Does lack of sex affect health?

Does lack of sex affect health?

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Answer 1
May, 2021

Nothing bad will happen if you don’t think about sex and you don’t get very excited all the time. Reasonable nature has come up with emissions that protect men from sperm stagnation.

Nothing terrible will happen to women either. The only thing that can be either irritability or, on the contrary, complete concentration and clarity. You seem to be in constant focus and think better!

Answer 2
May, 2021

What is the danger of prolonged exposure from sex ??

The long absence of intimacy is anomaly, and the ability to visualize the presence of physical well . Ppichiny yctanavlivayutcya individyalno in xode komplekcnogo obcledovaniya

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Potency pathologies - premature burntness, problems with ejection, will remain. Chem ctapshe vozpact, tem clozhnee At Process vocctanovleniya, Who dolzhen ppoxodit pod nablyudeniem kvalifitsipovannogo cekcopatologa

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Hormonal dysbalance - yields the condition of the skin, hair, nails, excess weight appears. Gopmony okazyvayut cilneyshee vozdeyctvie nA pcixiky, vyzyvaya poyavlenie navyazchivyx mycley, many and dazhe pazdvoeniya lichnocti

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Patologii in ginekologii -.? DURING cekcyalnom vozbyzhdenii in oblact A small basin will consume an additional volume of blood, and, if the sexual act is not present, then the blood stagnates and causes pain in the uterus, ovary and Dolgoe vozdepzhanie From cekca ppovotsipyet ​​napysheniya in tsikle and menctpyatsii nocyat kpayne boleznenny xapaktep

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Otcytctvie sex - use or harm?

Opinions were divided into two camps. Opponents of long-term maintenance from sex are categic in their convictions. They insist on the fact that only in the presence of regular sex acts, the organism of a person functions withoute boy, the hormonal background is stable and the psychoanalytic requirements are 100% satisfactory.

People who are inhabited by sex are divided into two

> a high-powered person who gave the promise of immobility.

Sexual energy is a powerful charge in a human's biological field, and according to the acecyl theory, it can be done in another Dazhe if ye pepectpoit pcixiky nA polny otkaz, vnytpennie opgany and gopmonalny fon dadyt o cebe znat negativnymi ppoyavleniyami:. Bolyami, dickomfoptom, napysheniyami endokpinnoy cictemy and pcixoemotsionalnymi pacctpoyctvami

I'll tell you about all effective treatments

<. p> Here in this article you can read about effective and quick methods to help in this matter (they can be used at home): article.

I recommend everyone to read a useful article about a natural remedy of the new generation. Its pros:

• Significant increase in sexual desire regardless of age and baseline data (overweight, smoking, alcohol)

• Significant increase in testosterone.

• Frequent and strong erections

• Increasing physical endurance (including sexual)

• Significant increase in the duration of intercourse

• Increased sperm count

• Increased physical strength

• Improving performance

Here is a link to the article.

Answer 3
May, 2021

With prolonged abstinence, an erection may be disturbed, I'm not talking about a month or a year now, but much longer. There are, of course, drugs to restore it, I know my husband drank Effex Tribulus, but it's better not to allow this)

Answer 4
May, 2021

Of course it does. In men and women, of course, in different ways. I can say about men's health, girls will better answer about women's health. Any man, if he was born a man, has a prostate.

To be brief, a man is not a man without a prostate. To delve into what it is and why I will not need it, I will write only on the merits of the question.

If a person moves little, stagnation occurs in the pelvic area. The muscle fibers of the gland are partially atrophied, which causes the accumulation of secretions in the glandular regions. They don't go out without sex. Gradually, these accumulations thicken, turning into prostatic stones. More often than other pathologies in men, prostatitis is diagnosed - inflammation of the prostate, which is also a consequence of stagnation of fluids and poor blood supply. As a result, this can lead to oncology.

There are several ways to solve the problem:

First. Lead an active lifestyle and have regular sex.

Second. Walk before bed for at least an hour and have sex regularly.

Third. Prostate massage.

Fourth. Pollution and a very active lifestyle.

P.S. Masturbation is not the best solution to the problem from a medical point of view due to a weakened prostate ... Well, it's just stupid to masturbate when there are so many beautiful girls around. This is the same as there is an onion that you brought with you to a free tasting of sweets)) And if you have a girlfriend (Wife) with whom you live together ... then you are a happy person and you already have a lot to keep your male health in excellent condition.

PSps Having sex regularly is as much as you want, and not on a 2/2 schedule, for example. Everyone has their own libido level.

Answer 5
May, 2021

From a purely mental point of view, it affects if a) the mental side of a person is attributed to his health and b) masturbation is also absent. Increased nervousness, excitability from thoughts of this topic, as well as depression and potentially depression.
* in my humble opinion

Answer 6
May, 2021

Of course. But not directly. Briefly: in the absence of sex, if there is his desire, a person becomes more irritated. Nervousness affects the general condition of the body, the stomach, and the brain. This is followed by alcohol. Social decline. In other words, if there are no contraindications, then sex-sex and more sex! Safe, of course.

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