Slow Cooker Stovies Recipe: Enjoy This Delicious Scottish Dish!

When it comes to making slow cooker stovies, there really is no wrong way to do it. Depending on what ingredients you have in the house, there are a variety of combinations that could be used. The essential ingredients for any stovies dish include potatoes and a protein source such as bacon or sausage for non-vegetarians, or mince if vegetarian. If adding vegetables, then onions and carrots usually make an appearance too. To give your stovies some additional flavour, you can also add Worcestershire sauce and herbs like rosemary or thyme. Once all the ingredients are prepped and ready to go into the slow cooker, set it on low heat for 6-8 hours so that everything has time to cook through properly while giving off its own unique flavours! Finally when done cooking top with cheese or parsley before serving – yum!

Are you ready to whip up a delicious dish with minimal effort? Check out this foolproof slow cooker recipe for chilli con carne that will have your tastebuds dancing! With the right combination of spices and ingredients, you’ll get a full-flavored dinner that’s sure to satisfy. Plus, the slow cooker makes it so easy, you won’t even have to break a sweat!
Slow Cooker Recipes: Delicious Chilli Con Carne You Can’t Resist!