James Martin’s Scone Recipe: How To Make Delicious Scones The Easy Way

Are you looking for an easy scone recipe that delivers delicious results? Are you tired of trying recipes that require too many ingredients and leave you with dry, crumbly scones? Well, I’ve found the answer to your search – James Martin’s scone recipe!

I have been making this foolproof recipe for years, so trust me when I say these scones always come out perfectly fluffy and flavorful. In this article, I’ll share all my tips and tricks on how to make the perfect batch of James Martin’s scrumptious homemade scones. With step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations, anyone can make fluffy, buttery scones in no time! So grab your apron and let’s get baking some mouthwatering treats!

Making James Martin’s scones can be a delicious and rewarding experience! To make the perfect scones, you’ll need some basic ingredients: self-raising flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt, butter or margarine, milk and caster sugar. You’ll also need some tools such as a bowl for mixing your ingredients together, an oven tray to place your scones on while they bake in the oven and either parchment paper or grease-proof paper to line your tray with. Once you have all of your ingredients gathered together it’s time to get started!

In order to get that perfectly fluffy texture when making James Martin’s scones it is important not to over mix them. Gently stir until just combined then shape into round discs about 2 cm thick before placing onto the greased baking sheet. Make sure there is enough space between each disc so they don’t stick together during baking! It is also recommended that you brush the tops of each disc lightly with milk before popping them in the oven – this will give them an extra golden brown color once baked. Lastly, set the timer for 10 minutes at 190°C / 375°F depending on how dark or light you want them cooked through – longer cooking times result in darker browned edges but keep an eye out after 8 minutes so they don’t become too dry inside.

When done right these delightful treats are best enjoyed warm with traditional fillings like jam & cream but feel free to experiment if desired – add melted chocolate chips for extra sweetness or top off with some fresh fruits like strawberries & blueberries. For added presentation value dust powdered sugar over freshly made scones and voila – professional looking bakery quality desserts ready in no time! But remember not leave any leftovers out at room temperature too long as they tend to go stale quickly; store extras away in airtight containers instead so their softness lasts much longer than usual

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