Do you have problems with your back, stoop and osteochondrosis?

Do you have problems with your back, stoop and osteochondrosis?

Lumbar Fusion of L5 S1 Animation

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Benefits of yoga in hammocks:

  • Increasing body tone, body shaping.
  • Prevention of pain in the back , strengthening the muscle frame, spine .
  • Elimination of cellulite, restoration of youthful skin by improving blood circulation.
  • Activation of the respiratory system by improving vascular patency
Answer 2
January, 2021

How did I get rid of the cysts ??

Hello everyone.

Quick help: since childhood, since 10 years old I have been cleaning. Now I’m 24 and already three days I’m walking with a strong spin, like a spinning stick without any effort. How? Ceychac napishy podpobnee:

Za vcyu cvoyu life I mnogo paz pytalcya cdelat cvoyu cpiny povnoy - 11 let was mecyats in optopedicheckom canatopii (AD for detey in the earth), potom optopedichecky kopcet, Nr nichego ne pomogalo. The teachers all the time said - sit up straight, walk straight, but it was really hard, and for more than ten minutes, it was simply unbearable. As soon as I left their field of vision, I gnawed my back and enjoyed the comfort. In fact, I have already begun to realize that if I am not doing anything in the next few years, then I don’t do more than ever - and the cycling will do it. , but as soon as I got distracted and kept consciously holding my back, I started to fidget. And I walked on the massage, and I played sports, and I laid my back on a roller from the towels and even on a batter ball - it had only a brief effective effect.

Pocledney nadezhdoy ctal poxod to manyalnomy tepapevty (koctoppavy) otdav za dva ppiema large screen c polovinoy kilo pyblya I polychil effekt vcego nA neckolko dney.

Pocle okonchaniya ynivepa tsepochka cobyty in moey biogpafii ppivela to tomy, chto I nachal work as an officer. By this time, I had almost resigned myself to the dullness and morally prepared for a hump in a hurry.

After a long year of work, we started to whine, and then it was a bit overhead. Clever guys encouraged to buy optopedichesky insoles.

To save money is a big stupidity, and I went further and made a little bit of food and made the little ones. At the same time, I decided to make a last weekend shift.

I called a few clinics, but I got a refusal everywhere - everything is taken, I need to make an appointment. On the second page of the corner, I found a phone and rang. A very friendly guy said that he could come. My question is - are you a doctor? I replied that he was a doctor, an optoped-traumatologist.

He asked me for the insoles, I told him that it was an official and that my legs were painful. I asked if there were any more complaints, I say, I was complaining. He says, let’s come, it’s not that, you walk young and hunchbacked, we’ll straighten you. Well, I think, ok, the optoped will straighten me, probably like a man, or, like that, I have not connected it with the inlets. So, without attention, I left out what they write among other things about the Internet on the Internet - they are correcting the occlusion. Well, I think, the guys just advertise themselves.

Received, in general to him.

I speak - cylyuch, vot.

You are absolutely healthy, gv and cool, but the whole problem from stop. One leg y man is always stronger than the other, and the feet of the feet are shaped differently. One is always more flat than the other. This difference the brain composes with a spine - it cries out that it does one shoulder above the other, it is cytulite, it goes and so on. A strongerth than y others, y me it is expressed because of the flatness. He made me the insoles, heated the cookware, glued down two plates, which were placed on two flat buns, and shaped the insoles on the leg. They stopped, I got up on them - and fucked up. The back was straightened, the shoulders were yielded back by themselves. He asked me to stand up as I walked before. I cried, and it became uncomfortable for me - with the right position of the feet, the most comfortable position of the spider was po-in-no-e!

It was the greatest miracle and magic in my life - I walked and stood with a solid back and straightened shoulders without any effort. All the while I wanted to bend back and forth, although I had no further time.

The doctor called a day later and asked how he felt - I had done what I had done with the whole class He said to the patient - the legs get used to it, every day it will be comfortable and comfortable. And indeed, at least the legs and poured, but it was already a different, pleasant pain. Ppidya domoy I cnyal obyv and chepez 10 minute digits nogi ne boleli voobsche, xotya panshe they are normally mogli bolet dazhe nA ytpo pocle cmeny

Ppoizoshedshee menya shpkipovalo -. Okazyvaetcya TA ppoblema, From kotopoy I pytalcya izbavitcya vcyu life tak they are simply resolved. In the course of an hour, they make insoles, and already on the next day, you will see ya ocanka, as y will make a good kapayla.

The friends of the picters, you will see the picture. This can change someone's life forever.

The only minus is to forgive flip-flops, slides and sandals. To go only in an insole, and it means only in a closed shoe.


There are a few companies that make this product. I did it according to New Zealand, she was like the most moving, but also the most good (from three to five thousand rubles)

I wanted to call out. ”

And yes, only a doctor can make insoles! Convince yourself of professionalism before you donate your money :)

Personally, I dealt with pain and inflammation joints and spine with a good remedy that can be used in home. If interested, here's the link

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