psychiatric hospital. Alive bye. But his own uncle led a healthy lifestyle and died at the age of 40. Not his own uncle (aunt's husband) is a tough businessman, he drank 3 drinks (he never used anything in life) died at 60 a day, doctors say he squeezed a grave vein, his wife was the first to give birth to 4 children and went crazy, too, naturally, she didn't use anything. The father of the family did not use anything at his neighbors, he died at the age of 50, 60 (he was not interested in age). A classmate with her brother, an excellent student did not use anything, she died at 25. I will tell you the truth, they do not die from drugs.

Answer 10
June, 2021

I hammered the hair dryer. Promoted to Marketing Manager. He quit his job and started his own business. Gaytsy caught, driving. After a while I tied it up. The case fell apart, I work as a system. admin.

Answer 11
June, 2021

I remember my old friends, there are only 10 of them somewhere. Broke up with them when I was 17. Now I'm 27. Almost everyone drank themselves, a few smoke a-pvp. One for sale sits, already 6 years, smoked jwh. They all look very bad - degraded, a-pvp who smoke are physically dry.

Answer 12
June, 2021

Somewhere from the age of 15 to this day "they" are always in my life. Without exaggeration, dozens of my friends left this world before they reached 20, 30, 40. The units are alive. I'm 46, I'm from Krivoy Rog (Ukraine). We have drug addicts - a routine. God had mercy on me, did not sit down. There are former drug addicts, there are some of my friends, 10 or more years without drugs. And all those who have been released will be united by God, the church, Jesus. So the way out, though small, is there. All common sense, in our not quite healthy world. Eugene.

Answer 13
June, 2021

Yes, there were. But more and more on soft drugs, like herbs and brands. Now most of them study at prestigious universities in Moscow (Moscow State University, HSE), and on a budget. I can't say that they were inveterate drug addicts, but they were often used on lists. And it so happened that they tied it up in time, matured, wiser and now live a normal life.

My blog about student life: https://t.me/thstudent

Answer 14
June, 2021

This was the son of very close family friends. And when I was 10, dad called me in shock and absolutely lost, said: "S. is dead."
Then it turned out that the guy left the window of the 8th floor of his dorm because of unrequited love, and before that he tried to open his veins .. And only a couple of years ago we learned that he was still hard on acid. p>

Answer 15
June, 2021

I used black injections, every day I started with a syringe.

It was about 8 years ago

Now there is a family, 6-7 years old

Work, children, happy wife and all is well

Answer 16
June, 2021

My father's brother was on a needle from 23 to 37. Tears, alcoholic paths, but at 45 he started again, only to smoke Khimka. After a couple of months, my heart stopped. Wattakuote.

Answer 17
June, 2021

My first place of work in St. Petersburg was a network of fairly popular coffee shops. There I met a weird and rude girl who, as it turned out later, had been on hard drugs for several years and pushed herself. At the first meeting, I seem to be a gentle person, from this fright she decided to offer me the first dose completely free of charge. I was struck by her candor. Naturally, I refused.
During our shifts, I heard from her only stories about a difficult fate, misunderstanding of parents, an unemployed guy, the same drug addict, low tea from the guests, which you can hardly get into for normal injections. I learned about almost all types of substances, about the basis, based on which, you can make yourself wide. Hmm.
Then she saved up for a very long time for some kind of contribution for the site, in order to become the "official" pawnbroker herself. Film And Then I Quit. Several months passed. And I found out that she was deported to Belarus, where she actually came from, and put in prison for eight years. Like this. Requiem for a dream of local tailoring.

Answer 18
June, 2021

A wonderful friend from the age of 16, he sat on heroin. Managed to get a tower. Now he works in his specialty (!) In a small company, draws in his free time and is quite good. I won't say that he is happy and has found the meaning of life (is this possible?), But the difference between him five years ago and now is striking. Both psychologically (he became much calmer and more adequate), and physically (it does not resemble a skeleton anymore). But from his "company" all polls are either half-dead and it is not clear how they exist, or dead. Heavy drugs and addiction are personality killing. It's hard and disgusting to watch.

Answer 19
June, 2021

There were three methadon friends. They used it for a long time, in the end one died of an overdose, others went through rehabilitation, one got married, found a job, etc., the other became imbued with religion and became a priest. The brother used pills, underwent rehabilitation many times, but began to use again, as a result, one day his daughter was hit by a motorcycle to death and he delved into the world of drugs even more and more diverse. There was also a friend, he spent almost all the time with the grass, now he quit and went to serve. How many people, so many destinies.

Answer 20
June, 2021

I was like that. At the time of our acquaintance, I was on heroin for 7 years. Apparently, with willpower, this person is in complete order, for he used only to maintain shape. Therefore, it looked decent.

Answer 21
June, 2021

Friends smoked grass, sniffed speed, ate different pills, mushrooms, stamps ... They asked me back at the university. They began to use all this at school. Grade from 10. One in a university course on the second tied up with everything. Now she coaches children (she is a Candidate Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics) graduated from the journalism department, writes articles for medium-sized publications, she is married, has a daughter.

The second friend stopped using everything when she found out about the situation (mostly then it was only gash) now does not use anything prohibited. Husband and son, works, graduated from the university, though before graduation she left two uni out of stupidity.

Friends who were sitting on the mess all died. A pitiful sight, one hanged himself, the second from hepatitis, the third in prison.

Another friend smoked gash a lot. His wife, still a girl at that time, put him before a choice: either I or you use. He chose her, but he did not stop bargaining, he was taken, the court, a year in jail and a condition. During his year in Sizo, his wife became thinner, all the savings went to advocates, bribes, etc. Now they seem to be cheating together.

Answer 22
June, 2021

I'll tell you about the son of my father's friend. a well-to-do family, a guy, let's call him Oleg, from the age of 16 he was sitting on coke, also, as far as I know, there was gerych, acid, and much more, but coke has always been the main one. at the age of 21, Oleg experienced clinical death (he had heart problems since childhood, and, of course, drugs and overdoses also did not just run past). after this story from drugs, he got down, changed his mind, began to work and generally live like a normal person. two years later he got married, a daughter and a son were born. at 25, Oleg was diagnosed with leukemia. two years of difficult treatment - the disease has receded. two years ago, Oleg died due to the fault of a drunken scum at the wheel. this year would have turned 33. this is the fate.

Three more guys from the district, hucksters, grasshoppers. the first one tied up, now he is finishing university, everything is ok with him. the second - sat down for storage and distribution, in the fall it should come out like. the third - just disappeared, has been listed as missing in my opinion for a year and a half.
something like that.

Answer 23
June, 2021

Against the background of the fact that a huge number of my friends use drugs of various severities, I will tell only the most difficult case of all that I have encountered:

My uncle (my father's brother) was on heroin for about 10 years breaks, served 8 years for storage. There is no education, it does not work. A peasant, he himself is cheerful and kind, now he lives outside the city in his father's house, keeps pigs, goats, chickens, grows a vegetable garden. They say that he has 1-1.5 years left on the strength.

Answer 24
June, 2021

One goes to hang out 3 days a week in clubs, does not get stupid, remains a pleasant person

The second found a girl, began to use very rarely, everything is fine with them too

Another one succeeds in school, work and weekend parties.

A classmate learns new things and sometimes tries good old ones. Knows 4 languages, on a budget in one of the best universities in the country.

Sorry, but there will be no negative here)

Answer 25
June, 2021

There were, of course, acquaintances. And I myself was a drug addict seven years ago. I myself was able to quit, but my acquaintances did not have a very good fate. Many died, some from an overdose, and others from opportunistic diseases due to HIV. But there are acquaintances who were able to quit, after undergoing detox, subsequent rehabilitation and now live a full life and help others to quit.

Answer 26
June, 2021

The former husband of childhood friend Kirill Player, the son of the famous restorer-graphic artist Galina Zakharovna Bykova, smoked exclusively marijuana. A friend tried to treat him with me, he switched to alcohol in large doses, but she managed to give birth to his daughter (already an adult lady), but this did not help they divorced. It was nice to communicate with him, creativity is sluggish, but absolutely uncontrollable in emotions, although harmless, I was then married again, again a divorce, again ladies, at the end of his life he lived with an elderly mother. He died early at 53. The brigade employed two light drug addicts (one former). Ilya Igorevich Gudkov (the son of the main artist of the former "Soyuzrestavratsiya", he was a drug addict before he came to work. Apparently, he got on drugs in prison, where he got for stealing precious metals in practice while studying at a jewelry college. But he was still somewhat inadequate: fits of hysterical laughter, stupid jokes, which he himself laughed at. Because of what my mother, the foreman wrote a complaint against him and he was transferred to another brigade for monumental painting. After the collapse of the workshop, he worked with a certain Potapchuk interiors. I don’t know the modern fate. I was married, but divorced. The second drive lover Alexander Yankovsky, left early from the restoration most likely is no longer alive - at the age of 27 he looked like a deep old man. a-restorer who also worked in our team (Pakhomov Yu.G.) had a son. but he sat down to drugs after his parents divorced and the gang broke up long ago. No longer alive, a similar story was with the art critic of the site. but there the daughter got addicted to drugs - everyone has been at the cemetery for a long time, the parents gave up their last and went into debt to save her - it makes no sense. The icon supplier's son was a drug addict from his third marriage. A friend's cousin Nikita Muravyov was a drug addict, but he was cured, although the friend was in the process of "treatment". almost sank to the very bottom itself. After a clinic in Crimea, he forgot everything, he married two children. Another temple acquaintance has a drug addict's nephews whom they imprisoned for stealing everything from the house and beating his mother - that was 12 years ago. since then it has not come out. More precisely, he is freed, they do not want to communicate with him, he will sit down for theft again. Every time I listen to her fears about his release. In fact, among artists, people with drug addiction are to varying degrees more common than in an ordinary, say, office environment. Drug addiction at the first stage is very similar to alcoholism, and just like the latter, it is practically incurable when neglected. The process of repairing nerve cells is too much started. There are few cases of complete cure, the offspring are often sick, as well as prone to alcoholism and drugs. So I don't advise gubeat your life from a young age.

Answer 27
June, 2021

was in the music. school girlfriend Yana.

violinist, from the most intelligent family.

could not bear the hardships of emigration.

drew fantastically beautifully.

died of an overdose.

blessed memory.

Answer 28
June, 2021

It's funny to read heartbreaking stories about those who smoked weed. Apparently these people are generally hellishly far from drugs and their ideas about them are drawn from the world of mass media.

Why, among the answers, I did not find the stories of those who sat on legal drugs: Alcohol, Nicotine, Caffeine and further on the list?

From personal experience, I am too vividly and closely familiar with this topic. Among my class, there are several stories of human metamorphosis:

One friend was a genius of exact sciences. Before I finished 11th grade, I already entered one of the technical universities of St. Petersburg. I studied for half a year and took the documents. Science and technology turned out to be less attractive than large drug trafficking. Now it seems to be alive and well.

The second, was also with a ray of technical genius in his head, but in the 11th grade he got acquainted with amphetamine and ecstasy. He was also enrolled in one of the technical universities, but with the same speed he was expelled. While studying in my second year, I met a mutual friend who told me that the hero had permanent problems with the law. Starting from the sale of drugs, ending with weapons.

This is also an example from school. Gold medalist, enrolled in law school. After half a year, I was expelled, I don’t know what I’m doing now.

A school friend, he started with weed, then became interested in psychotropic substances. A couple of bad trips and after six years he completely lost his mind. Periodically runs away from home and threatens with bloody violence to his former friends.

Another passenger from the school, already in the 11th grade, was carried away by various psychedelics. I started out in a simple way, with cough syrup, then mushrooms, stamps, and further down the list. About five years ago, the last time I saw him, a guy on the street was talking to pigeons.

At the same time, I know a lot of people of completely different professions and living standards, who do not drink, but at the same time smoke grass: school teachers, a narcologist (!!!), university teacher, engineers, psychotherapist, various musicians, athletes and so on. True, they all do not feel safe with the merciless alcoholic lobby and the stupidity of the senile old people of the conservatives in our country.

Many acquaintances who received probation for 5 years, for a jamb. But there are also a couple of comrades who went to long sentences, also for weed. It's funny that the owner of a car drunk in shit, who knocked a friend to death at a high speed at a high speed, was given a suspended sentence.

Those who firmly believe that weed is a springboard to harder drugs. I advise you to study the phenomenon of addiction and just watch a movie about the history of marijuana for acquaintance.

P.S. It is important to understand that even smoking weed is not for everyone. If someone doesn't like it, then you never need to insist. But also prohibiting an adult from doing something that does not harm others is STUPID!)

P.S.S. I'm waiting for stories about alcoholic drug addicts, that's where the plots for Criminal Russia are filled up.


Answer 29
June, 2021

One acquaintance "bargained" for 13 years with all kinds of salts / spice. When I saw him two years ago, I was, accordingly, in an absolutely inadequate state. Since she had already moved to another city, only through acquaintances I heard that he had a beginning period a year ago. Now, apparently, he has returned to the past, his mother is sheltering him somewhere.

His friend, also a "huckster", received a subpoena under Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, I still don't know if he was imprisoned.

Another one also dabbled in about the same substances, was in a drug addiction clinic, hiding somewhere in the Caucasus, again in a drug addiction clinic. Now he has gone to the army.

His girlfriend also seems to have been undergoing a course in a drug treatment clinic.

The girl whom he crossed paths with in the camp several years ago just returned then from a psychiatric hospital and lived nearby ... I got there after trying to "kill the beetles that were crawling on it" with the help of blades and jumping from the roof (however, they managed to remove it from the roof), was then under salt. In the first few days, she overdosed on medications that were prescribed to her in a psychiatrist, but nothing happened. In principle, I didn't really tie it up, but there were no more striking cases with her participation. It runs somewhere in the suburbs.

An acquaintance of a classmate recently died of blood poisoning and other ailments, took everything that was possible to get, almost rotted alive in the end.

Answer 30
June, 2021

Somehow in my teens, drugs came into my life. No, I didn’t use it, there was no interest, but there were a lot of guys around who “dabbled” with hashish, but then everyone developed differently:

  • one first smoked, then tried all sorts of gunpowder and stuff. Now, without a permanent job, stealing phones or something else on trifles, his health has completely ruined. Brains did not differ before, now he cannot connect two words. Thin, teeth are crumbling, hands are trembling, legs are barely moving, Although he is not the only one, I can remember 5 such people;

  • the other two used and traded themselves. Then they dumped, now happy fathers of families, with a good job. By the way, they regret the past;

  • one more stayed in a rehabilitation center, sort of took his head. Let's see what happens next;

  • one wanted to sell drugs, got in touch with some bandits, had to become their "six", and walk under them, did not rise, once again afraid to go out into the street;

  • one escaped to the army, hoping to give up drugs there. And the guy is not a fool, educated, well-mannered, but children's "games" dragged on, trying to save his future;

  • 5-7 people are sitting. They will sit still for a long time, they will come out at the age of 30-35. I wonder what kind of life they will have later;

  • some were buried: overdoses, illness, drunken fights. Two of them are generally good fellows: they did not share the dose, they stabbed one another with a kitchen knife, shook himself, caught an overdose (script for a domestic detective series);

  • the girl alone with her husband is constantly smoked, they have a job, they live normally, but a little silly, they laugh like fools all the time. The sight is strange;

  • one was scared by the cops when they accepted. Somehow he remained at large, swore that he would not return to drugs. Returned;

  • one smoked a little bit, and then more and more, and then spice, then gunpowder. As a result, he lives like a bum (there is no electricity, the apartment is srach, the refrigerator is empty, but there is always "something"), steals children's bicycles from a grocery store;

  • another girl lost a lot of weight on a hairdryer, then she seemed to say, they say, she gave up, but she looks like she's hard to believe;

  • one was injecting herself, got pregnant from the same, gave birth to a healthy daughter, ran away from the child's father to his parents. Love for my daughter and care of parents returned to normal life. True, external defects can no longer be corrected, but at least the brain has remained in an acceptable state;

  • yet another robbed his girlfriend for a very large sum, beat her when she made a complaint to him. They parted on this. But sometimes I meet him on the way to work in the morning: I go to work, and he is from a night party, drunk, dirty, drugged;

  • there are a lot of those who are interrupted by some minimum wages, sit in the doorways with their own kind, walk "in the neighborhood", smoke and laugh, and so on every day. In their opinion, you can eat a little doshirak, but you can smoke a denLeave the hedgehog;

  • he lives alone with his mother, she praises him all: "my son goes to discos very often, he is such an active boy, very energetic, he and his friends love to dance so much!", I feel very sorry for this woman;

  • two twin brothers, smoked together, and then both left for the army. One came back as a good fellow - tied up, works, looks great, and the second - smokes, hangs out somewhere constantly, asking for money all the time in debt. At first he asked for "500 rubles until tomorrow", but now "50 until next week", no one gives;

  • an acquaintance smoked, smelled, and then fell in love until he lost his pulse in such a princess: she has ideal manners, impeccable upbringing, well-read, and does ballet. And he was just a guy. I had to match. The girl has won, and is holding on;

  • one bandit like that, he has all the dullness all the time. Slightly jerky, but in a Mercedes;

  • a few more guys got off, literally ran away from that life, leaving everything there, starting a new life. Once every couple of months they visit old friends and allow themselves to smoke a little.

I think I can still remember a bunch of different scenarios, but it's all very sad. I remember how we were friends at first with large companies, and then everything began to collapse. I was so scared, I saw how they break their own lives. Now I am glad that it all bypassed me and my loved ones, but all the same, the memories are sad ... do not get involved in this world, it sucks in there, like in a quagmire. And even if you yourself already want to jump off, the company of "friends" keeps. And I very distinctly remember each of them saying "hashish is not addictive." Lucky for those units who knocked down and put things right, but they are negligible compared to those who, sorry, fucked everything up.

Answer 31
June, 2021

There is one very good friend, he sat on spice salts for a year and a half, the principle of tears without difficulty says he endured a month and is normal, now he smokes marijuana, occasionally indulges in LSD and ecstasy, he says no special cravings) recently got a diploma and got a good job, a person has a brake just, who does not have it better do not use anything.

Answer 32
June, 2021

I think here it is necessary, first of all, to define the term "addict". The fact is that there are drugs that cause addiction in a psychiatric sense (coke, heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol), and there are those that do not cause addiction as a mental disorder (marijuana, MDMA, caffeine). I don’t think that people who use the second type of drugs are fairly classified as drug addicts, as many previous speakers do. True, this is not an answer to the question, but rather a remark, so I would not be surprised if they minus)

Answer 33
June, 2021

In my youth, there was a lot of things in clubs and at raves, there were certainly not addicts, but they shoved everything into their mouths. It seems that everything is fine, everyone is now hanging out, the families of many have matured, there were some who served for the sale, but they also live norms. Oh youth, youth is cheerful.

Answer 34
June, 2021

There is one who very much sat on amphitamines and all kinds of kuriva for more than 2 years! It hurt to look at him, he lost weight, his eyebrows were like a panda's ... he sold everything he had and took away from home, lost friends and the only purpose was to find money for "weight"! but, apparently, miracles happen and he quit ... about 2 years of depression, then he started to go out, found a job, a simple one to start, although he has a tower, began to communicate with people and now works in a prestigious company , returned everything he sold, the truth still pays debts, but he does it :) he began to enjoy life and set goals! quit smoking, got off the bottle, including taking care of himself! in general, a young man, he coped!

Answer 35
June, 2021

Yes, there was one, she loved my classmate, and she treated her coldly and salted her on drugs, in the end, my friend called her 6 times and all without response, after a couple of days, under the strong influence of drugs, she stepped under car, and after another 4 days she died, having spent all this time in a coma.

Answer 36
June, 2021

I had many friends who were drug addicts. That is, people who use drugs (to one degree or another, "light" or "heavy"). Poraskinuv, I understand that either these are the best friends of my ex, or my former Moscow friends, or they are acquaintances from nightclubs. An acquaintance with this whole gang-watering can happened within 2008-2009.
1. The first one crashed in a car, was under drug intoxication. Didn't use "hard drugs";
2. The second jumped from the window before going to the club. Consumed psilocybin mushrooms;
3. The third was imprisoned at 19-20 years old. He served his time and returned. An ordinary guy who doesn't talk about his past. Distributed "soft drugs";
4. The fourth died not so long ago. Once I was on heroin, then I quit and switched to alcohol. By that time, he had a wife and a child, beat his wife, and parted.
5. The fifth friend of the fourth. Both are grown men, by the way. Doctors strictly forbade him to smoke dope and drink, otherwise he would die. He didn’t obey, he died.
6. The sixth was sitting on the grass, sitting out, changed his girlfriend for the grass. Now he has a new passion for a long time, he works as a DJ. Not bad, by the way.
7. The seventh left her hometown, forcing the image of a nonconformist now, I don't know whether she uses it or not. But he reads good literature.
8. The eighth suffered from LSD. Remained a freak in a provincial town.
9. The ninth moved to the capital. He completely changed his life, now he is an athlete. But now he is forcing the image of a successful guy.
10. The tenth also moved, but to the northern capital. Invisible, freakish, lonely, with a child in her arms.
11. The eleventh tried to completely change her life. She moved away from the gopota, moved to an informal get-together, got married, she still has past acquaintances.
12. The twelfth was heard about three years ago, when he shouted into the tube that he was tired of the hair dryer in his nostrils and was switching to a needle. We do not communicate, but VKontakte can see that he is alive and ... healthy? If I communicated with him live, I always talked about esotericism and other worlds.
13. The thirteenth went from heroin to some unknown ... through a needle. Once in a car, under this unknown garbage, I was driving my daughter and her friend, crashed, he served time. Hit religion.
14. Many of those who were on "soft drugs" were the children of wealthy parents. Heaps began to move to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Now they are forcing the image of successful guys. In fact, visible compensation.
15. The fifteenth left the nightclubs, parties, "soft drugs", but here it is about age, as it seems to her. She got married, gave birth.
16. The sixteenth developed depression, he talked about it to friends. Jumped off the roof.
17. The seventeenth used and distributed. They planted. Sits still.

Such things.

Answer 37
June, 2021

I was a good acquaintance, periodically took drugs (the severity and names I do not know)

And then his close friends called me and said that he had died. Overdose.

Answer 38
June, 2021

Father told. He had one friend in the early 2000s. I don't know what she was sitting on, but they said that she was injected. Sometimes they were found in the bushes in the company of comrades like her, in the entrances, etc. A year later, flew from one of the "friends", gave birth to a boy. They thought he would come to his senses, still young and with a child. Her unfortunate child was taken to the children's reception center for the n-th number of times (she left the baby alone at home), they didn't even want to give it to her grandmother. Bottom line: the boy is allergic to lactose, citrus fruits, is constantly ill, studies at home. No one knows what happened to mom.

Answer 39
June, 2021

There are many such acquaintances, some with more experience, some with less. But nothing bad has happened to anyone yet.

One friend used a hair dryer in large quantities for a long time. More than a year ago I found myself a young man, that he knew that she was using, but did not know to what extent. Once he burned that she was secretly sniffing, after which she began to tie. But judging by her stories, in principle, this did not really bother her before. Apparently, I just realized that I was already really addicted.

There are still a bunch of acquaintances who occasionally use something, but in general live the same way as ordinary hardworking students.

Answer 40
June, 2021

One friend was, stuck out on opiates, injected, got married, gave birth to a child and left him with her husband, sat down for complicity in theft for a couple of years. Before the prison, there was a lot, they found naked at the entrance in an inadequate condition, converged with some junkies who beat her. One flew in, he stuck a knife in her stomach in a scuffle, a miscarriage, an operation, part of the intestine was removed, the tin was shorter. After jail I gave up, smoked only some kind of semi-chemical weed. She gave birth to another child, lived like a man, but then broke loose, left the city, neighbors found her dead, cardiac arrest. Examination of an overdose did not show.

Answer 41
June, 2021

There were several acquaintances, one smoked and sniffed salt spice grass occasionally, died from an overdose of amphetamine or something else, a couple more smoke and suffer from garbage, I doubt very much that they still need something from life, was heroin died from overdose. A small list and thank God

Answer 42
June, 2021

There are many of them (this is due to the fact that he himself was almost sitting), but only a few of them are particularly interesting.

One sat tough on everything that could kill him (except, it seems, opiates). After one of the acid trips, his brain finally melted. But it is not all that bad. He decided that he could create a cure for eternal life. Well, my friends and I laughed, but six months later he entered one of the best universities in the country for organic chemistry. Now he drags on the rating, he rarely leaves the house, because to study. Good dude.

Another was once one of my best friends. We rented an apartment together, sometimes puffed on something. He wrote interesting poetry, he was an ideological dude. He met one not very good girl who brought him to the same company. Now he sits firmly on the hairdryer (and maybe not only). His girlfriend is on the meta, she had two miscarriages, now she began to bury so that they both had something to eat. Maybe he too. Stupid, they do not understand that this does not end well. By the way, she is 16, he is 18.

But you shouldn't think that drugs are always evil. I have tears, my best friend has tears, another good friend is sitting. And we all feel good. The main thing is to understand when enough is enough. Sapienti sat, as they say.

Don't drink, don't drink.

Answer 43
June, 2021

A friend of mine has been using heroin for several years. Parents periodically treated, put in clinics, though not for long. Then she got pregnant and jumped off. Naturally, with the help of pills, but nonetheless. By the way, she gave birth to a healthy child.

The second friend ate cough pills, because there was not enough money for heroin. I don’t know how I ended up, I hope everything is fine.

The third is a wealthy man, with an apartment in an elite area, wife, child, business. Coke. When the business collapsed, there was no longer enough for coke, heroin came. Then the money ran out for him. Next, alcohol. The wife naturally left. As a result, his mother found his body in his apartment, after he had not been in touch for three days. It's a pity, he was a good man.

A former classmate drove away from an overdose with gerasim.

A friend from the area, the same fate.

A former colleague, a good friend, tightly hooked on marvannu, smoked several times a day. Although he started quite modestly. Dull before our eyes. Since then, I have been cool with the opinion that the herb is safe. A couple of years after we saw him, he called me and asked me to put 1000 rubles on my phone. He disappeared somewhere in Bryansk.

Another one sat down for distribution, like for 3 years.

You can't remember all of them all at once, but the only conclusion is that drugs are a great evil. Although vodka is hardly better.

Answer 44
June, 2021

Two sisters I know, both were sitting on something that injected. I don’t know what exactly, they were on drugs in two thousandths.

One, with whom I talked more, earned on drugs dancing in a club. What were these dances, go-go or something else, I don't know. I had big problems with relatives, something was constantly disappearing from the house.

I was always being treated. Either the addiction let go, then it started anew.

Closer to 23 I was able to give up drugs, as far as I know, but acquaintances from that dark world did not allow me to live in peace. There was some kind of conflict with the employees of the club where she once worked and she was killed. She was 23.

Her sister indulged in the same, although at that time they lived in different cities. I don’t know how I made money on drugs, but everything was always lost at home, I was constantly in special clinics that treat for addiction. She walked the child up and, when the child was already several years old, settled down. Now you can't say that there was such a misfortune in their family. I found myself a man, they even tried to have a child, but it didn't work out. The mistakes of youth did not pass without leaving a trace.

Most of the friends who sat on spice / salt did not stand out with their minds, so I cannot communicate with them, at the moment I hear from various acquaintances that many could not finish university / college, someone sat down.

In general, drugs are always sad.

Answer 45
June, 2021

My godmother's son, a former drug addict, tried drugs at the age of 14, now serves in the army (rocket forces), got stuck after falling from the 9th floor under spice, flew into a tree on floor 5, got off with a bruise of the jaw and a couple of scratches. To get money for drugs, he stole jewelry from his mother, somehow pulled out for 500 thousand. rubles, and sold for 100-150 thousand, such things

Answer 46
June, 2021

One overdosed with a Greek and died in the attic of his house, they did not find him right away.

Another got off the hera, began to thump fiercely, died at home alone, found his son four days after his death.

The third decided that he was the chosen one, stabbed the seller in the store, now in the durke.

The fourth stoned one crashed in the car and will take a sidekick with him.

The fifth person is not looks like it already, it is impossible to communicate with him, teeth crumble and rot.

The sixth lives and blows with his mother without a breath, everything is in order, but it looks a pity.

The seventh nishtyak! Married, got a mortgage, turns himself into the world of tattoos and music, lives for his own pleasure, great dude, there would be more of them.

The eighth grows greenery, lives for pleasure, is going to dump abroad.

The ninth and tenth ride head on on amphetamine. Only one psychedelic, and the second alcoholic, this difference is very noticeable, but both of them are twitchy, inadequate and generally do not want to see them

Eleven has been smoking for many, many years. She is very insecure, withdrawn, slightly inadequate, procrastination knows no boundaries. A talented girl, very beautiful, she was once very sunny.

A few more died, a few villages, a few are absolutely unremarkable.

Answer 47
June, 2021

There were, are and will be. I'll tell you about the most colorful: I was a middle-level bump in one decent enterprise and lived well enough, a good car, women, friends, fun. Then I began to indulge in soft drugs and reached heroin, and followed him sale of property, dismissal from work, no friends or women and a disgusting appearance, plus new acquaintances with a similar contingent. Now I quit, through the transition to hawthorn. Not so long ago I saw him, crawling home on all fours.

Answer 48
June, 2021

A neighbor in the stairwell was a drug addict for about 10 years. I started with grass, ended up with injections. I don’t know exactly what, but I was buying some really cheap shnyaga. He was treated, he did not recover for a long time, but then he started again.

His wife left him, became very aggressive. All the time screams came from his apartment when he was at home. Memory and attention became bad.

Then he went to jail for storage and distribution, when he came out, literally a month or two later he died of a stroke.

Answer 49
June, 2021

I don’t know how correct it is to classify him as a drug addict (?) , but one school friend dabbled in spice. How active - history is silent. Three months ago he died. Grade 9.

Answer 50
June, 2021

Heroin finished off several acquaintances back in the 90s, at the beginning of the 2000s - a classmate (she was taking something hard, but I don't know exactly what). Some died not from the drugs themselves, but in small showdowns. Film Another one sat on all kinds of chemistry - ended a few years ago. There are those who are being treated, and constantly, but this is all treatment on the backs of their parents, like their children.
Drug addicts who have recovered or quit on their own, I do not even know.
However, if you count those who are from alcohol ended, then there are many more.

Answer 51
June, 2021

My aunt, in her youth, took a screw.
Money, jewelry, and so on and so forth disappeared from the apartment many times, which, of course, went to drugs.
Then, the relatives decided to send her for treatment, which helped her, but not for long.
Beginning of the year after 3 to blue, and found a drinking companion who soon beat her up. A stool. That's it.

The same story happened with my uncle.
But at the age of 20 he corrected himself, and for about 10 years he worked as a cook in a hotel restaurant.
And more recently, it turned out that he had meningitis.
Apparently, nothing goes without a trace.
Now, he is fighting for his life, but the doctors do not promise anything good.

Answer 52
June, 2021

One consumed cough syrups and a little geryche, shot himself a little in the head from a trauma, lay in a coma, died; the other has become uh, so strange that only rare men-for-one-night talk with her; the third has dried up his brain and wants nothing besides cannabis; the fourth stepped off the roof and also by the grace of God will die; two more consume euphoretics eight times a month and on examinations do not find any changes in their bodies, but I can see that their motors are still rather weak.

Answer 53
June, 2021

There were and are now.
A classmate smoked hashish. I gave it up. Died (hit by a car, nothing to do with drugs)

Several people smoke cannabis. There are programmers living in Holland. Everything is fine with them.

A former colleague sat and sits on the coke. 15 years already. And health is like that of an astronaut. Now he lives in London.

A fellow at the university ate mushrooms. Here he was really a bit dazed. Now it works, everything is fine.

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