1.5 years ago I removed 1 tooth, the upper right one in a row 4. What are the options to quickly restore it?

1.5 years ago I removed 1 tooth, the upper right one in a row 4. What are the options to quickly restore it?

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I am planning a pregnancy, is there an option to postpone it for another 1.5 years or is it better to do it before pregnancy? I am 23 years old.

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Hello !

In this case, you can restore it by placing an implant. After the titanium post has taken root in the gum, a healing abutment, abutment, and crown are installed.

But in order to recommend a more precise treatment, an examination by an implant surgeon is required. For the doctor to check the condition of the gums live and take a panoramic X-ray

Answer 2
January, 2021

The fastest of the correct options is implantation. The only thing that needs to be seen is what happened to the teeth in a year and a half - whether the neighboring teeth have moved towards this revenge. And also what happened to the bone - without stress, it decreases.

Ie. preparation for implantation may be required.

For the time before the implant engraftment, it is better to put a temporary crown (and it would have been better to do it earlier) in the form of, for example, an immediate prosthesis.

Of course, a specialist consultation is needed first.

I would also like to note that not the fastest, but more correct option in some cases (if there is not enough space for other teeth) may be orthodontic treatment (on braces) with closing the gap without implantation.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Several options are possible, and each, of course, has pros and cons.

  • removable denture: fast and cheap. But for a very short time + the structure will subside. But they will do it in just a few days. At a price - from 2-3 thousand rubles,
  • bridge prosthesis: also fast enough, very affordable. But such a prosthesis will disable two adjacent teeth - they will be sharpened under the crowns. It looks like this. Accordingly, in the future, three teeth will have to be changed - and those two supporting ones will actually collapse quite quickly. Plus, do not forget that under such a prosthesis (where there is no tooth) the bone will atrophy (shrink), so a gap will appear under the bridges. The price of such a solution is from 30 thousand rubles. and up,
  • bridge without turning: this option is also possible, then the prosthesis is attached as inlays (attached in recesses in two adjacent teeth) or onlays (on adjacent teeth behind). But in your case, both options are difficult in terms of execution. In addition, and in principle are not recommended, because they are not effective and will break quickly.
  • and the last option, while the most successful one is implantation. An implant is placed, covered with a crown on top. And the problem is solved. The rest of the teeth are not involved and are not damaged. The prosthesis and implant will last for decades. The cost is, of course, higher. But the appearance / functionality is an order of magnitude better than other options. We also provide a lifetime warranty.

Read more about implantation on our site. https://smile-at-once.ru/uslugi/implantacia-zubov/vidi-ceni/dvuhetapnaya_implantacia_zubov.html

Answer 4
January, 2021

Hello, there are several alternatives to restore a missing tooth: firstly, this is an implant, you will be able to keep the adjacent teeth intact, secondly, this is a bridge, with this option you will need to grind the adjacent teeth, in the third, this is an immediate - a prosthesis (the so-called butterfly), but it will be a removable structure and fourthly, it is "Miriland", this is when a defect is restored on a glass-fiber tape from a filling material. In any case, you need to consult a specialist.))))

Answer 5
January, 2021

To restore one tooth, dentists offer removable and non-removable structures. Before pregnancy, a tooth can be restored using an immediate prosthesis, "bridge" or implant. We will tell you about the specifics of each one later.

Why is it better to restore teeth before pregnancy?

If there are dental problems, it is advisable to solve them before pregnancy, because:

  • In the absence of a tooth, the neighboring ones move to its hole and the bite changes.
  • Dentists do not recommend dental prosthetics during pregnancy, because the treatment requires the administration of anesthetic, which is undesirable to use during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Due to improper joining of both jaws, the function of the temporomandibular joint is impaired, and headaches and neck pain are often disturbed.
  • The load on other teeth in the row increases, so they wear out faster.

If the rest of the teeth are affected by caries, their decay during pregnancy can accelerate and lead to the loss of other teeth or cause a purulent infection. In the first trimester, immunity decreases and the risk of periodontal disease increases - the destruction of the tissues that support the tooth. All these changes after childbirth can persist and complicate tooth restoration.

Tooth restoration with a removable butterfly prosthesis

Immediate prosthesis or butterfly is a removable a prosthesis that is attached to two adjacent teeth using metal hooks or clasps. For those planning a pregnancy, a durable acetal implant prosthesis is suitable, it is biocompatible with tissues and withstands the chewing load.

Immediate prosthesis is indicated for tooth restoration with an unstable hormonal background, including during pregnancy. However, the butterfly is a workaround . After childbirth, teeth must be restored using a fixed portal or implant.

Benefits of butterfly tooth restoration:

  • You can restore a tooth in 1-2 visits;
  • The denture does not differ from a natural tooth;
  • No need to grind adjacent teeth before installing the butterfly;
  • The denture maintains the correct bite, does not allow adjacent teeth to shift;
  • Due to the pressure on the gums and bone, the construction prevents atrophy of the bone plate;
  • The product is comfortable to wear;
  • Compared to other restoration methods, an immediate prosthesis is the most affordable.


The bridge consists of an artificial crown that replaces the missing tooth, and supporting elements on both sides. A fixed bridge is a permanent solution and will last 3 to 7 years. It is better to install it before pregnancy or after childbirth.

Depending on the support, there are three options for the bridge:

  • Traditional bridge, which is fixed on two adjacent teeth using abutment crowns.
  • Bridge to tabs. This option is shown when the abutment teeth are destroyed. ATinlays use the place of abutment crowns.
  • Adhesive or Maryland. The construction consists of an artificial tooth and composite ribbons, with the help of which the bridge is glued to the posterior surface of the teeth to the right and left of the missing one.

Disadvantages of a bridge

To install a traditional bridge, healthy teeth have to be ground. The adhesive bridge restores only the aesthetics of the teeth in the smile area. However, due to the fragile fixation, the adhesive prosthesis cannot withstand a significant chewing load.

Restoration of the tooth with an implant

With the help of an implant implanted in the bone, an artificial crown can be placed without grinding the adjacent teeth. Implantation is considered the most effective way to restore a tooth. It is better to do it before pregnancy, so that the implant has time to take root, or after childbirth, when there is no risk of its rejection.

The implantation has the following advantages:

  • The design looks natural;
  • The artificial tooth feels like its own;
  • The crown on the implant can withstand any chewing load;
  • After engraftment, the titanium post will last 20 years on average.

Disadvantages of implantation

The method has two disadvantages - high cost and long-term treatment. It takes several months for a titanium rod to take root. Only when the implant firmly settles in the bone is the artificial crown fixed on it. Until that time, the dentist will place a temporary butterfly prosthesis.

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