Slow Cooker Corned Beef Hash Recipe: Deliciously Easy To Make

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One of the most delicious meals you can create with corned beef is corned beef hash. This dish consists of slow-cooked, diced up bits of corned beef that are combined with potatoes, vegetables and seasonings to make a savory one pot meal. Preparing it is incredibly easy and doesn’t take much time at all – just a few simple ingredients and some basic preparation steps will have this traditional breakfast favorite on your table in no time!

To start making the classic version of this recipe, begin by preparing your ingredients. You’ll need potatoes (chopped into small cubes), onions (diced or thinly sliced), garlic (minced or crushed) as well as carrots and celery stalks (both finely chopped). Once you’ve prepped your veggies, set them aside for now so you can move onto prepping the main ingredient: the corned beef.

Take out your corned beef from its packaging and rinse it off under cold water before patting it dry with paper towels. Next, place it in a large pot filled with enough water to cover it completely before bringing everything to a boil over high heat for about an hour until tender – then reduce the heat to low-medium until cooked through.
Once done cooking, remove the meat from the liquid and let cool slightly before dicing into small cubes; set aside while you finish preparing everything else. Now that all of your ingredients are ready to go its time to actually assemble the hash itself!

Begin by heating up some oil in a medium sized skillet over medium heat before adding in your onions; cook them until they turn translucent before stirring in garlic followed by carrots & celery which should be cooked together for around 5 minutes or until softened somewhat but still retain their crunchiness when bitten into! Lastly add potatoes along with salt & pepper according to taste – stir well combine everything evenly together within pan continuously flipping/stirring contents occasionally until golden brown edges form on each side (~15 mins). Finally add previously cooked cubed pieces of corned beef back into skillet too mix everything together once more – this final step will give our hash an extra boost flavor depth complexity!

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