First aid for finding a tick on the body? The following actions ?

First aid for finding a tick on the body? The following actions ?

How to Avoid Tick Bites | Hiking

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Answer 1
March, 2021

Within 72 hours after the bite, you should go to the nearest medical center. Because they warn about problems in the form of unpleasant consequences. When going to get medical help, do not forget to take your policy and passport.
If the facility is closed, you can use the services of an ambulance station or hospital.

What to do if bitten by a tick when there is no medical facility nearby ? In this case, you need to cope on your own.
Do not panic and try to reduce the time the tick stays under the skin.
If there is no special device available, then tweezers will do. If it is not there, then an ordinary thread will help remove the source of danger.
The thread is tied in a knot at the base of the proboscis and gently pull it up with smooth movements.
All actions should be done carefully, without pressure, as this will only aggravate the situation. One careless movement will leave part of the parasite in the wound, which can cause infection and suppuration.

If the head of the parasite still remains in the soft tissues, then the place must be disinfected and the remnants removed with a needle. After all procedures, treat the wound with alcohol or other disinfecting solutions.
Save the remains of the parasite to take them to the laboratory. Place the specimen in a damp cloth or rag and place in a jar.

For more information about tick bites on humans, read this article - What to do and where to go if a human tick bites

Answer 2
March, 2021

Yes, we got rid of them in different ways. It was great to drop oil on him and watch him climb out himself :-) Especially if the oil is engine oil. Or kerosene.

They also set fire to a match - it also started to run away. And leeches too. Especially thin red ones that will climb under the skin. But they are the most disgusting: - \

But I don’t know about any diseases ...

Answer 3
March, 2021

Run to the store for a liter, have a drink, wait for the tick to fall off by itself.)))

But seriously, then:

Pull out the tick with tweezers, or even with your fingers. The direction of rotation is counterclockwise (to the left).

Put the tick into the jar / test tube and close tightly. Take the tick for tests.

We also drag our mortal body for tests.

We are waiting for tests, we get the results, we run to the store for a liter.)

In general, when you are insured against a tick, they usually give out a booklet that says what, where and what tests should be taken.) It is better to insure ... The price of the question is a penny.

Answer 4
March, 2021

Naturally, you need to get it as quickly as possible. It is necessary to capture the tick as close to the head as possible. You can do this:

  • tweezers, which should be in the first aid kit

  • a special lasso pen device that can be purchased in advance at the pharmacy

  • duct tape

  • thread, making a loop and tightening around the tick

Pull out the tick very smoothly and carefully so as not to crush it. If you do this with tweezers or fingers, do not pull, but unscrew it like a screw.

After removing, thoroughly wash the bite site with soapy water, dry it, and treat with an alcohol-containing liquid (iodine, brilliant green, vodka).


If the head or proboscis of the tick remains in the skin, you do not need to try to dig it out. It will come out by itself in a few days.

Observe the bite site for several days. If the red spot has disappeared in 1-2 days, then the probability of infection is very small. If the inflammation persists for a long time, run to the doctor. If, within 3 weeks, rounded red spots appear near the bite - this is borreliosis - run to the doctor.

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