After an unprotected PA with a permanent sexual partner, thrush / cystitis / etc. appears every time, how is it treated, which doctor should I go to?

After an unprotected PA with a permanent sexual partner, thrush / cystitis / etc. appears every time, how is it treated, which doctor should I go to?

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Answer 1
February, 2021

Causes and manifestations of inflammation after sex !!

In women, the urethra is wider and shorter, so the infection, getting into it, very quickly reaches the bladder. After that, the inflammatory process begins - cystitis after sex. This type of inflammation is also called postcoital.


• Almost every first sexual contact in women occurs with scarring of the vaginal mucosa in the area where the hymen was present. These adhesions subsequently pull the urethra to the vagina. In this case, there is no proper closure of the edges of the urethral opening. Through the ajar, the pathogenic microflora, which is present in the vagina of each girl, can enter the canal and, accordingly, radiate into the bladder. Moreover, cystitis worsens in this case after each sexual contact.

• Another common reason for the development of the disease is the lack of proper hygiene in partners or in one of them. Both "good" and "bad" bacteria live on the flora of the vagina. But in the event that women do not have any pathological changes, and she observes all the rules of hygiene, the bacteria will be in balance. As soon as provoking factors appear, “bad” bacteria immediately inhabit the flora, as a result of which, after intercourse, it enters the urethra and moves up to the bladder. Why does the inflammatory process occur.

• Sometimes the causes of inflammation are harmful microorganisms contained in the seminal fluid of men. If a pathogenic infection was not found in women after the diagnosis, then it is advisable to undergo an examination for men. Do not forget that an infection from the flora of the vagina can settle on the penis. Therefore, if there are frequent outbreaks of cystitis after proximity, it is better to undergo treatment for both partners.

How cystitis manifests itself

To take away the main symptoms:

• after a day, women feel pain in the lower abdomen and the opening of the urethra;

• severe burning and cramps when urinating;

• bloody discharge in the urine;

• feeling of not emptying urinary bladder;

• frequent urge to urinate (want to go to the toilet every 2-3 minutes);

• during sexual intercourse, a woman experiences discomfort, often sex does not end in women orgasm precisely because of discomfort;

• if you do not take action, the body temperature rises on the second day.

As soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear, you should immediately consult a gynecologist. Even if the inflammation after intercourse occurs for the first time.

What is the danger of the pathology?

• An infection that causes inflammation of the bladder, if not treated promptly, will move up the ureters , and reaches the kidneys.

• Also, a pathogenic infection can provoke inflammation of the appendages and ovaries with all the ensuing circumstancesintercourse.

• Cystitis after sex is distinguished from the usual form of inflammation in that it develops a few hours after intercourse. While chronic or acute cystitis can appear against the background of usual hypothermia or violation of personal hygiene rules.

It is stupid and reckless to carry out treatment at home, prescribe medication on your own. Only a specialist will be able to prescribe the correct therapy regimen.

Do not forget that cystitis after sex can cause the development of a chronic form of pathology. In addition, you should identify the causative agent of the disease in order to know which antibiotic or antiviral drug to prescribe.

Self-medication may not give a result, because the pathogen can only be identified after laboratory tests.

Important! Cystitis after intercourse will not go away on its own. Treatment should be carried out immediately, because the symptoms will only worsen and bring severe discomfort. These are the first reasons why you should see a specialist.

Treatment and prevention

What will the doctor do? The most important task of cystitis therapy is to identify the pathogen and to relieve unpleasant symptoms as quickly as possible.

After the examination, the doctor will diagnose and prescribe treatment.


Diagnosis in women are carried out by the following methods:

• general analysis of blood and urine;

• biochemical analysis;

• ultrasound examination;

• smear from the vagina.


Important! Whatever the causes of cystitis, you must consult a doctor!

What drugs are used for treatment:

  1. Antibacterial agents. If the disease is caused by bacteria, then it is advisable to drink a course of antibiotics. They will help to destroy the pathogenic infection. Monural, Nolitsin (analogues - Normax, Norbactin), Norfloxacin, Nitroxoline, Palin, Furagin, Nevigramon, Rulid Furadonin, Ampicillin, Cefradin, Cephalexin are used.

  2. Herbal preparations.

They are mainly used if cases of cystitis after sex are isolated, and the disease proceeds without pronounced symptoms. These include Cyston, Monurel, Kanefron, Fitolysin.

  1. Antispasmodics for relieving unpleasant symptoms - Drotaverin, No-shpa.

  2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are used if the symptoms of the disease bring severe discomfort.

The most common drugs: Ibuprofen, Voltaren, Pentalgin, Tsefekon, Diclofenac.

  1. Probiotics. These medications should be taken to prevent cystitis from recurring. The most common: Bifiform, Probiotic with lactulose, Narine, Linex, Acipol, Khilak.

  2. Immunomodulators. Prescribed to enhance immunity. This will help prevent recurrence of cystitis in the future.

The defense cells of a strong immune system will be able toinfiltrate the trapped infection into the urethra. The following agents are effective: Taktivin, Timalin, Timogen, Imunofan, Myelopid.

  1. Pain relievers and antipyretic drugs. Since cystitis is accompanied by pain and, in some cases, fever, when such symptoms appear, you should drink Aspirin, Ibufen, Analgin, Citramon.

Why do you need an operation?

In some cases of relapse of the disease after sex appear again and again, even after treatment. The reasons lie in the anatomical structure of the urethra: the urethra is too open.

Then doctors recommend surgical intervention to exclude the possibility of developing a chronic form of pathology.

Such surgery is called urethral transposition. A woman spends no more than 3 days in the hospital, the operation is simple and there are practically no risks of complications.

In the process, the canal is released from the surrounding tissue, rises to its usual location and is fixed in the desired area.

Adhesions and scars that remain from the hymen and provoke the expansion of the urethral lumen are also removed.


• observe the rules of personal hygiene;

• take a shower and it is good to rinse the genitals before and after sexual intercourse;

• do not tolerate when you want to use the toilet, urination should occur immediately after the first urge;

• have anal sex only in a condom;

• refuse oral sex during diseases of the oral cavity;

• after intercourse, it is advisable to empty himself;

• drink a lot of fluids, so urine will be excreted quickly a settled infection from the urethra;

• during the menstrual cycle, take more often shower, keep the genitals as clean as possible;

• with a sedentary lifestyle, be sure to do exercises twice a day - morning and evening.

Oral and anal sex

Many are worried about whether it is possible to get cystitis after oral and anal sex.

• In the case of oral sexual pleasures, cystitis can develop if there is inflammation or caries in the woman's mouth. Thus, the infection remains on the penis, when inserted into the vagina it can cause cystitis. If women do not have any pathologies of the respiratory system - bronchitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis and there is no caries, then the possibility of developing cystitis after oral sex is zero.

• With anal sex, the situation is much more complicated. The rectal mucosa is also inhabited by both "bad" and "good" bacteria. But many women have various pathologies of the digestive system. In addition, feces can leave toxins on the mucous membrane.

Important! You can't go straight to vaginal after anal sex. It is imperative to change the condom or wash the penis.

Otherwise, the infection thatremained with the partner on the penis will enter the vagina and continue its further movement. The consequence is cystitis after sex.

It is possible to exclude the possibility of infection with cystitis in women by applying the simplest rules of hygiene and protection. It is advisable to use special creams for anal sex, which destroy the infection.

Personally, I have cured cystitis with a natural remedy (in the composition of all kinds of vitamins, zinc, chamomile and cranberry extract). The symptoms of the disease disappeared on the second day, and after a week the cystitis completely disappeared. For anyone interested, you can read about the drug here.

Answer 2
February, 2021

You have, judging by the question, the so-called "honeymoon cystitis". I advise you not to self-medicate (especially with antibiotics), and after PA, when symptoms appear, do not use medications, but go and take OAM + Femflor in order to identify which bacteria are provoking your inflammatory process. You must understand that every time MCH adds pathogenic flora to you, hence cystitis and candida. Primary cystitis is treated by a urologist, and with relapses - definitely to a gynecologist, because it does not appear from scratch. The partner should visit a urologist, pass a general urine test and smear for STDs, then, according to the test results, it is necessary to be treated together, during treatment it is advisable to exclude PA, or if very unbearable - only with a condom. All the best to you and a speedy recovery.

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