Do you believe in coronavirus?

Do you believe in coronavirus?

Coronavirus conspiracy theories: Why do people fall for them? | COVID-19 Special

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Answer 1
March, 2021

Hello !

How can you not believe in a confirmed fact? This then can be considered a departure from reality.

All the best to you!


Butuzova Olesya

Answer 2
March, 2021

Hello! We found a suitable answer. Read the answer of Viktor Zuev, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, to the question "Is it true that the Chinese coronavirus is actually a biological weapon?"

Answer 3
March, 2021

Yes, this disease exists. We have a small town and everything is in sight. Many are ill, including very hard. And they die too ..... I also got sick, but in a mild form, fortunately

Answer 4
March, 2021

Of course I do.
In addition to people, animals, birds and other creatures that we can see with the naked eye, there are also microorganisms visible when using special equipment.
Thus, each of us has seen the coronavirus - its images obtained using electron microscopy are present in many news articles.
And you can't help but believe in what you saw.

Answer 5
March, 2021

The question is not quite correct! ?? Coronavirus is what! The realm of emotions, Love, Life on Mars, Bigfoot? Why should you believe or not believe? The very fact of such delivery of the issue speaks of a complete lack of information and understanding of what is happening. TV chewing, agitation, nonsense.
My answer: I think (and do not believe mindlessly trusting) that the virus exists and is dangerous to a certain extent. (No worse than cancer, AIDS or heart attack). Do I believe the efforts of the world's governments are adequate? No! They are populist and dictated by the political and financial interests of the "powerful".

Answer 6
March, 2021

Yes, the coronavirus exists , they get sick, they die from it.

Why, then, do many people have a question about whether the coronavirus is fake? Why do many people not believe that the coronavirus exists?

The thing is that the measures taken to combat COVID-19 look too strange from the point of view of logic and common sense .

Recall the deduction of old Holmes, and ask about the measures taken against the coronavirus with the simplest questions:

Depriving millions of people of work and livelihood will definitely improve their health and save them from disease ?

The pogrom of the economy, which gave people the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families, will definitely benefit?

Depriving children of walks and outdoor games with their peers will surely raise their immunity?

How good is it for babies to walk away? Is such house arrest really useful for them?

And depriving older people of the opportunity to walk down the street will definitely not complicate their age-related, in particular, cardiovascular diseases (especially against the background of increased stress and artificial injection of coronavirus panic), surely will not worsen the work of already weakened muscles?

And for millions of people, self-isolation with the fear of leaving the house once again under the threat of a fine will definitely improve their health and morale?

how to assess the ban on visiting parks? Does anyone seriously believe that the most dangerous coronaviruses are there?

And how to assess, then, fined drivers in their car without passes? Single driver, what's in the car to get the coronavirus? Or will it infect others through exhaust gases?

And if a person rides a bicycle - is he also a source of infection? Or does it infect others on the bike?

The list of such questions is long and can be continued. But it all boils down to one thing: the measures taken against the coronavirus by the authorities do not look either logical or adequate.

In addition, one can still recall what doctors and scientists have been instilling in people for decades, that to strengthen the immune system and prevent ARVI (and coronavirus is a type of ARVI) it is necessary: ​​

  • walking in the fresh air (especially for children and the elderly);

  • walk in parks and forest parks;

  • lead an active lifestyle, exercise and sport.

And now they prescribe to do everything exactly the opposite.

And that all the old medical science has someone refuted? Who! When? And where are these refutations? And there are none.

Given the above, so many people understand that they are being deceived, and that the "measures against coronavirus" taken have nothing to do with either protection from the virus or medicine in general, but have purely political goals .

Hence all the COVID dissidence, hence all the assumptions that the coronavirus is fake, the assumption that in fact the coronavirus does not exist.

Since people see that they are being deceived, they do not believe the official explanations.

And they are looking for their own, to the best of their abilities and abilities.

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