Advise how to do sports for a beginner in order to lose weight? Preferably programs that can be found on the Internet.

Advise how to do sports for a beginner in order to lose weight? Preferably programs that can be found on the Internet.

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Most recently, Alexey Nemtsov (vice-champion of Russia in CrossFit) posted in his Vkontakte group `` Self-training constructor '' ( / strong> ). The constructor is designed to independently draw up a training plan based on:

  1. Available Equipment

  2. Physical capabilities

Answer 2
June, 2021

I train and train.

At one time I tried a huge number of diets and sports, until I came to what I came to)
First you need to understand that 70% of success depends on nutrition and 30% on sports ... Any coach will tell you that.

Let's start with the basics:

Point 1. Food.

First, send all the Ducans, Malakhovs and others with diets. Diet is a lifelong nutritional principle, not a one-time action against the pounds accumulated. Mono-diets, such as kefir, buckwheat, rice, etc., are bullshit, sorry for my france. I tried it myself 10 years ago, which I regret now. Yes, the weight goes away and goes away quickly. In the first weeks, months of the diet, you may notice how you melt before your eyes, but, alas, it is not fat that is leaving, but water. And while you rejoice at success, the hand reaches out to the beloved and harmful.

Any diet is stress, the body automatically goes into emergency mode and begins to accumulate. Actually, this is also verified by our own experience.

And then we come to such a concept as "metabolism", or metabolism. There are people about whom they say "not to feed a horse", but there are us, whom to work in the gym and count kcal. If you want to lose weight, do your metabolism:

  1. Eaten often, but in small portions.

  2. Drink plenty of water: 1.5-2 liters per day, depending on weight.

  • there is still a diet that can help speed up metabolism, and smoothly switch to proper nutrition - butch, protein-carbohydrate alternation. But it is not recommended to sit on it for more than 8 weeks, and if you have liver problems (since two days are full of protein).

Item 2. (it should also be item 1) Hormones .

One client could not lose weight for a long time. When we started studying, the first thing I did was ask her to do tests for hormones. By the way, for me it was actual too. After numerous diets and vegetarianism, I planted myself a liver - the body simply stopped producing those substances that process meat and lactose. Alas.

But this is the very first point.

Point 3. Sports.

If you have never played sports / once in a physical education class, and it was not yesterday, then I would never recommend you to start exercising on your own. First, you need to understand what data you have now: height, weight, are there any chronic diseases, contraindications, etc. If the weight is much higher than the norm, then intensive training, like Jillian Miles, etc., and even running, and even more so on the ground, is not for you. The joints are already under stress due to weight, and you will additionally load them by jumping, running. Second, you need a technique. There are basic exercises such as squats, lunges, bench presses, etc. (this applies not only to work with iron, but also the above example with Miles). You have never been engaged, which means there is a great risk of doing something wrong with further consequences: tearing your back, ligaments andother.

Of all the sports I've tried, only gym training works for me. Yes, sometimes boring, but effective. If you decide, then take a coach for a month or two - then you can work without him. He will not only show you the basic exercises, but, most importantly, he will set the technique: you will feel exactly the muscles that you should feel + you will know how not to do it. After that, you can form your own training program, since there are resources, and very good ones, on the Internet.

Point 4.

This is for girls. For some reason they don't talk about this, or it is not accepted and not convenient, or they do not know. Your workouts should be based on your menstrual cycle. The fact is that two weeks before menstruation, the body begins to prepare itself for conception, which means it accumulates - at this time it is better to give preference to strength training: there is no point in running and, in principle, doing aerobic exercise - your body is stronger, it is going to accumulate. Losing weight, losing weight, and therefore running and turning on aerobic activity - for this, the body gives two weeks after menstruation: conception has not occurred, which means that everything accumulated is not needed, the body easily refuses the excess)

In short, something like this )

Answer 3
June, 2021

In order to lose weight, you just need to spend more energy than you get it. If you do any sports \ dance \ walking, and at the same time follow a minimum diet, then you will succeed)

Answer 4
June, 2021

In order to lose weight, you must first stop eating foods that contribute to weight gain. Ideally, keep your intake of fat and carbohydrates to a minimum. It is better to focus your diet on simple products that have not been processed: vegetables, fish, meat, nuts. Drink plenty of cold water.

The most affordable activity to help burn fat is running. You just need to put on sneakers in the morning (or in the evening), go outside and run - slowly, enjoying nature and fresh air (if possible).

The most important thing is to learn to have fun from all this.

Answer 5
June, 2021

I will not recommend the course because:

  • I don't know this

  • I think that it is much better to get independence / self-study, because this is freedom

Three conditions must be met for quality weight loss:

  • proper nutrition

  • physical activity

  • good rest

The principles of good nutrition can be found in the medical literature, at the same time you will be confident that the information there is fairly reliable. I can tell you a few conclusions that I made myself:

Carbohydrates. It is due to them that the main reduction in the calorie content of food should go. Carbohydrates are best chosen with a low glycemic index because they tend to be healthier, slow to digest, and do not release insulin, which converts glucose from blood to fat, followed by hunger from subsequently lowered blood sugar. In principle, carbohydrates can only be consumed from vegetables, as well as a small amount of fruits.

Fats. Fats are usually removed automatically and are relatively easy to regulate by avoiding foods high in fat. It is often advised to give up the so-called saturated fats, but hormones are produced from them, so you should not specifically avoid them. They can come from yolks (you can afford one a day), lactic acid products (you don't have to look for 0%), as well as meat if you eat it (meaning red varieties, as well as some parts of poultry). p>

It is better to shift fats and carbohydrates in the first half of the day, so that at night the body can use its own fats.

Proteins. Eating a lot of protein is harmful, but it seems to me that if you actively engage in physical exercise, then overeating them is difficult. It is better to eat proteins with vegetables and herbs - they will be better absorbed, and also not litter the body with decay products, fiber from vegetables will also contribute to better food permeability (there will be no constipation), and in general it contains vitamins, etc.

It seems that food is separate, if you do not overeat * 1 and is not necessary, but personally I noticed that it is more comfortable for me not to eat the same porridge with meat together, and you usually eat less this way.

1 * split meals were invented in the early 20th century for Americans who ate a lot of meat and potatoes, which caused indigestion.

Protein can be eaten throughout the day, whatever you like best. At night, it will be optimal to eat some kind of kefir or cottage cheese.


You can often hear that to lose weight you need to run a lot or perform a bunch of so-called aerobic movements. Indeed, if you engage in such things, the body at first will quickly lose mass, but, firstly, at first, a lot of excess fluid leaves, and secondly, muscles will also leave with fat. The latter will even leave more actively, because this is the evolutionary feature of our body: it simply does not need anything extra and energycostly. Along with the loss of muscle mass, your metabolism will decrease and you will soon feel weak. To prevent all this from happening, strength exercises are necessary. Among strength exercises, it is better to give preference to basic ones (those that involve a large number of muscles), because they will just speed up metabolism and create a positive stressful situation for our body. Basic exercises will be: squats (with and without a barbell), push-ups (possible from an incline), deadlift, if there is access to the bar (for a start, you can do with an empty bar). After basic exercises, you can catch up with dumbbells, doing hand spreads to the sides (the skin on the hands will not hang), exercises for the press. It would be nice to try exercises with a gymnastic ball, however, I still cannot share my experience here. If you have a lot of weight, then you need to run carefully, since there will be a large load on the joints, and if you decide to run, then run better on the ground or in the snow, plus in winter more energy will be spent on heating the body. By the way, it is quite difficult to catch a cold from running in winter, as the body gets into a stressful situation and mobilizes resources. Most likely, you can catch a cold if you walk about imposingly after running and it will seem to you that you are hot.

For weight loss and skin tone, it is also good to use a contrast shower of 2-3 repetitions: start with hot water (5 minutes), then sharply cold (40 seconds), hot again and end with cold.

With rest, I think, and so everything is clear: you need to get enough sleep, and it will be desirable to sleep during the day, if possible. Also, at first, a special psychological environment may be required, because changes in the body will take place together with changes in mood and the sharper the changes at the physical level, the more dramatically the mood will change. As for me, physical stress, muscle pain, fatigue help to follow proper nutrition, because the will appears, and when everything hurts you somehow don't want to eat chocolate, and in general you don't want to eat much. Appetite returns when the body has more or less recovered, so I do not advise you to allow days with increased appetite. If today you feel better, you are hungry, then tomorrow you need to train, otherwise regression may begin.

As in any other business, regularity of classes is important. It is better to work out a little 5 times a week than 2, but with heavy loads. At first, of course, it may be difficult for you to practice often, but if this is caused by the fact that you barely get out of bed, then you do not need to reproach yourself, otherwise all this can turn into overtraining, which can take you a whole month of time, roll back and lose all desire for new achievements. However, on such days it is still better to do at least some kind of workout, it can even be just swinging legs, arms and some kind of light gymnastics, which will allow you to recover faster, as well as relieve a little painand tightness in the muscles.

Running and similar physical activities allow you to find a feeling of lightness, help out from hypodynamia, can reduce pressure, and over time you can enjoy running from running. It is better to run outdoors, since it is important for this physical activity that the air is saturated with oxygen, unless you are an athlete who needs the release of hemoglobin into the blood during the competition (runners often train in conditions of oxygen starvation so that the body is forced to use oxygen)

There is also a good article, although it is not entirely on the topic, but it seems to me that it does not matter - the essence is important. There they advise a course, but in the comments they also advise as an alternative to read the book "Think Like a Mathematician" by Barbara Oakley

Answer 6
June, 2021

I love Jillian Michaels' Slim in 30 Days course. The session takes 30 minutes and is very effective. It is easy to practice at home, only dumbbells are required (I have 1.5 kg each, for a start you can take 1 kg each), instead of a rug, I use a bed. For starters, I would advise not to do the entire workout at once, even though it lasts 30 minutes. Because then everything will hurt)). After a few days, the body gets used to the exertion and you can continue and do it longer. I tried to make exercises myself and trained for about an hour a day, but according to the course of Gillian, the result is much more tangible, despite the fact that it takes less time. I try to study this program regularly, but it comes out with varying success. But even with a lazy approach, it helps to keep the body in some shape. The main thing is not to give up classes in order to get results, you need to practice regularly for a period. Don't expect changes too quickly. And the course is really difficult, so if it's hard for you and something doesn't work out, that's ok :). Even after not doing everything, after 3 days changes are already felt (small, but it motivates).

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