For breakfast semolina porridge. At lunch I eat both the first and the second. And for dinner, an apple or a banana, washed down with 2.5% kefir.
This is normal? What are the consequences?

For breakfast semolina porridge. At lunch I eat both the first and the second. And for dinner, an apple or a banana, washed down with 2.5% kefir. This is normal? What are the consequences?

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Answer 1
September, 2021

Themselves asked for it.
Of course, it's normal if you don't have allergies to the foods you eat)).
But it's important that the balance and timeliness of meals are important. No need to gobble up dinner if there is no hunger at all, for example. In this case, a dietary regimen is useful, but this only works when the daily regimen is consistently observed. You need ... I won't say anything, okay.

Semolina porridge is great, a lot of calories, satisfying, ideal in the morning, but here's how: breakfast should help the body and brain to wake up, so that the brain concentrates better, in the morning you do not need to leave the house like a zombie, like many, for this you need proteins and vitamins of group B.
So a couple of boiled eggs with a tomato is the very thing, do not forget the vitamin complex is good (compliments or biomax as advertising).
Before the first meal, I would recommend a glass of warm clean water with squeezed lemon juice, you can still have a little honey there.

A kind of spilling cocktail: water + honey + lemon juice, this will help start metabolic processes, wake up faster, the appetite will appear. An apple invigorates well - take note: a pretty apple in the morning, while the porridge is boiling. And then porridge with fresh / frozen berries (small berries are directly into the hot porridge from the freezer - they will melt themselves). You can add a nut mixture. I keep a nut mixture at home, I just take different types of nuts in a store and pour them into a jar, stirring, and in the morning a handful - and into porridge. We eat porridge either the cheapest unprocessed rolled oats, or 7 cereal flakes, where I add a little manochka during cooking. While hot - berries, and in a plate of nuts or a little honey, if not disgusting and not allergic - good.
There I can also crumble a banana, but usually I eat a bite instead of bread, and then there is a boiled egg with half a tomato. I wash it down with kefir Bifidok or biomax fresh or yesterday. (It is better not to drink coffee in the early morning, it is better for lunch or afternoon tea). I eat vitamin biomax or compliment. You can also take vitamin candies with you in the morning, such as carmolis alpine herbs - they are both refreshing and pleasant. Look at the pharmacy, a good alternative to bad candy - healthy candy.
Does breakfast seem like that bulky? This is not so))) Try it. Breakfast is the key to a successful day, as well as a contrast shower, comfortable shoes and clean clothes + a pleasant taste in the mouth. Ideal.

Lunch is the first and the second, whatever you want, but it is important to remember that you need to eat until saturation, and not cram the remaining half-plate of pilaf into yourself by force, for it's a pity to leave it. Until saturation! Boiled eggs will help satiety, protein is needed at any meal, and chicken is absorbed best of all, which half-tomatoes help.
Do not pee the soup, otherwise there will be discomfort after dinner. A little - and that's enough, catch up with coffee.
Do not forget that cold drinks are harmful for digestion, especially all beer there.
But alcohol stimulates digestion and helps to digest heavy foods and reduces fermentation in the intestines. So a small glass of red unsweetened after the second is normal. As in the best houses in Paris.
Remember that heavyEat food causes drowsiness, and sleeping after dinner is harmful, because ...
After lunch, you can also have black coffee without sugar. And do not rush to gnaw candy from coffee. It is better to take a banana, again, and an apple.

It is better to put off the sweet for an afternoon snack, it is important to separate the sweet from the savory lunch so as not to get fat. You can make a nice bit of tea with fruit, there you can also dark chocolate. But this is, in general, tea drinking, so do not pounce on tea

And dinner should be light, 3 hours before bedtime. You can add a piece of baked chicken breast to an apple, banana and kefir - pure meat. You have a normal choice, kefir 3.2. - not fatal at all. 1% kefir is no longer kefir. 2.5 bifidok is perfect. Banana is good. If you get hungry before going to bed, then drink some more kefir, and at night, next to the bed, put a bottle of clean water, which will quickly reach room temperature. Wake up with dry wood for half a night, sip - and then sleep.

Such things, this is not a recommendation, and I'm not a nutritionist, I'm just used to such a diet, I hope that you will have some of my obsessive advice useful)).

Contact. I also recommend nutritionists to ask the same question, there will be time - to go to a good nutritionist, or consult online. I do not impose absolutely "sekta" in contact, but they are wonderful pros there. But we, individualists, are not bastards, we take care of ourselves and know what it is better for us to eat.

Good luck :)

Answer 2
September, 2021
  1. Semolina is digested in the lower intestine and in this sense it is unique. Semolina cleanses the intestines of mucus, removes toxins and fats from the body. In this regard, for people suffering from diseases of the intestines and stomach, the use of semolina is especially useful.
    With gastritis and ulcers, semolina can soothe spasms and pain. The dish perfectly restores strength, relieves the syndrome of constant fatigue, so semolina is recommended to be eaten during the period of recovery and rehabilitation.
    I answer your question - ok! But why exactly semolina? And do you eat it right every day? Why not alternate various cereals regularly and get even more nutrients every day?
    If you rank the most popular cereals in terms of usefulness, then buckwheat takes the first place, oatmeal is in the second position, rice closes the top three, semolina is in fourth place, fifth in our rating - millet groats. Here's the most useful menu for the week.

  2. It is difficult to judge here, since you did not say specifically what both dishes consist of. I will say about soups: contrary to Soviet beliefs about their usefulness, there are many factors that negatively affect your body. Namely, the fact that soups thin the gastric juice, which impairs digestion, plus the liver does not have time to process meat extracts, since the meat broth is very quickly absorbed by the intestines. It is recommended to use a secondary broth, or make vegetable soups and put pre-cooked pieces of meat in them.

  3. As for your dinner, I agree with the answers above. Although banana is a source of serotonin and melatonin, the hormone of joy and sleep hormone, i.e. it will provide good sleep and great well-being in the morning, upon waking up, it is still high in calories. So either reduce the amount, or make sure your dinner is not too late, otherwise it will lead to weight gain. You can make a cocktail of banana, milk, honey and carrot juice and drink it 2 hours before bed.
    Apple contains a lot of fiber, which is difficult to digest and can disturb your sleep if you eat it shortly before bed, and a sweet apple also contains a lot of carbohydrates, enemies of your thin waist. Plus, apples increase stomach acidity and whet your appetite. Eating a "harmless" fruit, within an hour you will feel terrible hunger. And there it is not far from the sandwich. It is best to consume an apple as a snack between breakfast and brunch or lunch.
    Kefir before bed is a great option for those who want to lose weight and saturate the body with calcium overnight, but it is worth choosing kefir with a low fat content. Kefir is nutritious enough to satisfy your hunger and not overload your intestines.

Good luck!

Answer 3
September, 2021

It depends on what "Normal" means. For example, for a person with a sick stomach, semolina is normal, but for a person who is losing weight, it is not. The same about a banana: if you eat it, it can lead to weight gain, and if it's after an evening workout, then the calories will go to restore energy.

It all depends on the goals.

Answer 4
September, 2021

It depends on what your goals are. The norm is different for everyone, you need to take into account all your data - age, lifestyle, physical activity. I can say one thing, semolina is not the healthiest porridge.

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