Slimming World Chilli Con Carne Recipe: The Delicious & Healthy Way To Enjoy It

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy chilli con carne recipe? Eating healthily doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite dishes. I’m here to show you how with my delicious Slimming World Chilli Con Carne recipe!

This easy-to-follow dish will tickle your taste buds while still helping you meet your weight loss goals. With lean beef mince, chunky vegetables, and lots of flavourful herbs and spices, this low calorie meal is sure to become one of your regular dinners. Plus it’s perfect if you’re following the Slimming World diet as all the ingredients are free foods, so no need to count points or Syns! If that’s not enough, it only takes around 25 minutes to make – perfect if you’re short on time but want something nutritious and hearty. So let’s get cooking!

This delicious chilli con carne recipe is perfect for those following the Slimming World diet. All you need to get started is 500g of lean minced beef, 1 large onion, 2 cloves of garlic, a red and green pepper, 1 can of chopped tomatoes and a tablespoon each of smoked paprika and ground cumin. Start by cooking the onions in some oil until softened before adding the garlic and peppers. Once these are cooked through add your mince with all your seasonings. Let it cook until browned before stirring in your tinned tomatoes. Simmer this for 25 minutes or so then serve with rice or potatoes as well as salad or vegetables on the side! Enjoy!

Tired of the same old dinners? Spice up your kitchen with James Martin’s classic chilli con carne recipe! This mouthwatering dish is packed full of flavour, featuring tender beef and a deliciously spiced tomato sauce. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to create an unforgettable meal that’s sure to please the whole family – your taste buds will thank you!
James Martin’s Chilli Con Carne Recipe: A Deliciously Spicy Classic!