Has anyone had the experience of cycling 100 kilometers in a day? How did you prepare for this?

Has anyone had the experience of cycling 100 kilometers in a day? How did you prepare for this?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

I did not take anything special with me for such a distance except a pump, hexagons and a bank card. I came to this distance gradually. On average, an increase of 5 km to 10 km every two trips. I traveled 50-100 km steadily a day. from 100km -...

Answer 2
January, 2021

had experience, it depends a lot, which route (which road and which elevation difference), which bike, which company and average speed. If normal health is under 100 km at an average speed (20 km / h), you can roll off in a few months (5-10 trips), such as 30-50-75-100 km

Answer 3
January, 2021

Riding experience is missing, but as not a lot, not a little "Mechanic", I can advise you to take with you a spare chain (and a lock, they are often sold separately), spare cameras and rem. camera kit (Riggers - it is not always easy to separate the tire from the rim). A small set of tools (4.5.6 mm hexagonal) will also come in handy.

PS100 kilometers is not a small distance both for a person and for his faithful horse) So do not forget to take a navigator with you to eat).

Answer 4
January, 2021

I recently drove my first "hundred". Even a little more - 115. Since I have MTB and I do not like high speeds, I left at about noon, rode around the city with a friend. I didn't prepare at all. In the afternoon I went to a pokatushka, which we call "Critical Mass", at night on NightRide. It was fun, but my butt hurt all the next day.

Advise. We need to increase the distance

P.S. Be sure to bring regular food, sweets and water.

Answer 5
January, 2021

There are a couple of questions to answer before the bike ride:

Which bike will you use?

I specialize in road bikes, fixes and singalas, so my answers do not apply to MTBs. 100 km on a highway with an average speed of 25 km / h is 4 hours. The best scenario is two hours / rest / two hours.

Choosing a route?

If you are going to drive along the road with cars, you will have to follow all safety rules: helmet, bright clothes, signal lights and everything else that will make you notice on the road. In general, I am personally not sure that Russian drivers and roads will allow you to carry out a bike ride safely and without stress. Therefore, carefully choose your route taking into account the local flavor.

Who are the participants?

To avoid unpleasant situations, select the participants at the same level. It is very unpleasant when you are going to have a great time with your friend, but did not take into account that some of you cannot go 25 km / h or are simply tired after an hour and do not want to go anywhere (but you have to go). On the other hand, if you have chosen a partner of the Olympic champion, then the bike ride will quickly turn into torture and you can get lost because there is too much distance between you.

What do we take with us?

Everything we wrote: a set of tools, spare wheels, a folding pump. Each must have two spare wheels, nobody canceled Murphy's law. Water, sunscreen, first aid kit with plasters and remedies for muscle cramps. We almost always have someone who ends up with a seizure, regardless of physical fitness. Almost everyone drinks supplements for cyclists that contain sugar and salt. Pick yourself, and if you are lazy then bananas, snickers and dates can give you enough strength.

When to go?

The best time is early in the morning. We already have hell after ten, so they usually leave at 5-5: 30. I think you can easily at 6-7. It is dangerous in the evening, because you may not be noticed and you may get lost.

And a bunch of photos are sure. Those who didn't take a picture didn't go.

Answer 6
January, 2021

100 km is not such a long cycling distance for those who ride 40-50 km at least a couple of times a week. Therefore, the general mileage and experience are probably important, than, for example, rare sorties of 70-80 km .. In the end, no one forces you to set records for speed and duration. On the way there is always a place for rest and / or low gears.

For 100 km, special preparation is not needed, except for the necessary supply of water, depending on the weather. You can take a protein-carbohydrate lunch with you: pilaf or spaghetti with chicken. If it is not possible, then you can get by with a few muesli bars.

Depending on the pace, 100 km is about 3000 kcal. This means that you need to "take" no more than 1000-1500 with you, the rest of the energy you will get with breakfast and dinner.

I myself had the experience of traveling 190 km per day on a regular MTB. Nothing supernatural, you just need to be mentally prepared for 12 or more hours on the pedals. Day rested and the same route home :)

Who cares, here is a small report on the trip.

P.S. not an athlete himself, if that :) I think everyone can do this, for whom a bike is a way of life, and not pictures in the insta on a bike from the rental :)

Answer 7
January, 2021

One hundred kilometers is like ninety-nine kilometers, only one kilometer more. And 99 - almost 98. I think you get the basic idea: just slowly increase the distance until you get to the desired one. And some small tips:

  1. Make sure you have the correct fit (otherwise your back and arms will hurt, and if you ride incorrectly for a long time, you can kill your knees).

  2. Don't forget the water. And grab something carbohydrate to eat, bananas, for example.

  3. Bicycle first aid kit: a patch for the camera, a squeeze for the chain, a set of hexagons with a pair of screwdrivers, a pump. Better to take not only patches, but also a spare camera.
  4. Human first aid kit: bandages, plasters, brilliant green, a couple of pills from the head, activated carbon.
  5. Helmet . It's a shame to fall and break your arm. It is even more offensive to hit your head and lie down as a vegetable for the rest of your life, or go blind, or die altogether. The head is a very important thing, it must be protected.
    For pokatushki for 100-200 km is enough for the eyes. Anything more - is closer to cycling trips, all sorts of hiking goodies are added to the above.

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