Can you cure depression yourself? And if she is cured, can she come back?

Can you cure depression yourself? And if she is cured, can she come back?

7 Ways to Treat Depression Naturally Without Medications!


For 2-3 years I was depressed, did not go to the doctor, self-medicated, and it seemed to help, but it seems that not completely, 7 years have passed since then.

Is it possible that it was not depression at all, but I invented it myself, since the diagnosis was not made by a specialist?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Hello. It is possible on your own, but it is better to think towards a professional psychologist (with dysplom and a license).

There can be many definitions, since the topic is large and has very deep research over the course of decades. Sigmund Freud in his works made mistakes more than once and corrected the definitions, as well as the approach to treatment, since the topic is very extensive and has dozens of nuances.

Depression is a mental state of a person in which depression, despair, disappointment, sadness, melancholy, nervousness are felt.

The fastest way to get rid of a depressive state is to switch to another activity, find a new hobby, change the environment. The main task is to change the vector of attention.

Initially, it may seem difficult, depending on the complexity of the particular setup, but with a little willpower, you can be distracted, and then you will not notice how time has passed.

A long way. The solution to the problem is to look for and eliminate the cause of the occurrence. The search for the desired meaning, which prompted the onset of the depressive state, by finding the stimulus. Perhaps a nuisance at work, internal feelings in a particular environment, interacting with another person or social circle, a specific statement.

Every statement that triggers a depressive state cannot be the desired meaning. Your attitude to this or that setup is the primary and main motivator. It is necessary to change the attitude to the prevailing claims and look for the most correct solution. A change in environment is distracting, but the problem must be resolved by replacing it with more comfortable circumstances or events, as well as reducing the significance or taking action to change.

General characteristics that can be interpreted in each setting separately. Not a bad article about getting out of depression on your own.

Answer 2
January, 2021

It is very difficult to fight depression, here you cannot do without the help of a specialist. BUT hypnosis helped me! I took a course of sessions on Skype and was surprised how my life began to change)))) I worked as Danilov Vasily, he is a very strong hypnotherapist who helped me a lot. Try that method too.

Answer 3
January, 2021

On consultations and on my work pages on the Internet, I often hear questions about whether it is possible to get rid of depression on your own? Questions on how to do this? The service on Yandex is no exception. The same familiar question. I will answer it in more detail!

In order to determine the answer to this question, you must first understand what this depression is? And here I often find out that people understand depression as anything, including those not related to depression, and related to it, but do not understand the fact that depression is a disease!

Yes, disease! Hear this please! A disease to be treated. In a large number of cases, this depression does not go anywhere without treatment. Without treatment, in many cases, it becomes habitual and chronic. But this does not make a person's life easier. Quite the opposite. And this is not the worst development of events. The depressive state may become more and more pronounced.

Again, the word depression sounds like it's about one thing. But when I start talking about the forms of depression, people begin to understand that it is more correct to say not even depression, but depression. There are many forms, manifestations, varieties. Moreover, the treatment depends on what kind of depression you have.

Will you be able to diagnose yourself on your own? I remember several cases when even psychologists at my training seminars, as if for the first time heard the expression, "endogenous depression". When even people who are directly related to psychology and medicine suddenly found out that what they have is this or that form of depression. If a person does not have special knowledge to understand whether it is depression, and if it is depression, then what form is it, in fact, it is impossible. This means that the treatment does not happen.

And what forms of depression are isolated?

Take only depression without periods of mania, what is called unipolar depression. In this case, the mood remains in one emotional state, one might say, at one "pole". If we take only the forms of unipolar depression that are prescribed in the DSM-IV, then we can distinguish:

Major depressive disorder, it is also called clinical depression. A variation of it is resistant depression. They talk about it if, during two consecutive courses (3-4 weeks) of antidepressant treatment, there is no or insufficient clinical effect.

Minor depression is distinguished separately.

This is when all the criteria are not available clinical depression, but two or more of the main diagnostic symptoms are present for two or more weeks.

I often meet people with atypical depression who do not even know that what they have has anything to do with depression ... In this case, not only the typical symptoms of depression appear, but also such specific signs as:

increased appetite;

weight gain;

increased sleepiness and then, what is also called “emotional reactivity.”

Postnataldepression, often called postpartum depression. As the name implies, this is a form of depressive disorder that occurs immediately after childbirth.

There is also recurrent fleeting depression.

This is when depressive episodes occur about once a month, with separate episodes , which usually last less than 2-3 days, but sometimes go up to several weeks.

Dysthymia stands apart from all of the above. In this case, the person may complain of an everyday or almost daily bad mood for at least two years. Symptoms in this case are not as severe as in clinical depression, although such people are simultaneously susceptible to periodic episodes of clinical depression.

I am afraid that even this minimal description may confuse a reader unprepared for such details, and I will stop there. But the topic of how depression can be huge! I hope this is clear from what is written above.

And now I will repeat the question in the article again,

"Maybe I myself ..."?

You can, of course, a lot. My question in this case is, is it necessary?

Therefore, my answer to the question whether it is possible to cure depression yourself will be as follows:

If you definitely do not have clinical depression, and this is understandable, if the state of decline lasts no more than a week, then you yourself comes up with a way to cheer yourself up. But if your condition lasts for years! Then of course, go to a doctor working in this topic (psychotherapist, psychiatrist) or a medical psychologist who is well versed in what is called minor psychiatry, in what relates to psychopathology.

It will cost you less than then treat the effects of prolonged depression.

There are several videos in which I have already analyzed this topic. I gave signs of masked depression, described what to do when you have such depression. In these videos, I also talk a little more about more serious conditions.

First video.

There are many terms in psychology and psychiatry, but for an ordinary person who is not familiar with psychodiagnostics, psychopathology, I can suggest watching a video in which I describe in simple language the minimal signs of depression -

or, if the girl does not have clearly expressed suicidal motives, seek help from a clinical (medical) psychologist.

For more information about what to do when there are signs of masked depression, see here -
https: / /

Again, depression is a disease! A very dangerous and in severe cases leading to death disease. A person with depression needs professional help!

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